Instant Pot Timer Not Starting: Counting Down Issue Resolved

The instant pot plays an important role in many kitchens around the world. Many people use it to create all kinds of complicated recipes.

In addition, regular cleaning of the dishes after meals reduces pain. This is one of the reasons for its popularity.

However, there are cases where the instant bot counter stops starting up. This is not normal and requires correction to find the cause of the problem.

The good news is that most of these problems are very easy to fix. So you don’t need to call an expert for help.

Here are some reasons why I didn’t activate the potty right away. In the discussion, I also mentioned ways to solve the problem. We will find out:

No electricity and poor electrical connection

There are models of instant pots. Most of these kitchen appliances usually have a detachable power cord on the pot and socket.

If the power cord is not connected properly, the tank will not start. So make sure it is firmly attached to both the outlet and the wall outlet.

Inflatable fuse

The instant pot has a fuse that controls the amount of power received. It also provides full current flow. If the fuse is blown, the circuit will not be complete for safety reasons. Replacing the fuse is the best solution and the pot will be in good condition to run automatically.

Is there a reset button in the instant pool?

The reset button is an important function that is very common in various models of instant pots. Plays an important role in factory resetting your device.

The pressure cooker will save your previous time, temperature and pressure settings. The problem persists even after disconnecting the power to the pot.

Failure to reset the pan will affect the recipes. Before preparing a new dish, it is always a good idea to press the reset button.

This ensures that the food is cooked as needed. Therefore, it is recommended to press and hold the custom button for three seconds while in instant shutdown bot mode.

If the button does not work, replace it. This is an electronic problem and you need to hire a specialist to help you.

How do I run my Instant Pot?

Cooking in a pressure cooker is very quick and easy. More interestingly, the jar usually comes with a clear guide on how to use it.

The kitchen appliance has many functions that play an important role in the preparation of various types of food. Most of these functions are usually in the form of buttons and provide a good label.

The most important thing to consider is making sure your pan is properly plugged into both a power outlet and wall mount.

You need to start the power supply, and if it doesn’t, make sure the power cord is secured. Follow the recipe to cook the foods you like. Make sure it has the right temperature, pressure and time.

To notice

If you have Instant Pot, it won’t start, don’t be scared and don’t worry. The cause of the problem is very simple and easy to fix.

However, if problems do arise with the electronics, you can call an expert for help. The rule of thumb is to find the cause by carefully dissolving the Instant Pot.

This will help reduce the cost of hiring a specialist, as well as reduce the risk of kitchen accidents due to an explosion.