Can You Grind Meat in a Food Processor? [How to do it Properly]

A high-quality food processor is a «must have» in any kitchen because it is versatile and makes life much easier when planning your favorite meal.

When it comes to variety, people often ask if it’s possible to grind meat in a food processor as most people don’t have a meat grinder and are looking for a better alternative.

Answer your question Yes, you can chop meat in a food processor, but there are some rules you must follow in order to chop meat properly without destroying the food processor, which I will show you in this article..

Let’s go.

Before chopping meat in a food processor

Having a decent (high-quality) food processor with sharp blades is essential if you want to grind beef efficiently. If you have a food processor that doesn’t have sharp blades, I recommend buying a meat grinder or a better food processor like Kitchenoid.

Chop the meat in a food processor

Step 1: Freeze the meat half way through cooking in the freezer

Before putting the meat in a food processor, whether it’s chicken or beef, the meat should be firm but not completely frozen, so I recommend placing the meat in the freezer 40-60 minutes before cooking. For the treatment of.

Step 2: Cut the meat into small pieces

Small pieces, easy to grind into a food processor. Therefore, it is important to cut the meat into small pieces, you don’t need to make them too small, but don’t put the meat in a food processor.

Make sure you don’t put too much meat in the food processor motor handle, I always recommend smaller pieces, it may take longer but it’s better than this Smoking Your food processor.

Step 3: Use the pulp system

Once you are done slicing the meat into small pieces and placing a small batch of meat in the food processor, you just need to store it and then use the pulp system. Change the pulp with slow movements until you see the desired result.

Final step: clean the food processor

Often unnoticed, but it’s important to clean it immediately after use, ensuring your food processor doesn’t attract bacteria.

What to avoid

There are a few things you should avoid to keep your food processor from burning and unfolding.

  1. Using meat with bones: This is a safe way to break a food processor as the food processor’s knives and motors do not have enough power to deal with hard objects such as bones, so make sure the meat you intend to use is boneless .
  2. Using a food processor with blunt blades: If your food processor is old and the knives are not sharp, I don’t recommend using it for cutting meat so you can use a nice sharp knife by hand. Myself.
  3. . Put in more meat at once: It is important not to put too much meat in the food processor as it does not have a mincer.

Final thoughts on chopping meat in a food processor

Without a food processor in the kitchen, cooking can be exhausting with many activities such as chopping vegetables and sometimes crushing ice cream. It is indispensable kitchen equipment.

Hope this article can answer your question about crushing ice in a food processor, please let me know if you have any questions.