A meat slicer is essential equipment for any fast food establishment with a significant need for sliced meat. It is also a popular device in households where the cook likes precisely sliced beef. However, like any other cutting instrument, it becomes dull and loses its ability to produce accurate cuts. No worries! This post will show you how to sharpen a meat slicer blade manually or with the help of an inbuilt sharpener.

I got to tell you, using a meat slicer gives me precision and agility that I didn’t have before while slicing with my knives. I have always felt confident cleaning it and repairing its blade, for example. Many readers have lately contacted me for advice on sharpening the slicer blades, as I have seen. That is what prompted me to write this article.

I hope that the following suggestions and procedures for sharpening meat slicer blades will benefit all readers. Let me inform you that it is a simple operation that is a no-brainer. The blade of a meat slicing machine may be sharpened in two ways. One would be to sharpen with a sharpener stone. The other is by hand with whetstone pads. Let us begin by talking about honing the meat slicer blade with a sharpener.

Items you will need for the Sharpening Process

Ensure you have the necessary tools before you commence sharpening your blades.

  • Washcloth
  • Sharpening stone
  • Cut-proof gloves
  • Blade sanitizer or alcohol
  • Safety Glasses

Sharpening Meat Slicer Blade by a Sharpener

The sharpening stone is used to sharpen the meat slicer blade. These sharpening stones are usually included with the slicer when it is purchased. These stones, on the other hand, may be purchased at home depots. The instructions for sharpening a meat slicer blade with a sharpener may be found here.

Step 1: Clean

You must properly clean the blade before beginning the sharpening procedure. It is possible to do it with alcohol. The cleaning alcohol aids in making things clean and sanitized. Instead of using alcohol, you may clean the blade by submerging it under running water. Sharpening a clean blade takes less time.

Step 2: Sharpening Stone Setup

The sharpening stone must be placed on the slicer safely and soundly. If this is your first time sharpening blades, consult the user’s handbook to see how the maker recommends attaching the stone model specifically to the equipment.

Step 3: Locking Knob

The locking knob resembles a plastic button and is located on the base shaft’s lower left side. The third step in sharpening a blade is to find the locking knob. Once you have located the knob, detach it from the base shaft to which it’s connected. Now you must place the sharpening stones on top of the slicer machine’s base shaft region.

Step 4: Properly Lock

  • Next, screw the knob back into place once the sharpening stones have been firmly positioned on the base shaft.
  • Place the slicer blade on the sharpening stones at this point.
  • Adjust the sharpening lock-knob until you hear a clicking sound, which will hold the blade and the stone.
  • This sound indicates that everything has been put correctly, firmly, and safely.

Step 5: Switch on the Meat Slicer

  • To begin sharpening the blade, plug in the meat slicer machine and turn it on.
  • Keep sharpening for another 30 to 40 seconds.
  • After five seconds, switch the sharpener off
  • Continue the sharpening procedure three times over.

Step 6: Remove the Sharpening Stone

  • Now remove the knob and slide the sharpening stones off the base shaft to the left.
  • Return the meat slicer machine to its original position on the right side of the base shaft.
  • After that, replace the sharpener locking knob in its original position.

Step 7: Clean and Voila!

Add the rubbing alcohol once again, then gently wipe the blade before washing it under running water. This cleaning session will aid in the removal of metal particles that are collected on the blade throughout the sharpening process. Done!

Sharpening Meat Slicer Blade by Hand

You may sharpen the slicer blade by hand. I have done it and had good results. In such a situation, a sharp pebble sharpening Whetstone pad is required. It is simple to use and readily supplied on both the internet and traditional markets. It is an easy-to-use sharpening stone that is commonly used to sharpen kitchen knives.

If you are on a tight expense, you may have been obliged to settle for a simple meat slicer without a built-in blade sharpener. Even if you don’t have a sophisticated meat slicer, you can still reap the perks of a sharp-bladed meat slicer since you can sharpen the blade by hand. You may have still sharpened the blade. But do you believe you did it correctly? To sharpen a meat slicer blade by hand, follow these steps.

Step 1: Prepare Whetstone Pad

I placed it in the holder with the grainy side up after immersing it in regular water for ten to fifteen minutes. If you don’t have a holder, you can set it on a cloth to keep it stable. Pour water on the stone until it is half-submerged. This water helps the blade slide over the gritty layer, and the stone is lubricated.

Step 2: Find the Slant

  • Hold the blade with the sharp edge up and one flat side flat against the stone’s surface.
  • Place your thumb on the dull edge and index finger on the flat surface to grasp it.
  • Now you must raise the rear of the blade considerably so that it is slightly slanted.

Step 3: Begin Sharpening

  • Bring the blade towards yourself, crossing the stone in a single smooth motion.
  • So the entire cutting edge from the hilt to the tip is dragged crosswise on the coarse surface of the stone pad.
  • Slog the blade away from you and across in the other direction
  • Drag the other end of the edge over the stone.

Step 4: Switch Sides and Repeat

To keep things damp, flip the stone over to the fine side and sprinkle water on the area. Five to six times more, continue the same manner at the same speed and angle to provide the blade a fine cut.

Step 5: Clean Up

Lastly, wipe the blade and whetstone clean with a paper towel or cloth to eliminate any tiny metal fragments that have become stuck. Wipe the blade before putting it on the meat slicer so you can start working with it.

In conclusion, at this moment, I am assuming you know how to clean the slicer blade. If there was a gap in your knowledge, it has now been addressed. When cleaning and calibrating the different parts and components used in the sharpening process, constantly refer to the company’s handbook. I hope you enjoyed reading this article! Let me know your thoughts and queries in the comments section below!