How to Clean a Vitamix Blender (Deep Clean Your Vitamix)

Blenders are one of the most significant kitchen gadgets that may assist us with a variety of cooking tasks. They aid in the grinding of semi-solid materials. Smoothies and purees can be blended in a blender. It’s also great for blending ice cream and sauces.

When we talk about blenders or just think about them, Vitamix is the first brand that comes to mind. Vitamix has a wide range of kitchen equipment, and they have a reputation for producing high-quality, long-lasting, and performance-oriented goods. Vitamix’s appliances are likewise well-liked and commended by clients. Vitamix blenders are becoming increasingly popular, and they have already earned a lot of respect for the way they work and the variety of features they provide.

These blenders are strong, simple to use, clean, cheap, feature-rich, and long-lasting. These blenders perform as expected. However, there is one thing you must remember and do without fail, and that is to keep your Vitamix Blender clean. Owners of Vitamix Blenders must wash their blenders after each usage. You’ll need to keep your Vitamix Blender clean if you want it to work properly.

Cleaning the blender completely will enhance its performance and energy efficiency while also protecting your family’s health.

Vitamix blenders are the best ones in the market. The company has one motive and aim that is to give products that are robust and performance-oriented. They also come with a warranty of 10 years for a new blender. This tells a lot about how durable these blenders are but this simply doesn’t mean that they don’t need any kind of maintenance and cleaning. One cannot simply avoid cleaning their blenders because they are the ones that prepare a lot of things that humans consume. Keeping it clean is obligatory and important. Let’s see how to clean your Vitamix Blender.

Can you put a Vitamix blender in a dishwasher?

There are many blenders that Vitamix has produced and there are many that cannot go inside a dishwasher. You cannot think of putting them inside.

Out of all these blenders and their parts, there are only two that are the S- series containers with 20 ounces and 40-ounce capacity that are capable of going inside the dishwasher. These parts can be washed inside the dishwasher and nothing else. You should note that pressure gets built inside a dishwasher and there are high water temperatures inside and this is not good for your blender as it can damage your Vitamix.

If you decide to ignore this and wash it inside the dishwasher then you can but let me tell you that problems are going to arise soon and you are just reducing the longevity of your blender.

How to get rid of the harsh smells?

I know that Vitamix blenders can sometimes smell very harsh and this can be disturbing. It can unsettle you if there is a constant smell coming out of the blender that was retained by your Vitamix when you used it previously.

In such cases, mostly the culprit here can be onions and garlic. They have a strong odor that gets retained inside. It can be unsettling but there are chances that your current recipes might get affected due to this. Let me tell you clearly that odor coming out from the blender can be difficult to deal with because most probably these odors come from the pigments of foods that get stuck inside the surface at times. These pigments can be tough to deal with sometimes because they hold to the surface of the Vitamix containers.

If things like this happen with your Vitamix blender then you won’t have to worry because I have got a solution for you. You just have to get white vinegar and warm water so that you can prepare a solution. This solution can be very helpful in solving the problem. You just have to fill the container of your Vitamix with this solution. Keep the solution inside for one night and after that discard half of the mixture.

After this, you will have to run a clean cycle. Once you are done doing this, you will have to use soap and then rinse it. This method will surely help to remove the odor coming out of the blender. You can repeat the process if the smell is still coming.

How to Clean your Vitamix container that has whitened?

If you are someone that cleans the Vitamix regularly after every use and still you can see the container has got whitened then you are not the only one facing this issue.

You might be wondering that how to get rid of these whitened container walls that do not go even after cleaning then don’t worry I am here just to solve your cleaning problems and we are going to clean the Vitamix thoroughly.

As we all know that the products that Vitamix produces help to make juices from fruits and vegetables. You can also prepare smoothies from them. If you don’t know then let me tell you that fruits and vegetables are high in minerals and these minerals can stay back on the walls of the container after a few times. This can look bad and your Vitamix won’t look the same as it used to be when you bought it. So now the question that arises is how to clean these minerals and the whitened walls of your Vitamix container.

All that you are required to do is pour one cup of white vinegar inside the container. Now take warm water and fill the container half. Let the mixture of white vinegar and warm water stay inside the container for at least 5-6 hours. After the completion of 5-6 hours, you will have to discard the solution. After removing the mixture, use a soft scrubber so that you can gently scrub it. After that rinse it thoroughly. If you want to prepare a stronger solution then you can also try adding baking soda or lime juice.

