Coffee Maker Review The Legendary Chemex Coffee Maker

The Chemex coffee maker is among the most well-known pour-over coffee manufacturers in the world. This brewer is a near-perfect blend of looks and functionality. It has credibility as both a gorgeous kitchen item and a high-quality coffee maker. And, it is available in most cafes and food outlets.

Although the Hario V60 is the most famous pour-over coffee maker, the Chemex is probably the most common coffee maker of all categories. The Chemex can fulfill just about every need, with a broad range of size selections and two different designs to pick from. Which one would you go for? The all-glass Chemex Handblown or the Chemex Classic series?

Read on to learn everything there is to know about this iconic coffee maker and whether or not you should purchase one for home. What is my verdict? This is indeed a high-quality brewer that is both attractive and functional. You will need to buy the appropriate paper filters, but the end result will be a fresh, clear cup (or ten!) of great coffee.

There are a few drawbacks, such as the complexity of cleaning an hourglass-shaped brewer and the relatively high price. Since this paper-filtered brewer is not for everybody, you would also want to think about your own choices. This vintage pour-over brewer, on the other hand, I feel, is a terrific enhancement to any coffee cupboard!

Points To Think of Before Ordering The Chemex (A Drip Pot)

A drip pot is a combination of a pour-over dripper and a carafe. To put it another way, it is simply brilliant. They work much like any other pour-over brewer, with a few differences based on the drip pot you use and the fineness of ground coffee you love. Heat the water (on the stove or in an electric kettle), gently pour the boiling water over the coffee beans, and you will have delicious coffee in just a few moments.

Pour-over coffee machines are perfect for those who prefer manual drip coffee but want something more all-in-one. They are also great for somebody with a few extra people to caffeinate since they come in greater amounts than most pour-overs.

Drip coffee has a reputation for being "powerless" when compared to its more powerful relative espresso. Even if this is valid at your local Waffle House, a quality drip pot brew is nothing to scoff at.

If you want a fast, no-fuss coffee maker, a drip pot such as this is not the way to go! They are simple to operate, but they do demand some care. Try using an automated dripper or a French press rather than a drip pot. But, nothing beats a cup of clear, pure pour-over coffee. It will transform your days; it is a process that results in delicious coffee.

Review of the Legendary Chemex Coffee Maker

A Chemex allows you to truly experience the art of preparing coffee. Have you ever seen coffee bloom before? If not, you are losing out on something spectacular. When the coffee comes into touch with hot water, it blooms. Rather than getting into the nitty-gritty of what happens to the coffee grounds, this process is magical. Did you know that to see coffee bloom, you will need to use the pour-over approach? There is no more well-made way to accomplish it than with a Chemex.

The Company

Dr. Peter Schlumbohm (a chemist) intended to design a coffee maker that was both classy and practical. And so, the Chemex was created in 1941 in NYC and hasn’t altered much through the years. He also invented the Chemex filter, a double-bonded paper filter that is more durable than other paper filters.


With its basic, solid construction and absence of fragile electrical elements, the Chemex is quite robust. The wooden collar, which is easily damaged if you spill water or coffee on it, is the portion that deteriorates the quickest. Fortunately, spares are available for less than $10.


Do you appreciate clear, well-filtered coffee that brings out the distinct taste of your beans? The Chemex is for you! But, you might not like this coffee as much if you are used to a French press or perhaps another brewing technique that doesn’t require paper filters. Because the natural oils in coffee are removed by the paper filter, your coffee will be somewhat less rich.

What is the best part? Coffee that has been filtered using paper may be healthy! Filtered coffee, according to recent research, may reduce your chances of Type 2 Diabetes.


The Chemex is a one-piece pour-over carafe with an hourglass form. The design is so well-known that it is even on exhibit in modern art institutions like the MOMA in New York City. The carafe is made of non-porous tempered borosilicate glass and has a two-piece polished wood collar with rawhide rope. The collar is attractive, but it also serves as a temperature-safe grip to prevent you from burning accidentally.

Brewing Technique

I would recommend you buy Chemex’s specifically developed paper filters if you want to brew with one. What is the Chemex percentage? Start with a 1:15 coffee-to-water ratio to make a superb cup of Chemex coffee. In a cup of water, that is around three teaspoons of coffee.

