Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker (46201) Are you feeling lucky

Coffee is a brewed beverage made from coffee beans that have been ground. Coffee refers to both a beverage and a plant. The coffee plant is a shrub or tree that may reach a height of 10 meters.

Coffee machines are fantastic for making wonderful coffee. Coffee is enjoyed by people all around the world since it refreshes and energizes us. Coffee is enjoyed by people all over the world because of its invigorating flavor as well as the fact that it keeps us busy and makes us feel less tired by increasing our energy levels. The average American family consumes three cups of coffee each day. Everyone enjoys coffee in several ways.

Hamilton Beach is unmatched when it comes to coffee makers since it knows how to prepare the perfect cup of coffee. Hamilton Beach produces a wide range of coffee makers and grinders, but today we’ll focus on the Hamilton Beach 46201. Hamilton Beach produces some of the best coffee machines available. This coffee maker model will help you get the authentic coffee flavor. Users who purchased this coffee maker are enamored with it because of its unique features. This reliable coffee maker has a plethora of settings and functionalities.

Today, I’ll try to cover all there is to know about the Hamilton Beach 46201, and we’ll look at all it has to offer. I’ve also discussed the benefits of this coffee maker as well as the drawbacks that consumers have noted. This article will inform us objectively about this coffee maker, allowing you to judge if it is a good purchase or not. If you’re considering purchasing this coffee machine, read this review carefully.

Hamilton Beach 46201

This is a very popular and useful coffee maker offered by none other than Hamilton Beach. It is one of the most popular and well-known brands and one cannot just doubt the quality and performance of the products offered by such brands.

Hamilton Beach has been in the market for a very long time and they are very consistent in offering top-quality products. Users of this brand just love it and Hamilton Beach does every possible thing to cater to the needs of their customers. The 46201 coffee maker is yet another beautiful product that has a lot to offer.

I saw the reviews and customers’ reactions about this good-looking coffee maker and they were just praising it. It has a sleek design that will match your kitchen countertops and it is mostly made of stainless steel so you don’t have to be worried about the durability of this product.

Some beautiful features

I have mentioned some of the best features offered by the Hamilton Beach 46201.

Excellent carafe

The carafe which is present in this coffee maker has a deep groove when compared to other coffee makers. This simply helps us to keep it stable and it won’t dribble a lot while pouring a cup of coffee. It helps to prevent coffee spills.

Timer, automatic shutoff, and brew options

This coffee maker has a timer that will help you to set the time on the device so that you can walk away while the machine prepares tasty coffee for you.

You can set the timer at night and it will prepare your coffee in the morning before you wake up. It also has an automatic shutoff feature that shuts the machine off after two hours. This helps to prevent any kind of overheating and your coffee won’t burn. The temperature of the burner can easily be changed with the help of a single button. You also get three brew options that you can choose from depending on your preferences. This simply adds to the convenience of using this reliable coffee maker.


The price of the product won’t be the cheapest in the market but the features that it offers at this price range are just worth paying for.

It costs you around $50 and I would suggest buying this coffee maker won’t be a bad choice.

Coffee maker quality

The Hamilton Beach 46201 is made of stainless steel when we talk about the exterior but the tank inside the coffee maker is made using plastic. This plastic isn’t very durable and it can break after 6 months or years.

Users usually complain about the coffee maker breaking after a year and this is the main drawback of this coffee maker.

Coffee quality

This coffee maker will provide you with a good coffee and some users have also said that it provides the best coffee they ever had.

Some users also stated that sometimes the coffee maker is not able to heat the coffee enough. However, according to my, it provides great coffee until you use it at the perfect temperature and right settings. I would give a rating of 3.5 out of 5 for coffee quality.

Easy to use

The buttons are relatively easy to learn and the water reservoir can be removed, so that other vessels are no longer needed. With a release button, you don’t need to pull the coffee maker out of the whole coffee-making facility to open the top lid. All in all, very simple.


When we talk about cleaning. It is the most important thing for a coffee maker and Hamilton Beach knows that. The carafe and the filter basket, both are super easy to clean.

You will have to remove the basket for cleaning it. This is also very simple to do.


