Delta kitchen faucets are very popular and they can be easily found in most kitchen households. They are very durable and have a great finish and a sleek look. They work efficiently and stay with you for a long time.

If you are facing a problem with the water force that is coming out from your delta kitchen faucet then the problem can be with the head which may be clogged with dirt and dust. If you notice that the flow of water that is coming out from your delta kitchen faucet head has been declined then this simply can be dirt which may be accumulated over time and now it’s time to clean it.

Cleaning the head of your faucets is very necessary as most of the dirt gets accumulated over there and this can also be a reason for health-related problems. Cleanliness is important for human beings and for that you also need to keep the things around you clean. A faucet head is the one from which water flows which simply means it should be the cleanest thing.

Now you might be wondering how to clean your Delta Kitchen Faucet Head. Today we are going to look at how you can clean a delta faucet head. If you want good water flow from your faucet and you want good health then reading this article will ensure both.

Why should we keep the Delta Kitchen Faucet Head clean all the time?

A faucet head is used every day and many times. With time, it is going to get accumulated with a lot of dirt and dust. This will simply block the water flow and you will get less water coming out from the faucet head.

Tap water comes with calcium as it is needed for water treatment. This calcium tends to get accumulated over the surface of the faucet head. It especially gets accumulated in the aerator and the valves. Bacteria and many other microorganisms can also find their way inside your delta faucet head. This makes it very important to keep your delta faucet head clean.

However, it is more important to know how to clean it. This will ensure you a proper force of water flowing out from the faucet head and also eliminate the risk of bacteria and microorganisms. There are some simple steps that you will have to perform and you will easily be able to clean your Delta Kitchen Faucet Head.

How to clean a Delta Kitchen Faucet Head?

The first thing to do when your delta kitchen faucet head is not able to get the perfect water flow is that you need to check the interior of the faucet head and see the condition when you’ve not cleaned it for a long time.

You will find a cached aerator in most of the delta faucet heads. This simply means that the use of wrenches in this situation is prohibited. You cannot use a wrench to clean it. However, you won’t have to get disappointed here because a special key is available that can be used to remove delta aerators. If you pay close attention to the faucet head then you will find out that the aerator has got notches.

A cylindrical-shaped plastic tube that is within the spout couples along with the notches that makes it simpler to remove the aerator even by using your hands.

Now twist the aerator in an anticlockwise direction to remove it. Now place the aerator on a clean surface. You also need to remember the positions of the gasket so to be sure you can note them so that you don’t misplace them later.

After this, Turn inside ver the aerator that is inside the faucet head. The fine mesh causes disturbance and therefore adds air to the water. Dirt and all manner of things including grate are trapped on this screen over time. You can pick and sprinkle the waste stuck on the aerator with a toothbrush. But you can use vinegar for the best work. As vinegar will help you to properly clean out everything.

Using Vinegar to Clean the Faucet Head

We all know how good vinegar can work as a cleaning agent. It has helped for cleaning many appliances and other things. Just like other faucet heads, you can clean a delta faucet head as well.

The steps that are needed to be followed are almost the same the only different thing here is that one cannot make use of a wrench for unscrewing the aerator. A special key is present which you can use to remove the delta aerator and you can also easily remove it with your hands. You will have to just place the key knside6the slot and then twist it in an anticlockwise direction that will help you remove the aerator.

Now take a bowl and mix vinegar and water into equal proportions so that a solution is made. Now take the aerator and dip it inside this solution and let it stay inside the bowl for at least 24 hours and you will receive the best results. In case you have got a touch kitchen faucet then removing the aerator can be a little difficult here. If you have got a touch kitchen faucet then you will have to pull the head spray and then the clamp so that it will not go back in position.

Now take a plastic bag and fill it using vinegar and take the Faucet Head and put it inside the bag. Make sure that the entire faucet head is dipped inside the diluted vinegar. Now let it stay like this for at least 24 hours.

After you remove it from the bowl or from the bag you need to rinse the aerator and other components thoroughly before putting them back.

Using Coca-Cola for Cleaning your Faucet Head

If you do not know what other uses can Coca-Cola have other than giving you a refreshing feel and taste then let me tell you that you can use it to clean many things. One of those things can be a Delta faucet head.

If you do not have vinegar but a can of Coke is present inside your refrigerator then you can make the best use of it. Take two Coca-Cola cans and this will do the job. Coca-Cola contains phosphoric acid which helps you to clean the faucet head parts easily. All you need to do is take a plastic bag and fill it with Coca-Cola. Make sure the entire faucet head is dipped inside the Coca-Cola and then leave it for at least 24 hours. Make sure to rinse it completely before putting it back.

How can vinegar help to clean a faucet head?

If you have never used vinegar for cleaning anything then you might be wondering how can vinegar help to clean your Delta faucet head.

If you do not already know then let me tell you that vinegar contains acetic acid. You can also call it an all-natural cleaning agent. Acetic acid and other compounds can act as a disinfectant and this will help you get rid of anything dirty. It will prevent any bacteria. It also removes the grease that is stuck on the screen of the faucet.

Delta Leland Touch Kitchen Sink Faucet

This Delta Leland Touch Kitchen Sink Faucet is an elegant-looking faucet that works efficiently. This kitchen faucet makes use of Diamond Seal Technology. It also comes with a gap-free connection.

This feature makes it leak-free. This faucet is constructed of brass making it very durable and long-lasting. It also has a Spotshiled stainless-steel coating which helps in preventing water stains and marks. This faucet also comes with a LED indicator. This indicator changes the color as the water temperature changes. The head is perfectly fixed in one place and it stays for a very long time and doesn’t droop over. It also comes with a pull-out sprayer that will help you to dissolve all the stains.


  • It has a touch-technology
  • This faucet is compatible with one or three-hole mounting
  • It has a secure docking
  • It has a magnetic docking
  • Installation is simple


  • It can be difficult to turn off sometimes

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Delta Essa Single-Handle Touch Faucet

Delta Essa comes with a drop-down sprayer which is the best thing about this Faucet. It has got a diameter of 62 inches hose which provides a 20-inch extension.

The touch of rubber makes the removal of calcium and hard water with only a few swipes easy. It is also made of diamond-embedded ceramic scrub material for leak-free operation and durability. A magnet is applied to the MagnaTite docking to hold the kitchen sprayer in place and avoid dropping. The water temperature can be checked using the LED light indicator to prevent the hands from being accidentally burnt by heat.


  • It has got one or three-hole mounting
  • It ensures that there is minimum leakage
  • It has a magnetic spray that can be detached
  • Simple to clean


  • You might accidentally turn it on by touching the touch on and off

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Cleaning your Delta Kitchen Faucet Head is very important and knowing how to clean it is also very important.

I have mentioned how you can clean it. I hope this article was informative and useful.