Vitamix E310 Vs E320 (The Only Comparison Guide You Need)

Vitamix is ​​similar to products with a sporty design and high durability. No wonder this brand is the staple of many homes. One of Vitamix’s specialties is the production of blends.

This brand includes high-end mixers. Today we will review and compare two budget options from Vitamix; E310 and E302.

What are the E310 and E302?

The E310 and E302 are part of the Vitamix Explorian series. Both models are the latest version of Vitamix and are designed to provide affordable performance.

Speaking of price, these two options are budget options and the cheapest options that can be found throughout the Vitamix collection.

While they’re very inexpensive, that doesn’t mean they aren’t as powerful as their premium counterparts. In fact, they are performance driven and just as efficient as the more expensive Vitamix Flagship C Series 5200.

The build quality is not less; However, the entire structure, especially the blades, is made of the same overhead steel that is standard on more expensive models such as the Vitamix 7500 and 750.

Before introducing these two models, let’s summarize each model and see what each model has to offer.

Summary of Vitamix E310

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Vitamix E310 Explorian Mixer, …
  • Variable speed control: With ten variable speeds you can …
  • Pulse function: put large chops on the soft flesh for strong cooking tips, …
  • 48 oz small container …

The main selling point of the Vitamix E310 is its value for money. As a budget option, the Vitamix E310 has all the desired features like any other classic brand but is relatively affordable.

Again, despite the budget tag, thanks to the Pulse feature, it’s very versatile, so it’s not even the most expensive flagship of the C 5200 series.

On the downside, however, the performance is a bit chipped, and the small container limits the performance of this device.

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Summary of Vitamix E320

The highlight of this Vitamix model is its powerful motor and large blades. Unlike the second model, the E320 is more consistent, although overall performance is roughly comparable.

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Similarities between Vitamix E310 and E320

In the following section, we’ll look at some of the similar features between these mixers.

Mixes for beginners

Both the E310 and 320 hybrids are basic but are amazing options for commercial use.

While they lack the agility and baking of premium options, they work alongside features and provide decent performance.

Many reviewers tend to place these two models on top of entry-level mixers and on the threshold of heavy commercial mixers.


Of course, there is a price difference between the two blenders, but if you look at the prices as a whole compared to other blenders, you’ll understand that these are budget options.

Both of these blends are inexpensive and you don’t have to rummage deep in your pockets.


The two blends are identical in design, which is great because they are “next generation”; The output, or rather the G series.

Vitamix G-Series blenders released in 2012 are characterized by a modernized design. It is worth noting that this line is available in a wide variety of designs providing better cutting power, slightly better sound reduction ability, and better air conditioning.

This updated series features a 4 inch blade that contrasts with the 3 inch blade of the Standard / Classic C Series.

As for the mixing performance of the mixing consumables, both mixes have almost the same performance.

In addition to soup, these mixers can effectively prepare soft smoothies, frozen desserts, flour, peanut butter and ice cream.

The variety of consumer goods that these models can produce makes them the staple of most households.

Cooling systems

Both models are equipped with radial cooling and prevent overheating. In addition to cooling fans, they are equipped with heat sensors that allow automatic shutdown if they are too hot.

Turn off the blender and continue to pause for 20 minutes before blending.

Differences between Vitamix E320 and E310

Pot size / capacity

One of the big differences between the two mixers is the capacity of the mixing bowl. The E310 has a 48 oz container while the E320 has a larger 64 oz container.

The dimensions of the E310 pot are moderate and fit almost in all cases. The E310 pot has a narrow bottom, making it suitable for mixing small and unique parts.

The E320 pot, on the other hand, is relatively bulky and only fits under the crates. However, it has a wide base at the bottom, so you can mix in a large portion of at least 2 cups.

But remember that the bigger is not always the better. Each pot capacity has its own strengths. For example, while the E320 is ideal for large-scale composites production, it does an amazing job creating single-service composites.