We saw that the parts can break after 6 months or years, this coffee maker comes with a warranty of five years so you won’t have to worry about the electronic breakdowns as they are covered.

You can directly send it back to the manufacturers and they will replace them. Other than this, there aren’t any major problems with the coffee maker reported by users yet.

Brewer speed

It has a brewing capacity of 12 cups and the speed isn’t very fast but it offers a good speed.

12 cup brewers are normally not too fast, but this one has an average speed of 12 minutes at their standard setting. It brews quicker if you want to do less, and it can provide a good speed.

The 4 Major Parts

This coffee maker consists of 4 major parts. It helps to add convenience and ease of use to the product making it a good option to buy.

Swing-out brew basket

This coffee maker has a brew basket that swings out. It is located on the top of the coffee maker which is under the programmable clock. A brew basket helps to hold the coffee brew in this coffee maker.

These baskets can be controlled and opened using a release button. You can use the release button and the basket will swing open and then you can fill the basket with the coffee brew. This feature ensures that there’s not spilling of coffee brews and no over-pouring takes place.

Programmable clock and buttons

The brew basket is below the programmable clock. The programmable clock and other buttons are just above the basket.

The display helps you to see the temperature settings and also helps to project the time using an adjustable clock. The type of coffee that you are preparing can also be known with this display. The buttons are very simple to learn and one can easily master them. The programmable clock which we call the timer has a feature that automatically shuts off the coffee machine after 2 hours. You get 5 buttons situated around the clock display and these buttons represent:

  • On/off
  • Programs
  • Keep warm function
  • Hour/minutes
  • Brew options

You can press the on/off option that will help you to start the machine and then the other buttons are used for controlling the machine as per your requirements.

Water Reservoir

A water reservoir is also present in this coffee maker. This water reservoir is detachable and it can be removed if you want to clean the coffee maker. The water reservoir is wheel based which is a plus point to this machine.

It has got a good capacity which is capable of storing a decent amount of water which is good enough to prepare 12 cups of coffee. The water reservoir is very simple to remove because it is lightweight. You can simply wash it and then put it back in the machine.


A carafe is present at the bottom of the coffee machine. This carafe is shaped like a kettle that helps to hold the coffee. The machine helps in making the coffee using brew and water and then pours it inside the kettle.

This is a glass carafe that holds a good amount of coffee. It also works like a thermos flask that keeps the coffee hot for a long time. The carafe has a deeper groove compared to any other coffee maker. This deep groove makes sure that it doesn’t dribble too much and helps in preventing the coffee from spilling. The carafe looks beautiful and it has a unique design. This kettle can be used to serve coffee as well.

Should you buy the Hamilton Beach 46201?

Now after reviewing all the features the things that this coffee maker has to offer. You can simply make a judgment on whether you should buy this or not. To make things easier we will also look at the customer’s reviews and all the important features at a glance.

A lot of owners have reviewed this coffee maker and they were in love with its performance. The majority of the people have reviewed it for 4 or 5 stars. One of the best features that this coffee maker provides us with is the detachable water reservoir. This makes it simple to clean and the coffee maker. You won’t have to pour water from the top of the machine now.

Just remove the water reservoir and fill it up directly. The basket also has a feature that it swings out smoothly. You can simply fill the basket without pouring or spilling anything. This design helps to get easy access to the coffee maker.

It has got a non-stick heating plate and there are brewing options available from 1-4. This option makes sure that even 1 cup of coffee comes out of the machine with the same quality. The automatic shutoff feature helps to shut down the machine after 2 hours so that it doesn’t overheat and you won’t receive burnt coffee.

A programmable timer will provide you with convenience, you will get your coffee ready when you wake up in the morning. It also has wheels at the base to move it for pouring. It has many useful features and that is the reason why people weren’t able to write negative comments. However, we will also cover those negatives of this coffee maker.

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Reasons to Not Buy the Hamilton Beach 46201

As we saw the excellent and useful features that this coffee maker offered and the reviews of most of the owners were positive. This coffee maker is a good one to go for.

However, we will cover the negatives too. Some users were very pleased with the performance and 80% of the users gave it a rating of 4 and 5 after using it for a month. Some people who gave it a low rating were because the machine stopped working or some of the features or parts malfunctioned after 1 month or over a year of use.

