The Very, Very Shiny Russell Hobbs Coffee Maker

Coffee enthusiasts will agree that getting a cup of coffee in the morning is one of the finest feelings in the world. If you enjoy coffee, having a coffee maker on hand will solve many of your issues.

Coffee machines are fantastic for producing tasty coffee. Coffee is enjoyed by people all around the world since it refreshes and energizes us. Coffee is enjoyed by people all around the world because of its stimulating flavor and the fact that it keeps us busy and reduces weariness by increasing our energy levels. The average American family consumes three cups of coffee each day. Everyone enjoys coffee in several ways.

Today, I’ll help you figure out whether or not the CM8100GYR is a good fit for you. We’ll start by going over everything the CM8100GYR has to offer, then discuss why you should and shouldn’t buy it. This post will be unbiased in its review of both, so you can trust our judgment and make an educated decision. We’ll go over each benefit and drawback. Finally, you must determine whether this product is suitable for you.

Russell Hobbs Coffee Maker (CM8100GYR)

Russell Hobbs is a coffee maker producing company that has provided its users with many different coffee makers. Their products are strong and with many features.

This coffee maker also comes with many features like fast brewing, programmable, built-in filter, and many more. If you are worried about buying this coffee maker then let me tell you that this article will either make you a fan of this product which means that you are going to buy it or it will just leave you unsatisfactory and you are going to give up and won’t buy. The choice, in the end, is yours.

Most of the time while reviewing different products, I never say "Don’t buy" but for this one, I guess I was not as satisfied with the product as I always am so you can pass it. Anyway, the final decision is always going to be yours so you need to decide, my work is to provide you all the things that this coffee maker offers and what are the drawbacks that users face. We will cover everything and first, we will look at the features that this coffee maker offers.

Features that the Russell Hobbs Coffee Maker (CM8100GYR) offers:

Here is the list of features you will get to see when you buy the Russell Hobbs Coffee Maker CM8100GYR.

Fast in the Brew making

Russell Hobbs claims that this coffee maker is fast and it also says that it is 40% quicker compared to other coffee makers. It is designed in such a way that it will save your time and provide you coffee quickly.

This is a good thing because most of us are busy and even if we aren’t, we don’t like waiting for a cup of coffee so this coffee maker can help you a lot if you want to taste your delicious coffee quickly.

Automatic Brewing

One of the most highlighted features of this product is automatic brewing. Now automatic brewing is nothing but you can set a time and then you can see the time at which your coffee maker will automatically brew hot coffee for you.

This function is for those people who want to enjoy a cup of coffee as soon as they wake up in the morning. You can set the time and the Russell Hobbs Coffee Maker will automatically start brewing coffee at that time and you will get a cup of coffee ready in the morning.

Built-in filter

The best thing about this coffee maker offered by Russell Hobbs is that it comes with a permanent filter and you can use this filter again and again as it is reusable.

This way you won’t have to keep changing the paper filter every time you want to brew. It will save you time and money. Many people who think of buying a coffee maker keep the built-in filter consideration on top of their wishlist and that’s why this is a very useful offering.

This coffee maker comes with a gold-toned filter that will prevent any kind of impurities and keep your coffee up to the mark. This filter is very useful and if you have hard water at your place this filter will help you get the best coffee out of it too. It is very simple to clean as it is dishwasher safe.


A timer is present in this coffee maker that keeps a track of time. There is a digital display present too that shows us the time in hours and minutes.

You can see the number of hours and minutes that are passed after the brewing cycle. This display also helps you to change settings and set the timer as per your requirement. You can set the auto-brew feature using this display.

Advanced showerhead

An advanced showerhead is present in this coffee maker that will help you get the best coffee flavor. It works so well that it saturates the coffee grounds evenly to get the perfect taste.

Pause and pour feature

This is a very useful and nowadays much-needed function in coffee makers. People view this feature and make a purchase decision. This feature helps you to pour a cup of coffee between the brew cycle.

This simply means that even if the brew cycle hasn’t been completed, you can still enjoy a cup of coffee. The pause and pour function makes sure that there is no spillage and the coffee maker stops automatically when you are pouring a cup of coffee while the brewing process isn’t completed. The brewing process gets stopped and it also makes sure that the next cup of coffee has the same taste as the first one.

This is a very useful feature for people who are very busy all day and they don’t have time for the whole brewing cycle to get completed.

Water levels indicator

There is a water level indicator on the water reservoir that helps you to know the exact amount of water that is left in the coffee maker and you can fill it when it’s less than enough.

Carafe warming plate

It doesn’t have a thermal carafe but just like most of the coffee makers out there the carafe in this coffee maker is situated on a warming plate.

This warming plate also has an automatic shutoff feature that shuts the machine down when there is overheating. This helps to prevent any kind of burns and also makes sure that the brewed coffee remains hot for a long time after the brewing cycle is completed.

Auto clean feature

This coffee maker has an auto-clean feature that helps us to clean the coffee maker very easily.

All that you are required to do is to pour white vinegar inside the machine instead of water and the machine will clean itself on its own. Nobody likes cleaning the machine after using it, therefore, this is one of the best features and a much-needed one. Cleaning a coffee maker is very important and that’s why this feature is also very important.

