How to Use a Meat Slicer Safely in The Kitchen

Meat slicers are highly helpful equipment that may assist you in slicing meat and preparing a variety of meals. Everyone enjoys cold slices from meat slicers, which may be served with a sandwich or a variety of different dishes.

Meat slicers are very useful as well all know and investing in a meat slicer is a wise decision. After you have finally bought a new meat slicer it is very important to know the right way to use it safely. Meat slicer, As the name suggests, is used for slicing food items and most importantly meat. This tells us how sharp the blades can be and therefore safety is the primary concern here.

If you are new to using a meat slicer then you should know the tips and the safe ways in which a meat slicer is used if you care about yourself and do not want to cut yourself instead of the food items.

Meat slicers can be very handy inside the kitchen as they can help you slice fruits, vegetables, cheese sausages, meat, and many other food items. They are of great use. They will make some tasks easier and quicker so having a meat slicer with you is a great thing. Today we are going to look at how one can take care of themselves and use a meat slicer safely. Read this article to find out everything. Here are the things for you to follow.

Read the instructions manual

Many brands of meat slicers or any other appliances come with a user manual that is generally attached to the product. This user manual has a lot of information about the products and it’s usage.

Everyone needs to read this user manual that comes with a meat slicer before using it for the first time. Many people tend to ignore it thinking they already know how to use it but you should never make this mistake because every product is different and it works differently. An instruction manual will enlighten all the safe ways in which you will have to deal with your meat slicer. It will probably have to clean it as well. You should not try using the meat slicer directly after unboxing it.

You should carefully read all the instructions that are mentioned in the manual and if your product does not have a manual then you should ask the manufacturer or an experienced person about the usage.

Keep your meat slicer on a firm area

The meat slicer must be stable when you are using it. One must always ensure that before starting to use the slicer it is placed in a perfect way and at a perfect position.

A meat slicer should be placed in a flat and firm area so that it remains stable when you use it. This way the meat slicer will not vibrate or shake when it’s working. Most of the meat slicers come with anti-slip feet but this doesn’t mean you can blindly rely on that. For your safety, you should always place it on a flat surface so that when it vibrates your body doesn’t come in contact with it.

Get Cut Resistant Gloves

Meat slicers have sharp blades which can easily injure you. These sharp blades can cut cheese and vegetables so imagine what it will do to your hands.

One should always wear cut-resistant gloves while dealing with a meat slicer because prevention is better than cure. It is possible that your hands can slip and reach the wrong place causing you injury, so to avoid such situations you should always wear cut-resistant gloves. These gloves are made of stainless steel and will save you from any mishaps.

However, it does not mean you should be apathetic simply because you wear cut-resistant gloves. Your hands won’t be completely safe simply because you wear gloves. So, be sure you practice as cautiously as you would if you didn’t wear gloves.

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Be alert

When you are working with machines that have blades you should always be alert and stay focused. It is suggested that one should always use a meat slicer when they are completely focused.

If you are disturbed or distracted due to something you should try not to use the meat slicer. If someone is talking to you then switch the meat slicer off, talk to the person and once it’s done then only use it again. You should always keep your eyes and brain active while dealing with a meat slicer, this way you will easily be able to avoid fatal injuries. If you care about yourself then you should always use a meat slicer in an environment that is not disturbing.

Switch your TV off and keep your phone away. Do not talk with people and ask them to talk later.

You should remember that it’s just a matter of seconds to get injured and this will affect your whole life so it’s better to stay alert and cautious.

Create enough space

Always place your meat slicer in an area where there’s enough space. You should not be very close to the machine and that’s why you should give it good space.

If your kitchen counter has too many things then clear them off before using your meat slicer. This way you will allow enough space to keep and operate it. If you have less space then you may come very close to the machine which isn’t good. Clear off all the clutters that are around the slicer and then start using it.

Do not slice bones

Meat slicers come with sharp blades. These blades are capable of slicing many things; however, bones aren’t one of them. No matter how robust your meat slicer is, you cannot slice bones in them.

I am saying this because this can be very risky. When you slice bones in a meat slicer, the first few times it might give you the results you expect but after that, it will start damaging the blades and eventually the slicer. There are chances that the pieces of bones can fly towards you which can be sharp and these pieces can hurt you. It is recommended that one should never use bones while using a meat slicer to slice them.

Freeze the meat

Freezing the meat before slicing it in the meat slicer is a very necessary step but many people just avoid it by not giving the utmost importance that it has.

When you use warm meat there are chances that this meat can smear the fat that can get into your eyes and this can be very injurious. It is recommended that one should always freeze the meat before slicing it in a meat slicer because warm meat can also get contaminated. You should put it in a freezer for at least 30 minutes before slicing.

Hold the meat or other food items firmly

Everyone who uses a meat slicer should hold the food items that they are slicing firmly so that they do not fall here and there.

When food items fall, people get distracted and try picking them up which can cause a high risk of getting injured so it’s better to be careful and hold everything properly. If you are picking up the food that has fallen then turn off the slicer before doing that.

How to clean a meat slicer safely?

You might be wondering why this is addressed in the post because the nine steps listed above are already safe, but listeria is not. These are a few safety suggestions.

Cut-resistant gloves should be worn.

Meat slicers are simple to clean, however, some parts are sharp, and the blades can be dangerous to clean since they can cut you. There is always the possibility of harming oneself.

If you want to avoid this risk, you’ll need to use cut-resistant gloves, which will keep you safe when cleaning your meat slicer.

Strong soaps should be avoided.

You should avoid using a powerful solution or soap. Instead, you might use a mild soap. Use a moderate detergent and water combination.

A strong combination can harm the meat slicer and its components by causing them to rust more easily.

Softly use the brush.

When it comes to wiping and cleaning, you’ll need to use a brush; nevertheless, you should be gentle with the brush.

When using the brush, be careful and avoid harsh bristles. Things will only get worse rather than better as a result of this.

Before storing the meat slicer, make sure it’s completely dry.

This is a very important step that many people overlook. When the meat slicer is wet, it should never be stored. Before storing the meat slicer, make sure it is completely dry.

This will assist you in keeping the meat slicer in good working order and free of rust.

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions if possible.

You should have received a handbook with the meat slicer, which will be useful for cleaning the meat slicer. Because each meat slicer model is unique, you must follow the instructions to the letter.

The instructions will include information on how to disassemble your meat slicer. This user guide will make things easier for you.

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Meat slicers are helpful appliances that can come in handy in a lot of cooking-related stuff. It can help you slice vegetables, fruits, meat, sausages, and many more.

If you’ve recently bought a meat slicer and you do not know how to safely use it then the above-mentioned things are the ones you should follow. Always make sure that you take precautions while using a meat slicer. I have also mentioned the safety tips to clean a meat slicer. I hope this article was useful and informative.