Old Intermatic Timer Instructions

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Old Intermatic Timer Instructions Guide

1 Turn off power switch 2 Remove plug from wall outlet 3 Unscrew top 4 Pull out timer 5 Disconnect wires 6 Take out bottom plate 7 Remove old timer 8 Replace new timer 9 Reattach wires 10 Plug back into wall outlet 11 Turn on power switch 12 Put plug back in 13 Wait until timer stops 14 Reset button 15 Press down on reset button 16 Press down on reset again 17 Press down on reset a third time 18 Press down on reset four times 19 Press down on reset five times 20 Press down on reset six times 21 Press down on reset seven times 22 Press down on reset eight times 23 Press down on reset nine times 24 Press down on reset ten times 25 Press down on reset eleven times 26 Press down on reset twelve times 27 Press down on reset thirteen times 28 Press down on reset

low battery indicator

Low Battery Indicator LBI is a feature found on many mobile phones. It indicates low battery level by displaying a red LED light on top of the phone. This feature helps users to know about the status of the battery. In case of low battery, user needs to recharge the phone immediately.


LBI works by detecting the current voltage of the battery. As soon as the battery voltage drops below 4.2V, the red LED lights up. Users can easily check the remaining battery life by looking at the LED light.

on/off, mode, ok

1 On/Off Mode: Pressing the power button turns on the LBI. Pressing again turns off the LBI. 2 Mode: Pressing the Power Button switches between the following modes:


On/Off Mode: Press the power button to turn on the LBI. To turn off the LBI, press the power button again. Mode: Press the power button repeatedly until the desired mode appears.


Press the power button repeatedly until you see the desired mode. Press the power button to select the desired mode.


Manual, Auto, Random

Set up various functions

Auto, Manual, Random


AM stands for Auto Mode. It is used to set up the timer automatically. Manual mode allows you to choose the time manually. Random mode lets you select any time from 0 to 60 minutes.


PM stands for Programmable Mode. It is used for setting the timer according to the recipes. Manual mode lets you choose the time manually. Auto mode sets the timer automatically.

selecting knob

Selecting knobs are usually located on top of the unit. They are used to select the desired function. For instance, selecting the programmable mode PM button allows you to set the timer according to the recipe.