How to Clean Shower Head without Vinegar with 4 Alternatives

Showerheads are the most important part of any bathroom and many people love to take showers. It is one of the most important parts of your day. You are going to need a good shower if you want your day to start beautifully.

Showerheads can be fixed wall showerheads or handheld showerheads. No matter what type of showerhead your bathroom has, it needs regular cleaning. There can be chances where you will notice less water coming out from the showerhead and you checked your water supply and came to know it’s completely fine, this simply indicates the fact that your shower head holes are clogged or filled with mineral deposits.

This is a major issue in places where the water is hard. You cannot let your showerhead holes be clogged as it is directly a compromise to your health as well. If you do not take care of your showerhead and keep it uncleaned then it will look like an old one. The body will become dull and the showerhead can also get foggy.

Cleaning your showerhead when you are cleaning your bathroom will be an added benefit to your hygiene as well. Now if you have finally decided to clean your showerhead you might suddenly face a question that is how to clean a showerhead. We all know that vinegar is a good cleaning agent and it reacts with mineral deposits and cleans it.

However, today we are not going to use vinegar as a cleaning agent and focus on 4 other alternatives you can try for cleaning your showerhead. If you have decided to clean your showerhead and don’t have any idea how to do it then you should continue reading this article and you will easily be able to clean it.

This post will tell you what to do when you don’t have vinegar in hand and the other ways you can try out.

Why does a Showerhead get blocked?

If you don’t know then when water passes through the showerhead there are many different types of water elements that stay back in the tap water like calcium, minerals, and sometimes sand too.

This can affect the free supply of water and you will notice a reduction of water in your showerhead. Even if you have sufficient and adequate water supply then too you won’t receive it properly through a clogged showerhead. Other things like hygiene issues can be a problem. You will get polluted and dirty water if you do not keep your showerhead clean.

Cleaning Showerhead using Baking Soda

Baking soda is also a very good cleaning agent and it is widely used for cleaning many things. Comparing vinegar and baking soda is tough as both contain the same powder that cleans objects.

If you are using baking soda then you are going to require one extra element to make your cleaning process stronger for your clogged showerhead.

Things to gather

  • One small bowl
  • One small sized spoon
  • Water
  • Baking soda – 4 tablespoons
  • One thin stick or needle
  • One small cloth
  • A pair of rubber gloves

Method for cleaning

  1. If you have a showerhead that is detachable from the wall then remove it and if you cannot remove it then you can clean it without separating. However, cleaning it by removing the head will be easier and effective.
  2. The second step is to make a paste and in this, you need to make a solution of water and baking soda. You need to make sure that the paste that you make shouldn’t be very thin or sticky. The consistency should be perfect, it shouldn’t be too liquid. If the paste is too watery then you can add extra baking soda to make it proper.
  3. Now, the next thing is to keep the showerhead in the paste. If you have got a detachable showerhead then place it in the paste and keep it for 20 minutes. If you aren’t in a rush then you can keep it for an hour. This will simply help you to remove the deposits and sticky rust and other dust that is present over the showerhead. For people who haven’t removed their showerhead, they can apply the paste around the head and keep it for the same time that is 1 hour.
  4. Now the fourth step is to use a scrubber. You can use any scrubber and start rubbing the showerhead using baking soda paste. You need to do this gently as there can be stains on both the inside and outside of the head. Now take a needle or thin stick and start poking inside each hole and while doing this be careful and do not hurt yourself.
  5. It’s time to now make use of rubber gloves, wear your rubber gloves and take a small cloth to wipe down the head. You need to rinse it, so do it under a faucet. You can rub it using a cloth and do it forcefully so that all the paste and dust are properly removed. The mounted heads also need to be washed as properly as possible.
  6. Well now it’s time to test the shower and for that, you need to assemble it back before testing. Put it back properly in case you removed it. Now check if the water coming out is the same way you expected it to.

If you have got a CLR in your hand then you can also use it to clean your showerhead. It is a very easy and convenient method. Minerals and calcium are present in water that gets clogged inside the showerhead. You can use CLR to clean it. There are two ways to do it. The first one is for people who can remove the showerhead and the second one is for mounted showerheads.

Method 1

  • You need to remove the showerhead properly.
  • Now take a bowl and mix CLR with water. Take 50% water and 50% CLR.
  • Now take the showerhead and put it in the solution for 5-7 minutes
  • Take a toothbrush and start scrubbing it gently. Remove as much dust as possible.
  • Rinse the showerhead and then put it back to its place and test if water is coming out properly or not.