So there is no absolute winner here of what you plan to mix. The E310 makes small compounds for personal use, while the E320 is suitable for family relationships.

Performing the composition

The engines of this device are identical in many respects. The Vitamix E3010 is equipped with a typical 2.0 HP Vitamix 5200 engine.

The Vitamix E320, on the other hand, has 2.2 HP engines common to the classic Vitamix 750.

What’s the difference between them? Of course, the Vitamix E320 is a solid unit, but on paper.

However, in terms of actual performance, both models can handle it all. However, 2.0hp blenders produce similar results to the 2.2hp vitamin blenders.

Despite the 10% power increase in the E320, the actual performance is no different. The difference is so small that even the most demanding users cannot distinguish the performance of these devices.

You can make anything from soups to hard cheeses with the blender.


As we mentioned above, the Vitamix E320 has a 10% power increase. Unlike the E310, the E320 comes with a larger base jug as lifting is required.

And because of its large surface area, the E320 requires larger blades (4 inch) than the 3 inch blades of the E310. The extra power available on the E320 makes it easier to use large blades.

Variable speed

The operating systems of the two hybrids are identical. Each of these mixers is equipped with pulse control and ten variable speeds.

If you’ve ever used a blender, you know variable speed is important, especially if you don’t want to liquefy your blend.

This is especially true when you want to slice pesto, salsa or vegetables. The lack of variable speed allows you to beat faster while controlling overall control.

You can build the layout of your products using the ten speeds of this device. Plus, this line puts power and control at your fingertips as the possibilities are endless.


Noise is always an important factor when choosing a mixer or other equipment for this. Given that both models emit more than 90 decibels, it would be disappointing to say that they are quiet.

At high speeds or when mixing hard foods, these two units produce more noise. Ironically, the Vitamix 5300 is an older version of the G-series blender that offers less sound.


Both of these blends are expected to have a number of limitations, including a range of budget options and features.

Both models have no decorations, but have simple controls and an intuitive layout. Like the older Vitamix blenders, the E310 and E320 are equipped with basic control functions;

  • On and off switch
  • Pulse switch:
  • Variable speed connection number

Overall, using these mixers is a breeze, and the whole mixing experience is enjoyable.


The Vitamix E320 is a newer model with high mixing capacity and is expected to be slightly more expensive than the E310.

However, as we mentioned earlier, the decision to go for the more expensive model is not just about performance, but rather what you want to achieve with a blender.

The good news about Vitamix blenders is that they are priced appropriately and there are many ways to save money when purchasing your next Vitamix 320E blender.

Save money by buying a vitamin blender

It supplies Vitamix E320 as an updated certified blend. The Vitamix Blender certification process takes place at Vitamix, where all non-standard components are replaced with new ones.

The certification process follows a 17-point checklist that covers both functionality and aesthetics. In most cases, certified refurbished blenders typically contain lightly used blenders or blenders that are used for visual or demonstration purposes.

All worn parts including lids, container rammers and jug are repaired or replaced so everything looks new and doesn’t look worn.

Each of the modernized models undergoes a test that passes the new models, which means that it has been updated in terms of quality. Vitamin mixer It’s like new and now it’s cheaper. However, I don’t know if the blade was replaced.

Conclusion: Vitamix E310 vs Vitamix 320 – which is better?

Well, the two models are very similar in many ways. In terms of performance, they can mix products of the same quality and are very effective.

If you look at the design, they are both products from the same G series, so they compare a lot in terms of function and design.

The only big difference between the two mixers is the size of the pitcher. One has a capacity of 48 ounces and the other has a capacity of 64 ounces.

So if you have to choose one of the two, you need to consider the size of the decanter. If you have a family such as Vitamix E320 (See what others have to say on Amazon) Would be a better choice as it can mix more products.

On the other hand, if you own and are looking for a device for personal use, the Vitamix E310 is an inspiring choice.