Feel the Bunn! The lore behind Bunn coffee products

Bunn is a very old company which is known for producing coffee makers but are you aware of the facts that it has given many other things to the market like classic cupcake style coffee filters and other innovative products.

This is a very popular brand among old people and if your grandparents were coffee lovers then you might already have known how old this company is and also seen some of their products. Bunn coffee makers mainly introduced coffee makers for commercial purposes and there are chances that when you are drinking a coffee inside a restaurant then it might be coming from Bunn coffee maker. The main purpose of this coffee maker was to provide coffee with great taste and with good speed. Most of the Bunn coffee makers work fast.

Today we will look at some of the introductions that Bunn made into the world of coffee. If you are a coffee lover then you must be aware of the products that have been offered by a legendary coffee maker brand. This article covers many things that you might not be aware of. Some of the things might surprise you. Read this article to find out everything there’s to know.

Product Innovations

Let’s have a look at the current types of products that are introduced to us by Bunn. We will explore everything that has been provided in the market by this company since 1950.


George R. Bunn used to manage the Bunn Capitol Wholesale Grocery Company and in the mid-1950s it introduced a division which was especially for the process of coffee brewing and coffee equipment. The motivation came from frustration due to the process of separating coffee grounds from the liquid.

Later the world’s first flat bottom coffee filter was introduced. This invention came from experiments on household textiles. The coffee filters that are currently used in today’s coffee makers were initially introduced by Bunn. This tells us how big a part this company plays in the world of coffee. This division was later expanded and its product line also added brewing equipment. The Gravity drip system was also introduced by Bunn in the Model O commercial brewer. This model was patented for the Gravity Drip System.

In the 1950s the Bunn-O-Matic Corporation also joined the National Restaurant Association. The corporation later exhibited its first equipment in the association’s annual show. The Bunn booth was yet another strategy that is still popular today. It allows great tasting samples of the product lines of the company. This way consumers can taste the products like coffee, tea, granita, juice, espresso, and full cup servings.


The Bunn-O-Matic Corporation was officially incorporated in the 1960s. On May 16, 1963, the Bunn-O-Matic Corporation got its separate legal identity from the Bunn Capitol Wholesale Grocery Company.

After this, the company initially catered to the needs of the commercial purpose and introduced Model X Pourover which was a commercial coffee brewer. This coffee brewer was stated as the cornerstone on which the Bunn-O-Matic Corporation was introduced and founded. The coffee brewer was capable of brewing good quality coffee quickly for the customers who needed coffee and paid for it.

After the commercial brewer was launched it was then time to meet the needs of the customers internationally. A division was established in Canada and with this, the international expansion and business strategy begun.


In the 1970s the corporation focused on the needs of household customers and introduced the B8 model. This model consisted of a brew on-demand feature an internal hot water tank.

Later a manufacturing facility was started in Creston, Iowa. This facility consisted of 25 employees. On the first day of this manufacturing facility, 2 lines produced RL machines that ran on the first day, and then after three days another line known as the VP line was started. Now, if we talk about the US locations, the company is situated in Illinois, Iowa, and California.

In the 1970s one more thing happened and that was the Model TL3 got patented. It was known as the first commercial tea brewer. So Bunn didn’t only focus on coffee. It has more to it now.


The facility situated in Creston manufactured a record number of GR home models. Along with this many, more things like 50 different types of commercial models, grinders, hot water dispensers, and two home models were being invented and produced.

Another model got patented and this time it was a hot water dispenser. Model H5X was patented.


The digital age begins to start and as the customers were learning about digital technologies. The companies were made to go digital and the Bunn properly adapted everything.

It embraced the new technology to meet the needs of the customers. The Digital Brewer Control was introduced. It made things simpler for the customers and they found the coffee makers very simple to use. The DBC was patented.

Also introduced and patented in the 1990s was the first US-made frozen drunk electronic sensor system (CDS2). The BUNN Gourmet Ice® has been introduced and designed to reduce the time needed for freezing and air mixing with the product. The reversing auger design.

An exclusive technology was introduced which helped in automatically managing heat. The Soft Heat was patented.


Now that users started giving more attention and importance to safety the SplashGard funnel was introduced that helps in improving brewing safety. A shield was designed next to the funnel handle that helped the coffee maker to prevent hot liquids away from the user’s hand.

A juice dispenser was introduced which is known as Bunn Gourmet Juicer that can be used to prepare both frozen and bag-in juice products from one dispenser.

An RFID communication was introduced between grinder, funnel, and brewer which was known as the BrewWISE system. Later a Multi hopper grinder was patented by Bunn. The iMIX which was a great hit at that time was launched which featured a controlled product dosing and digital alphanumeric display.

