Bunn Velocity Brew setup instructions full review

Do you treat your coffee rituals quite seriously? Are you thinking about purchasing a new coffee maker? I know it isn’t as straightforward as trying to pick up any ordinary item on your next Target trip. And believe me when I say I know what I am talking about.

I understand that adding a new coffee maker to your house is similar to introducing a particular member of the family, but what if that newfound sibling doesn’t fit in? It is a severe matter. Fortunately, BUNN also takes its coffee seriously.

I have been checking out a few of the current models to provide you with unbiased information regarding which coffee maker would be fit for you as well as your requirements. It not only gives me a good image of each unit, but it also gives me a reason to consume a lot more coffee!

I have done the legwork for you if you are seeking to buy a BUNN coffee maker. And I know you are because you are reading this! The company produces high-quality items. There is a wide selection of styles and pricing that may make a huge impact.

I have put a variety of machines through their paces, including the new Bunn Velocity Brew collection. This handy small machine offers several advantages and is jam-packed with functions. Bunn coffee makers are something of a tradition, particularly among the elderly. Bunn has been around since the 1950s, and they were the first to create the drip coffee maker, which has evolved into the coffee makers we buy nowadays.

They also made the flat-bottomed "cupcake" style coffee filters. Bunn coffee makers have been serving coffee for years, so it’s no surprise that the brand is well-known. The Velocity Brew Bunn coffee machine is about 14.5 inches tall and almost 14 inches deep, and it has the characteristic austere appearance of a Bunn.

The Bunn Velocity Brew: Positive Points

If you are all about speed, pick the Bunn Velocity Brew coffee machine. It makes ten cups of coffee in about 3 minutes when other coffee makers take between 10-15 minutes to do the same thing. This small wonder is made possible by the built-in water heater in this Bunn coffee maker, which keeps the stainless steel water reservoir heated and available to brew on all occasions. Add cold water into the brewing system to drive the hot water into the brewing system (this is how the reservoir stays filled), and a pot of coffee will be available in a few moments.

The large bulk of Bunn Velocity Brew reviews on Amazon.com agree that the coffee is delicious. Many of the unfavorable reviews also think it is incredible (their negative opinions are for different reasons), so I am convinced that if used correctly, this coffee maker will make a cup of coffee you will like.

Aside from that, there are not many more functions on this Bunn coffee maker as its ultra-fast brewing eliminates the need for them. If you try to pour a cup even before the brew completes, it will not halt. Because a full pot only takes three minutes to make, there is no need to be concerned. It is also not programmed since, as previously said, it only takes a couple of minutes to do the task. One option that is missing is a 1-4 cup option since the first few cups of coffee made in standard coffee makers are at a lower temperature than the remainder of the pot.

Regular coffee makers heat water during the brewing process, but the 1-4 cup option helps create extra-hot water for a lower brew quantity. The Bunn Velocity Brew heats the water ahead of time, obviating the need for such a step. And, to be honest, the target audience for this coffee maker is not the audience that wants a cup or two. Bunn’s origins are steeped in business coffee production (i.e., in eateries), and that tradition is visible here.

Many users, who have both favorable and unfavorable impressions about this Bunn coffee maker, have also remarked on Bunn’s excellent consumer care. Sure, everyone’s call center perspective is different, but it’s comforting to hear that they have a great rep in this regard. Overall, the Bunn Velocity Brew coffee maker is a pretty manageable device, even though it requires a lot of configuration before you can brew your first pot of coffee.

The Bunn Velocity Brew: Negative Points

If you are only a once-in-a-while coffee consumer who doesn’t make a complete pot of coffee multiple times a day, you might look at a different design. This coffee machine has to be on and ready 24/7 a day, seven days a week, which makes it a power consumer.

It is difficult to tell how much it will contribute to your monthly power bill, but it will most likely be more than a standard coffee maker that warms water while it is in operation. Some customers tend to put it off when not in use, which does conserve energy. But, whenever the coffee maker is switched back on, it takes 10-15 minutes to heat the water. The speed benefit offered by this Bunn coffee maker is negated when the machine is turned off.

The Bunn Velocity Brew has a simple, almost deceptively plain style. First and foremost, it is enormous, almost absurdly so. While the Velocity Brew is comparable in height to other drip machines like the Capresso MT600 and Melitta 10-Cup Thermal, its form is unusually oblong. The appliance’s unusual body is nearly twice as deep as those two items. You will have to think carefully about how it will affect your countertop area.

Coffee grounds spilling from the container and making a large mess all over the kitchen worktop have also been noted by some unhappy reviews. It might be due to very soft water running through the machine too rapidly. Thus Bunn will supply a free flow restrictor sprayhead that is simple to set up. It is not provided with the unit but can be ordered over the telephone. It is also probable that you are using the wrong paper filter or that the spray head that came with the coffee maker isn’t correctly connected.

Other customers have reported that the coffee isn’t hot enough. Bunn recommends double-checking whether the vacation switch has been set accidentally. The front of the machine’s warmer switch must also be switched to the ON setting. This unit also lacks an auto-shutoff feature. But the orange ON indication for the warmer plate is prominently displayed on the front of the appliance.

