How to Make Protein Ice Cream in a Blender At Home

Howdy! Tonight is the time for protein ice cream! Isn’t it best to have ice cream in the summer? Begin with an ice-crushing blender. If yours doesn’t shatter ice, I will provide a link to one that does. If you are looking for the best ice cream for your young children, look no further. I recommend you settle for protein ice cream.

It isn’t your run-of-the-mill ice cream. It has an excessive quantity of proteins as a supplement. You will want to learn how to produce homemade ice cream in the luxury of your kitchen to ensure a steady supply. It is the duty that I have taken on for you. I spoke with several renowned chefs and discovered the best way ahead.

Protein Ice Cream: Vanilla

Naturally, you will need to gather the items you will need for the work first.

What you Need

  1. Blender/food processor
  2. Freezer
  3. 1-2 tablespoon granulated sweetener of choice
  4. 14-ounce cans of coconut milk
  5. 1-4 scoops of vanilla protein powder (32-34 grams per scoop)
  6. One tablespoon vanilla extract (optional)

Step by Step Guide

Next, you will have to execute the steps mentioned below.

Step 1: Prep

First and importantly, you must equip yourself for the work. You may accomplish this in two ways. Gather all of the necessary things. Put them right close to you to avoid any problems that may arise when preparing ice cream.

After that, wash your hands and put on the appropriate safety gear. Food is sensitive to dirt and sanitary problems. The last thing you want is to dirty your kitchen counter and expose yourself to illness hazards.

Step 2: Freeze

Then, in your refrigerator’s freezer compartment, insert a large deep pan. The pan must ideally be deeper and fashioned like a loaf. It must be able to fit entirely inside the freezer without needing to keep the door open. Close the door.

Step 3: Blend

You must now combine the components after putting the pan in the freezer.

  • To keep the contents together, you use a blender or a food processor. Fill the processor halfway with coconut milk.
  • Gently and gradually stir and mix the milk until it becomes creamy and smooth.
  • Combine the protein powder, dates, as well as granulated sugar in a mixing bowl.
  • Mix the ingredients gently and continuously as you go to get a thick and creamy texture.

Step 4: Transfer

After you have attained the desired thickness and texture, transfer the mixture to the pan. Gradually and sparingly do so. In addition, I recommend you stir the ice cream softly and firmly every 20-30 minutes. Then, pour gently to ensure that no spares remain between the different layers.

Step 5: Thaw

You should now melt the ice after you have completed the exchange. It should last for around ten to fifteen minutes before you start eating. Allow it to thaw to the appropriate consistency for better results.

Step 6: Serve

It is appropriate to serve the ice cream now that the thawing procedure is complete. While you are doing this, you will need to be cautious. Before beginning the scooping procedure, moisten an ice cream scoop. It is best to prepare and relish it before it fully melts.

In conclusion, as you might have noticed, making protein ice cream in a blender is not complicated. It just necessitates your undivided attention. To become an expert, I recommend devoting a significant amount of time to practicing. You will learn the knowledge you need to accomplish a lot better and produce higher-quality results.

Protein Ice Cream: Chocolate

What about people who don’t enjoy vanilla ice cream? Don’t be worried! For those of you who love chocolate, let us create a fast chocolate version.

  1. 1 1/2 cups to 2 cups ice
  2. 1 1/2 scoops of chocolate protein powder
  3. 1-2 ounces milk or milk replacement
  4. Three tablespoons liquid egg whites
  5. Two tablespoons cocoa powder
  6. Blender

Blend until the mixture is completely smooth. Savor your handmade chocolate ice cream topped with whatever you like! My favorite way to serve it is with fat-free whipped cream and sugar-free chocolate syrup. If your blender doesn’t seem to be doing it, swirl your contents around a little before continuing to blend, OR add a little extra liquid. The total time should be approximately thirty seconds.

So there you have it! With only a few ingredients, you can make protein ice cream in no time. As long as you mix it thoroughly and use a decent-tasting protein powder, it is rather tasty.

What do you think is the best part of making Protein Ice Cream in a Blender At Home? Do let me know which one you prefer in the comments section below. Vanilla? Chocolate? Swirl? None of these!?