A French press coffee grinder was also under making during this year. The Thermofresh system was also introduced and then patented. It had the latest innovations in thermal holding materials. This helps the users to keep their beverages hot and cold for a long time.

The Infusion series that helped the users to enjoy both coffee and tea was also patented. With a design and techniques that help to improve the turbulence of the brake fuselage and also the uniformity of the extraction, the SmartWAVE® Light Profile Airpot Thermal Carafe coffee brewer was patented.

For parties and events, a coffee maker that can serve in a high volume known as The Liquid Coffee Ambient Dispenser was patented. The Silver series that has a beverage dispenser was later improved and advanced for high intensity.


As far now we know how much Bunn likes innovations and these innovations came on and on and then in the 2010s the single-cup commercial brewer was launched.

This brewer was for people who wanted single-cup coffee and they didn’t want to brew the whole pot for that. Trifecta was the model that was the single-cup brewer. It uses the Air infusion technology which was patented by Bunn. The brewing method is different and gives you nuances for a smooth, deep-corporated coffee or tea experience called a full cup.

Bunn also partnered with the Olympics that was held in Vancouver in 2010.

2016 and ahead

A cold water dispenser was introduced which was stable and sparkling. This dispenser is capable of delivering purified and premium water. Later, A clean, balanced filter-style coffee is provided which was made possible by the innovative extraction technique from Air Infusion®.

Bunn NHS Velocity Brew 10-Cup Home Coffee Brewer

Bunn is a long-established and well-known brand that has pioneered several improvements in the coffee industry, and this is just another lovely product supplied by Bunn.

This coffee maker is the ideal item to look at if you want a coffee maker that can brew coffee swiftly for you. It is known as the quickest coffee maker. It has a 10-cup capacity. It can brew a full carafe in about three minutes, which is fantastic. Internals are constantly heated. You will have constant access to hot water. It also features a vacation switch that turns off the water heater’s continual heating. It comes with a drip-free carafe with a stylish cover that avoids coffee spilling.

It comes with two funnels and a flat-bottomed water filter that work together to give you the finest coffee experience possible. In three minutes, you’ve made ten cups of coffee. Because the product’s dimensions are 13.7 11.6 9.1 inches, it will take up some counter space. It is 8 pounds in weight. A three-year warranty is included with this device.


  • You can obtain hot water whenever you want.
  • The quickest coffee maker, capable of producing coffee in under three minutes.
  • Robust coffee taste
  • Water filter built-in


  • Bunn coffee filters are the only ones that will work with this machine.

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Bunn BXB Velocity Brew Coffee Maker

Bunn is one of the greatest coffee maker businesses in the world, and old people adore it since it has been in business since the 1950s and has introduced several product advancements.

Bunn says that this is the fastest 10-cup coffee maker, capable of brewing at a breakneck pace. Because of its sophisticated technology, it functions effectively. The coffee maker can brew coffee in under 4 minutes, which is ideal for those who cannot wait for the brewing process to finish. This will save you time and allow you to swiftly consume your favorite coffee, even if you are in a rush.

There is a reason why this coffee maker operates so well. It can get quite hot, and it understands how much heat is required. This allows the coffee maker to brew coffee in the most efficient manner possible, resulting in delicious coffee for you. In less than a minute, the coffee maker achieves a temperature of 195 degrees Fahrenheit.

To offer you the optimum coffee ratio is quite forgiving. The only thing you need to remember is that BXB only asks for one or two teaspoons of coffee in each cup. It will make you the ideal cup of coffee every time. This coffee maker comes with a powerful showerhead that saturates the coffee beans and produces great coffee.

This machine’s water tank is rather huge, and it can easily hold up to 20 cups of water. This coffee machine is 15.5 x 8.8 x 14.6 inches in size and comes in black. The coffee maker weighs around 8 pounds in weight and can prepare 10 cups of coffee. A built-in water heater is included with this coffee machine. Because of the water heater included inside the coffee maker, this coffee maker brews the coffee at a much faster rate than other models.

Because this water heater keeps the water inside the water reservoir hot, it doesn’t take long for the water to heat up before the brewing process begins.


  • Faster brewing
  • Prepares coffee in less than 4 minutes
  • Dishwasher safe
  • A built-in water heater


  • Not programmable
  • Self-cleaning function not included

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Bunn is a firm that has been a pioneer and quality product supplier in the field of coffee. Perhaps you came here to buy a coffee maker from Bunn or you came in search of complaints about coffee makers from Bunn here.

This is a highly popular brand among the elderly and you may have realized how old this firm is if your grandparents liked coffee and also saw some of its items. Bunn coffees largely launched coffees for commercial uses, and it is likely to come from a coffee machine from Bunn when you drink a coffee at a restaurant. The coffee maker was mainly designed to give superior flavor and quickness for coffee. Most coffee makers in Bunn operate quickly.