How to Clean Ceiling Fans without Getting Dust Everywhere

Whenever it comes to home responsibilities, there are a few things we would rather skip, one of which is cleaning a ceiling fan. They give much-needed comfort on hot humid evenings, but they are the biggest problem when it comes to cleaning heaps of dust.

Warm weather necessitates the use of ceiling fans. The hotter the days get, the longer the fans run. That means more dirt gathers on the blades’ edges. Don’t want specks to fly about each time you switch them on? Consider dusting those blades! When trying to clean your bedroom, letting specks of gray dirt fall all over your bedding and carpeting is about as efficient as cleaning your teeth while munching on Oreos. It is just futile and results in extra labor.

Now, what is the other option? I am pleased you asked! Ask your feather duster to get out of the way. And besides, rather than removing the dust, it simply shifts it to another place. There is a quicker and more effective method to dust your ceiling fan, and it only takes three materials that you probably already have. Use those products, as well as the following easy tips, to tidy up your tropical breeze maker without creating a mess. This is a turning point, believe me.

Items you Will Need to Clean Ceiling Fans

Prepare your supplies before you begin. What you need to dust a ceiling fan are three main things.

  • Spray for dusting. Anything and everything that clings to dust bunnies will help, whether it is a store-bought spray or even your DIY formula.
  • A sock that hasn’t been washed in a long time. Have you had a random bunch of socks in your closet with all of the matches missing? You are all set if you take one from the collection.
  • A worn-out pillowcase. Do you have an old sheet set you keep on stand-by just in case you require it (i.e. a set you will never use)? Take one of the pillowcases to show your family that you save everything for a reason.

Step-by-Step Guide to Clean Ceiling Fans without Getting Dust Everywhere

This is where you start your quest to disaster-free fan dusting. Let us get this party started!

Step 1: Do some preliminary work

  • Grab your pillowcase then open it so you can view what is inside.
  • Apply a light coat of dusting spray to the inside of the pillowcase.
  • Ensure that the spray is uniformly spread on both sides.

Step 2: Collect the dust that has accumulated on the blades

  • Ensure the fan is switched off first. I know it seems obvious, but well-being and safety always come first.
  • Place the pillowcase around one of the fan’s blades until it reaches the base.
  • Hold one hand on each side of the blade at the base of the fan (in which the open end of the pillowcase is) and slide the pillowcase against the blade, gently going outwards to the blade’s end.
  • Carry on with the rest of the blades in the same manner.

Step 3: Clean the Light and Base

  • Keep in mind not to forget about the base and any light fittings that are linked to your fan that now the blades are gleaming and fresh.
  • Place your hand within the sock and stretch your fingers before softly spraying it with dusting spray.
  • Clean the center of the fan and the light fixture with the sock on your palm (like a glove or mitten).

Step 4: Final Clean Up

  • Finally, you have completed the task!
  • Dump the pillowcase into a trash bag so that dusty particles don’t become left within the pillowcase the next time you clean your fan.
  • Next, put the sock and pillowcase into the washer until they’re clean and fit to use again. And then Voila!

In conclusion, it is as simple as 1, 2, 3 to dust a ceiling fan. What are some of your preferred cleaning techniques for fans? Do you make your dusting spray at home? I hope you liked reading this article. Please feel free to add any more suggestions in the comments section!