One peculiarity of the Brew is that it lacks an ON switch. We can see a Vacation switch located on the base of the water tank. Close the coffee maker’s plastic cover, propped up and clamped by a tiny, transparent rod, to start the brewing cycle. This stick effectively serves as the single "ON" switch for the Bunn Velocity. A word of caution: don’t close the lid without the carafe in position beneath the brewing funnel, or you will end up with scalding hot water everywhere around your tabletop.

The Bunn Velocity GRB Brew: Features

  1. Material: Stainless Steel
  2. Color: Black
  3. Capacity: Ten Cubic Feet
  4. Brews four to ten cups
  5. Item Weight: Eight Pounds
  6. Product Dimensions: 14.8 x 7.1 x 13.8 inches
  7. Three-year warranty
  8. Drip-free carafe
  9. Brews an entire pot of coffee in approximately three minutes


  • Excellent coffee
  • Three-year warranty
  • Stays hot
  • Brews instantly


  • A lot of power used as opposed to other machines
  • Smell
  • Pricey for what it does

My Verdict

The Bunn Velocity Brew is a high-quality coffee maker. It is easy to use and can make a complete pot of delicious coffee in just three minutes. Nevertheless, approximately 20% of Amazon.com customers have given this Bunn coffee maker a three-star score or below.

Critical analysis of these ratings reveals that some customers just purchased the incorrect equipment and have no business possessing a coffee maker that is constantly available to service their occasional coffee requirements. Plenty of others have complained about spilling coffee grounds, which, too, appears to be a simple fix.

While outward attractiveness isn’t the Bunn Velocity Brew’s strength, it does make a tasty cup of coffee. The Velocity Brew not only lives up to its name by brewing ten cups of coffee in the fastest time I have ever seen from a drip machine anywhere, but the outcomes were dependably delicious.

The coffee maker’s thermal carafe, which Bunn claims would keep its liquid hot for at least 2 hours, also outperformed the business’s prediction. It keeps the coffee at 150 degrees Fahrenheit for more than four hours. The interior carafe temperature didn’t drop below 150 degrees for another four hours and 45 minutes.

All in all, I recommend you to check out the BUNN GRB Velocity Brew Coffee Brewer, BUNN BT Velocity Brew Coffee Brewer, and BUNN Speed Brew Coffee Brewer. These are the top three Bunn Coffee Makers on my list.

If you would like to buy a Bunn Velocity Brew Home Coffee Brewer, check out the link: https://www.amazon.com/s?k=bunn+velocity+brew

Bunn Velocity Brew Setup Instructions

One thing to keep in mind is that you must not connect in your Bunn Velocity Brew until having completed the setup phase. Although Bunn’s guidelines state that you may plug it in after Step five (refilling the reservoir with water for the 2nd attempt), I advise implementing the steps below and plugging it in after you have done all of the other procedures.

You should be fine if you meticulously follow the Velocity Brew installation guide and don’t plug it in too soon. Then you are just loading the unit with water and plugging in once you are finished. Bunn is dead serious about avoiding using the Velocity Brew coffee machine until everything is ready. Your coffee machine will be permanently damaged, and the warranty will be voided, presenting you with a glossy collector’s item.

If the heating element is turned on too quickly, I believe it will be destroyed. So, let us get started with the Bunn Velocity Brew setup! Don’t be put off by all the steps; it is straightforward.

  1. Insert the unfilled Brew Funnel into the funnel guides in the same manner as if you were making a pot of coffee. There is no obligation to use a coffee filter. You’re merely adding water to the Bunn Velocity Brew.
  2. Pour cold water into the Bunn Velocity Brew carafe.
  3. Pour the water into the unit by opening the cover on the top. Your lid would either flip up or slide open to the side, based on the type of your Velocity Brewer.
  4. Close the cover and place the empty carafe on the base.
  5. Wait 3 minutes for the water you just put into the tank to be pulled in.
  6. Refill the carafe with cold water after removing it from the bottom.
  7. Fill the brewer with water.
  8. Replace the carafe on the base and shut the lid. The water in the brewer should start to pour into the carafe. The tank is full when this occurs!
  9. Remove the water from the carafe and throw it. Use it to water your gardens or anything.
  10. Replace the carafe on the base.
  11. Now is the time to connect your Bunn coffee machine.
  12. Hooray!! Turn on the Vacation switch after peeling off the warning sticker. Red will be displayed if it is turned on.
  13. You must now wait for the water tank to heat up. It takes around fifteen minutes to do this task.
  14. Wow! You may now start making coffee with your Velocity Brew.

If you require more assistance, consult the user guide or contact Bunn.

In conclusion, I am confident that there are lots of folks who prefer the functionality of their coffee maker over the aesthetics of their equipment. If you are one of these types, the $170 Bunn Velocity Brew is sure to be a good buddy. To suggest this unit is a workaholic is an underestimate.

It preheats its supply of water and has the equipment to push out a freshly brewed ten cups of high-quality coffee in less than 3.5 minutes. I hope you enjoyed reading this article! Are you planning to buy a Bunn Velocity Brew anytime soon? Let me know your thoughts and queries in the comments section below.