  • Simply place a filter in the top piece, fill it with ground coffee, and pour hot water in a circular pattern.
  • The coffee is brewed in the carafe’s lower part.
  • Take the filter out of the top and discard it after you are done brewing.
  • Now it’s time to pour your coffee into coffee mugs!

Do you despise purchasing paper filters? On the internet, there are permanent, reusable filters that claim to work with Chemex. However, consider the fact that they are not Chemex products and may not function as effectively.


Because Chemex is a smooth brewer, it is easy to clean if you have a bottle brush. You’ll want to detach the collar and leather tie before washing because the hourglass shape might be tough to scrub. Although this brewer is dishwasher safe, you might choose to handwash it to prolong its lifetime. To carefully wash your Chemex, I suggest using soapy water.


Chemex also offers hourglass-shaped coffee cups, stunning glass kettles, and travel-sized pour-overs in addition to brewers. Do you like a pour-over machine which will time the water for you? Consider the Ottomatic 2.0, which can make both hot and iced coffee.

My Review

If you actually want to make The Perfect Cup of Coffee, you must at least experiment with the pour-over method. It allows you to have control over the brewing process in a way that machines can’t. The pour-over procedure may be accomplished with as little as a cone-shaped chunk of metal, but the Chemex is renowned for two reasons.

First and foremost, it is attractive. Just have a peek at it! It is rather lovely, notably with the wooden collar and the leather piece in the middle. Next, and most importantly, the Chemex coffee maker employs a unique coffee filter. Chemex coffee filters are a type of filter that is exclusively made by Chemex. It filters out coffee oils and other impurities and is thicker than other filters. The outcome is unlike anything you would get with regular paper filters (or a gold-tone permanent filter).

Do you have any coffee-loving buddies? There isn’t a more appropriate gift. This is a coffee maker you’ll want to have right in the middle of your kitchen. It has a design that is half whimsical, half modest, and all useful. It radiates simple utilitarianism like a third-wave Swedish coffee shop.

A gorgeous coffee machine that can’t brew excellent coffee, on the other hand, is nothing more than a dust collector. Fortunately, the Chemex is capable of producing some of the most wonderful coffee your palate has ever had the pleasure of tasting (which I will get to in a minute).

This is something I like. Chemex has you covered no regardless of how great your coffee demands are. Choose a 3, 6, 8, or 10-cup, coffee maker. Because Chemex employs five oz. norm for cup measurements, the 10-cup brewer may only make eight cups for certain individuals (especially Americans).

Also, there was no reluctance in returning broken goods pleasantly and professionally when I had an issue. The coffee itself is good, and the procedure of brewing it is more fascinating and hands-on. I would definitely recommend the Chemex Pour-Over Glass Coffeemaker!


  1. Material: Glass
  2. Color: Clear
  3. Capacity: 700 Milliliters
  4. Item Weight: 1.3 Pounds
  5. Sizes: 3, 6, 8, 10 Cup Classic Series selections
  6. Type: Pour-over coffee brewer
  7. Made of: Borosilicate glass, wood, leather
  8. Dishwasher-safe
  9. Stovetop-safe


  1. Chic design
  2. Dishwasher-safe
  3. Replacement components available
  4. Clear, great flavored coffee (without oils)
  5. No mess involving coffee ground
  6. At a time, can brew up to ten cups


  • Can be difficult to clean
  • Expensive
  • Less full-bodied coffee
  • Paper filters should be purchased

If you are interested in buying the item, check out the Legendary Chemex Coffee Maker on Amazon here:

In conclusion, I am a great lover of this sophisticated specialty coffee maker. It is simple to use, leaves little mess, and makes a great cup of clear, flavorful coffee. The carafe is attractive enough to put on a counter or use to serve visitors, and it’s simple to tell how much coffee you have brewed.

You might want to search again if you want coffee with a greater mouthfeel and natural oils. The Chemex is also more pricey than many other pour-over coffee makers, so it might not be suitable for you. To summarize, the Chemex pour-over brewer comes highly recommended. Give it a go and let us know in the comments section! I hope you liked reading this article and found it useful!