Some users also said that sometimes this machine prepares bitter coffee. Most of the positive reviews posted about this coffee maker are done just after receiving the machine which can’t be relied upon but some users used the coffee maker for over a year and they were still happy with the performance.

Some of the other accusations from Hamilton Beach owners of coffee makers are that the machine "feels cheap" (especially buttons), that the coffee is not getting hot enough and that the carafe’s design doesn’t stop a last bit of coffee

If this coffee maker falls short of your expectations, you can use the buying guide provided below. This shopping guide will aid you and help you make informed decisions.

Coffee maker Buying guide

When you go to the market, you’ll see that several firms are selling high-quality coffee grinders. When making a decision, you will be bewildered by the features, performance, and design.

Today, I’ll go through the factors you should think about and investigate before making a purchase; this buying guide will help you make an informed decision.

Number of settings

Even if you’re looking for the best coffee grinders for coarse grinds, this is something to think about. As the number of settings grows, it becomes more beneficial to you. You may use your coffee grinder to substitute other equipment in an emergency.

You will have several options and the opportunity to modify the grind to match your demands thanks to the many settings. This will enable you to make wonderful coffee for family and friends who appreciate a wide range of coffee flavors. It also helps you grind coffee to the right consistency if you want to try different varieties of coffee or just don’t have the patience to prepare a French press brewed coffee.


A product’s characteristics always help it stand out from the competition. When looking for a coffee maker, you’ll notice that many manufacturers provide models with functions that make work easier and faster.

The performance of the items is enhanced by the addition of new and useful features. Look for coffee makers with features that will make it easier for you to use the machine. Keep in mind that more advanced functions generally come at a cost. You must analyze all of the characteristics and select just those products that have the qualities you desire. Buying items with extra features isn’t always a good idea because you might never use them, resulting in a waste of cash.


Two key aspects affect the products’ strength: quality and durability. To maintain their excellent quality and longevity, the objects should be produced with high-grade materials.

The materials used in the coffee maker’s construction will have a considerable influence on how long it will endure. Before determining whether or not to acquire a product, you must first check the material guide to discover the types of materials used in its creation.


Cost is another factor to consider when choosing the best coffee maker, whether from our buying guide or another.

Spending money on a coffee maker is only useful if it is capable of satisfying your needs. The coffee maker should be such that it gives you good value for your money. When we talk about a good coffee maker, we’re talking about one that works well and produces coffee swiftly. Because it is well-made, it is well worth the money.

Coffee maker size and weight

Weight and size are the two most important factors that influence portability. Your coffee maker’s storage capacity is also controlled by its size.

A lightweight coffee maker may be easily carried when traveling, and a small coffee maker may be easily stored. You’ll want to check sure the coffee maker is the proper size and weight if you’re taking it on a vacation. It’s critical to know how much room your coffee machine will take up in your kitchen.

Capacity of Carafe

The carafe capacity will always be a significant factor, regardless of the coffee machine you buy or what purpose it will perform.

The capacity of your carafe determines the number of beans you can fill it with. If you’re going to utilize a coffee maker to serve a large number of people, be sure the carafe is big enough. The capacity will be adequate if you’re purchasing it for one or two people.

Because the coffee maker’s carafe capacity may be utilized for several reasons, it is normally recommended that it be expanded.

Custom Brewing Options

The most basic machines have no options other than the ability to add more or fewer coffee grounds or water, whilst more modern machines let you adjust the temperature of the water.

Hot chocolate, tea, and other beverages can be made using machines with cups and capsules. Simple machines are typically less expensive and easy to run since you cannot make a mistake by accident.


The Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker (46201) is an excellent coffee maker that brews hot coffee. It includes a 12 cup carafe and many more great features that make it a great choice.

When it comes to deciding whether or not to purchase this coffee maker, the decision is entirely yours. The topic of this article was whether you should buy it or not. I’ve discussed the benefits of using this product as well as the disadvantages of not using it. Overall, the product performs admirably, and there are few reasons to avoid it. I’ve also included a shopping guide to help you select the finest coffee maker on the market. I hope you found this post was useful.