Method 2

  • Take CLR and water and make the solution with the same ratio as above.
  • Try to soak the showerhead by holding the bowl.
  • You need to wait by holding the bowl for 5 minutes.
  • Use a brush to scrub the showerhead and remove all the dust.
  • Rinse the showerhead using water and then test it and see whether water is coming out from the head properly or not.

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Cleaning Showerhead using Bleach

If you do not have vinegar at your hand then bleach will save your day. It is yet another efficient stuff that can be used for many cleaning purposes. It will help you to remove all the dust and things that are clogged in your showerhead.

It is a disinfectant powder and therefore you need to know about what it is and don’t use it for cleaning everything and anything. Let’s quickly find out how to use bleach for cleaning your showerhead.


  1. Take a bowl and fill it with half a cup of bleach. You can use any bowl but using a disposal bowl will be a better option.
  2. Now add half a cup of water to the bowl to make a mixture.
  3. Mix the bleach and the water well and make a proper solution and do not let it be too watery.
  4. If you have got a detachable showerhead then soak it inside the solution for 15 minutes and if you have a mounted showerhead then hold the bowl next to the showerhead as it stays inside for 15 minutes.
  5. After 15 minutes, rinse it with water and dry it out thoroughly.
  6. Put the showerhead in the place and test if the water coming out is how you expected.

One thing to keep in mind is that you should cover your nose and mouth while trying this out, this is because drops might come to the nose and mouth and it can be irritating for you. Some people also cannot tolerate the smell of bleach so it’s better to take precautions.

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Cleaning your showerhead using Coca-Cola

We all know what Coca-Cola is and have you ever thought that you can use it for cleaning as well. No, right? Coca-Cola can be a great substitute for vinegar in case you want to clean your showerhead.

Let’s quickly find out how you can use Coca-Cola in this case.

Things you’ll need

  • Coca-Cola – any size you wish to buy but 20oz will be enough for cleaning.
  • Rubber bands
  • One plastic bag
  • One small cloth


  1. You need to take a plastic bag of the right size and the size will depend on the size of your showerhead. You need to get a plastic bag that can easily wrap and soak the entire head. Now, open the Coca-Cola can and fill the plastic bag with coke. A big size bag is okay but make sure it’s not a smaller one than your showerhead.
  2. Now take the showerhead and insert it fully inside the bag so that it can soak. You should allow it to soak for 30 minutes so you can make use of a rubber band as it’s not possible to hold the bag for 30 minutes. This is only the case if your showerhead is mounted. You can use a rubber band to hold the bag. In the case of a detachable showerhead, you can easily keep it inside the bag to soak for 30 minutes.
  3. Now it’s time to remove the bag, take a pin, and try poking each hole of the showerhead. This will remove any materials that are creating blockages.
  4. You need to wipe and rinse the showerhead now. Use a small cloth to wipe it. Once done, rinse it in clean water. If you removed the showerhead then put it back in its place properly.
  5. Now you can turn your shower on to see if it’s working fine or not. Keep water running for 1 minute.

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Cleaning a Showerhead using oven cleaner or dishwasher

The best way to clean blockages of your showerhead is to put it inside an oven cleaner.

Things that you need

  • Pair of hand gloves
  • Liquid oven cleaner – 5 tablespoon
  • Hot water
  • One plastic bag
  • One brush
  • Rubber band
  • Lemon juice


  1. The first step is to remove the showerhead if it’s possible, if you cannot then you don’t have to worry because you can clean it without removing it as well.
  2. Take a bowl and add 5 tablespoon oven cleaner along with 2 cups of water and make a mixture by mixing it well.
  3. It’s time to wear your hand gloves now because you are going to use an oven cleaner and dishwasher. This can affect your hand’s skin.
  4. If you have a problem with the strong smell of cleaners then wearing a mask is also recommended.
  5. You need to either take the bowl of the solution near the showerhead to soak it if it’s wall-mounted or you can simply put the solution inside a plastic bag and then attach it with the head.
  6. Leave it for 40 minutes and after that use hot water to rinse it and wipe and rinse it using a cloth.
  7. Now you can test your showerhead by putting it back in place and turning it on and see if it’s working properly or not.

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Taking a bath under a shower can be a beautiful feeling but what if you notice that you are bathing with dirty water and some materials are clogged inside your showerhead.

This will simply disgust you and also affect your health. It can also reduce the water pressure from the shower. You need to keep your showerhead clean if you want to avoid such situations. There are chances that you might not have vinegar at your place and thinking about how to clean a shower head without vinegar. I have mentioned the four best alternatives you can try to clean your showerhead adequately. I hope this article was informative and useful.