How to Make Grape Juice With a Blender Easy Step to Make Grape Juice

Grapes are very beneficial for health and everyone knows how nutritious they are and if you are someone who doesn’t like to eat grapes directly then you can try consuming them by making a juice.

If you have no idea how to make grape juice and you want to learn then I will show you. Grape juice is free of any kind of chemical preservatives. It also helps in boosting your immunity which is very much required in the present situation. Grape juice can also help your body to fight toxins. If you consume grape juice you will reduce the chances of blood getting clogged. It also helps in maintaining blood pressure and keeping it stable.

Blenders are one of the most important kitchen appliances that may help us with a range of chores in the kitchen. They make it easier to grind semi-solid materials. A blender may be used to make smoothies and purees. It can also be used to make ice cream and sauces.

The recipe that we are going to see today has no age limit and it can be enjoyed by everyone in the family. The main thing is that today we will see how to make grape juice using a Blender. If you have a blender then you can easily follow this recipe. For those who do not own a blender, I have mentioned a few of them below. You can buy them from the link.

Today we will see the step-by-step recipe that will help you to prepare grape juice using a blender. If you are looking for a recipe to prepare grape juice at home using your blender for your whole family then you should read this article fully.

Things you will need (according to three servings)

  • Red or black grapes (3 cups)- go for sweet grapes.
  • Water (one and a half cups)
  • Ice cubes (7)
  • Lemon (optional)

The process to prepare the juice is very simple and it will take around 10 minutes. You should note that if you are using seedless grapes then you will not have to add sugar. This will help you reduce calories however if you are using any other grapes then you can add sugar for sweetening your juice.

Step 1

The first step is to get the grapes ready for making juice. You will have to get the grapes and remove the skin precisely and make sure you do not damage them. If hygiene is observed then it’s beneficial for you and your family.

For cleaning any kind of dirt or dust from the grapes you will have to place them under running water as this is the best method of cleaning grapes. This will remove any dirt or pesticides from the skin. If you do not have running water then you can make use of warm water instead and you will get the same results.

Step 2

Once you have cleaned your grapes thoroughly, it’s time now to make use of the blender. Take the blender and add some water to the blender. If you are going to use sugar then this is the right time to do so.

One thing to keep in mind is that if you want the natural flavors of the juice then you should not try interfering by adding things. Add a small amount of sugar so that you get to experience the natural taste of the juice which will be the best.

Step 3

Now take your washed grapes out from the water and put them all inside the blender. The real process will now start. However, every step is important.

Now select the right settings and start blending them. You will not have to blend it for too long. Normally two blend cycles are enough for this process. You need to make sure that there are clumps. The juice that you blend should be smooth.

Step 4

Now that the process of blending and the use of a blender is over the juice is almost ready. Here you will notice that there are bits of skin in your juice which is preferable by many people.

Some people tend to drink the juice at this stage itself while many people especially kids like the juice to be strained. You do not have to worry about the skin. The solution is in the next step

Step 5

If there are bits of skin in your grape juice and you are someone who loves the juice to be strained then you can make use of a strain or large five sieves for this.

Hold the strainer and take a large clean bowl. Now pour the juice from the blender jar inside the bowl through the strainer. If you want a more clean juice then you can make use of a spatula to press the pulp slowly and gently. This will also make sure that nothing goes to waste and you get all the juice from the pulp that isn’t blended. You can throw away the solid pulp after the juice is poured into the bowl.

If you do not have a sieve then you can buy it from the below-mentioned link or you can also make use of a muslin cloth.

Step 6

You might be thinking that the juice is now ready to be poured but there’s a lot more to do. You can now squeeze lemon over your juice if you like to.

Try tasting the juice and see how it tastes. If it’s too sweet then you can try adding some water to it and in case it’s not sweet enough then you can add sugar if you like to. Do this while stirring it so that you get the proper level of sweetness you want.

Step 7

Your grape juice is now ready. I know that it’s going to be very tasty so you can pour it into glasses and enjoy it with your friends and family.

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Grapes are very good for health and therefore many people consume meat and eat it. Some people do not like grapes and for them, we can prepare grape juice.

Grape juice is free of any chemical preservatives and it can be easily prepared in a few simple steps. All that you are going to need is a blender. I have mentioned the easy steps that you can follow if you are looking for a way to prepare fresh grape juice at home using a blender. I hope you find this article useful and relevant and now you can prepare grape juice on your own using your blender.