How to Remove the Turmeric Stains from your Vitamix?

Turmeric is used in a large amount for preparing smoothies and gravies. Turmeric is very healthy and nutritious that is good for your health so people add it in a smoothie.

However, looking at the drawbacks of using turmeric, you will find that it tends to leave stain marks behind when you use it in a blender. These are yellow stains that can damage the look of the blender. These stains are very tough and it’s not easy to remove them. You will have to learn the right way in which you can get rid of these yellow stains. If you know the right trick you can clean your Vitamix blender.

The only thing you need to do is to pick it up and place it in a spot where enough sunlight can reach the blender. The UV rays can be helpful to remove the turmeric stains from the blender. Now take a soft brush and wash it properly wherever you can see the stains. You can also try applying baking soda and lemon juice where the Tumeric stains are present.

How to clean the base of your Vitamix blender?

While cleaning the Vitamix blender many people do not give due importance to the base. The base of the Vitamix gets avoided very easily while cleanups. You won’t make this mistake because let me tell you that it is important to clean the base.

During time and hardness, small amounts of waste bits and disposal may develop. This could cause fungal growth in your Vitamix and prevent the button from functioning properly. You should clean it occasionally with Clorox wipes to prevent this.

After each usage, here’s how to clean your Vitamix?

There is a method to guarantee that your Vitamix lasts longer and is always accessible in all its beauty. How did you ask? How did you ask? When cleaned after all use. You don’t have to rummage around to clean a Vitamix when you become used to it.

You may clean quickly with a brush and rinse it after using your Vitamix. This eliminates a large number of things. Next, fill the container in a saucer cycle with soapy and warm water. This is Vitamix’s self-cleaning technique.

After every application, it will not take a few minutes to clean the Vitamix. This habit makes your Vitamix last longer and looks clean as a whistle the next time you use it.

Some tips for Cleaning your Vitamix Blender

When cleaning blenders and other kitchen equipment, it’s essential to work carefully. If you don’t do things right, your appliance may be destroyed, which will cost you a lot of money.

  1. You should also look after yourself to avoid harming yourself. Here are a few cleaning suggestions to keep in mind when using your Vitamix Blender.
  2. While dealing with the blades, you may use dishwashing utensils to avoid any direct contact with the blades, reducing the danger of injury.
  3. Before disassembling your Vitamix blender, ensure sure it is disconnected from the wall outlet. It might be difficult to clean or disassemble the blender while it is connected.
  4. After you’ve cleaned all of the pieces, make sure they’re totally dry before reassembling them.
  5. When cleaning a blender, it’s important to use the proper detergent.
  6. You should never immerse the base in water since it contains the control panel and motor, which might be damaged if submerged in water.

Vitamix E310

The Vitamix E310’s unique selling pitch is its low price, as well as the value and features it provides at such a low price with such a sturdy design. It is an affordable product with all of the characteristics of a high-priced brand.

The Vitamix E310 provides them at a price that is appealing to everyone. This model has several features that even higher-priced models like the flagship C-Series 5200 lack, such as the pulse function. Even though it’s on a tight budget, it’s still highly adaptable. The product is also available in a variety of colors to suit your needs, whereas the E320 is only available in black.

On the other hand, the performance is a little jerky and cumbersome, and the container is smaller, limiting the product’s efficiency.


  • It’s one of the most affordable Vitamix blenders on the market.
  • The pulse function aids in maintaining consistency.
  • It’s perfect for storing a little amount of food.
  • It has under-cabinet storage.
  • There are additional color choices available.


  • Its motor is 10% less powerful than the majority of Vitamix blenders.
  • The container isn’t big enough to hold a lot of food.

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You must keep your blender clean. If you’re planning to make smoothies or ice cream using your blender, make sure it’s clean before you start.

If your blender is not clean, it will have an adverse effect on the flavor and will also be unsanitary. Many of you are aware of the issues that might arise if you do not keep your Vitamix blender clean, but many of you are unaware of how to clean it, so I have included a step-by-step tutorial to assist you in cleaning your Vitamix blender. I’ve also included a list of dos and don’ts. Make certain you follow all of the instructions. I hope you found this post helpful and interesting.