Pros of Russell Hobbs Coffee Maker (CM8100GYR)

  • This is one of the fastest coffee makers in the market. Russell Hobbs coffee maker can provide you with 8 cups of coffee in just 7 minutes or less.
  • The showerhead has a modern technology that works well in saturating the coffee beans and providing the best coffee taste.
  • There is a time and auto-brew function that makes this coffee maker programmable and you can set the time at which the brew cycle should automatically start so that you can enjoy your coffee later.
  • It has a sleek design with a metallic finish making this coffee maker a beautiful addition to your kitchen.
  • It has a display which shows you the time and also helps you to control the machine. It is pretty simple to read.
  • It has an auto-clean function that helps you to clean the coffee maker very easily.

Cons of Russell Hobbs Coffee Maker (CM8100GYR)

  • The power cord that is provided in this coffee maker is short so you need to place it near the power outlet. It is 25 inches.
  • The machine can be a little heavier for some people but it works fast and brews 8 cups of coffee so it’s a win-win.
  • The coffee maker shuts off when not in use or after being used. This is a good thing until it also shuts off the hot plate and then the coffee doesn’t stay hot.
  • The gold-tone filter requires cleaning and it’s not very simple to clean.

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Reasons to buy this Russell Hobbs coffee maker

The very first thing that I would like to mention is that many people who bought this coffee maker or who own this coffee maker have positively reviewed the coffee maker.

They say it’s one of the best coffee makers which provides tasty coffee. If you are going for a coffee maker that looks attractive and works well then this very bright and shiny coffee maker from Russell Hobbs should be your first choice. The number of features that it offers is just incredible as I have mentioned above.

This coffee maker is very shiny and it will be a good addition to your kitchen. The exterior of this coffee maker is made up of stainless steel and it is very robust. However, the water reservoir isn’t made up of stainless steel but still, this coffee maker is a good choice to go for.

The Russell Hobbs Coffee Maker is an example of what sleek means. You can see the picture that I have added and you will fall in love with the looks of this beautiful product. The best thing about this coffee maker is that it is 40% faster than other coffee makers and quickly provides you with your delicious coffee. It has features like brew pause, auto-clean function, built-in filter, advanced showerhead technology, and many more that make this coffee maker a good option to choose.

Users stated that it might not be the fastest coffee maker out there but it’s not slow. This coffee maker works quickly enough and has all the things you need. However, the permanent filter can be sometimes tough to clean but it’s still a good feature.

Reasons to not buy

When we look at the reviews section there are more than 30 reviews for this product and out of them, most reviewers are the people that have got this coffee maker for free.

You cannot judge how the coffee maker works based on these reviews but I’m not saying that every review can be biased, some people might have liked the performance and functionality. One reviewer who bought the coffee maker provided it with 3 stars.

I have no idea whether the reviews are just posted for getting a free coffee maker or they are genuine. When we talk about the two complaints of the coffee maker then the first one is associated with the hot plate inside the carafe which stays on only for 40 minutes and automatically shuts off due to the auto-shutoff feature.

This feature, not only shutoffs the coffee maker but also the carafe warming plate. Other coffee makers have hot plates that stay hot for 1 or two hours but not this one. You won’t be able to enjoy hot coffee after 40 minutes. The second complaint was that the lid on the water reservoir doesn’t have a hinge on it.

If you didn’t find this coffee maker good enough for your needs you can follow our buying guide to make a good decision on purchasing a coffee maker.

Coffee maker Buying guide

When you go to the store, you’ll see that there are numerous different brands of high-quality coffee makers. When making a decision, you will be puzzled by the features, performance, and design.

Today, I’ll go through the things you should think about and research before making a purchase; this buying guide will help you make an informed decision.

Size and weight of a coffee maker

Weight and size are the two most important factors in determining portability. Your coffee maker’s storage capacity is also affected by its size.

When traveling, a small coffee maker or a lightweight coffee maker are both easy to transport and store. If you’re going on vacation with the coffee maker, double-check that it’s the correct size and weight. It’s critical to know how much room your coffee machine will take up in your kitchen.

The capacity of the Carafe

The carafe capacity will always be an essential factor, regardless of which coffee maker you pick or what purpose it will serve.

The capacity of your carafe determines the number of beans you can fill it with. If you’re going to serve a large number of people from a coffee machine, ensure the carafe is big enough. Because the carafe capacity of a coffee maker may be used for several reasons, it is typically recommended that it be increased if you’re buying it for one or two people.


A product’s characteristics always set it apart from the competition. When it comes to coffee makers, you’ll find that many manufacturers provide models with features that make your work easier and faster.

The addition of new and advantageous features enhances the items’ performance. Look for coffee makers that have features that make them easy for you to use. Keep in mind that more sophisticated features generally come at a higher price. You must study all of the characteristics and select just those that possess the qualities you desire. Buying items with extra features isn’t always a good idea because you could never use them, resulting in a financial loss.


The Russell Hobbs Coffee Maker (CM8100GYR) is a great hot coffee maker. It comes with a 12-cup carafe and a slew of other amazing features, making it an excellent pick.

When it comes to selecting whether or not to buy this coffee maker, you have complete control. This post was about whether or not you should purchase it. I’ve spoken about the advantages of utilizing this product as well as the drawbacks of not utilizing it. Overall, the product is excellent, and there are very few reasons to avoid it. I’ve also included a buying guide to assist you in choosing the best coffee maker available. I hope you found this article to be helpful.