Vitamix 5200 and 7500 are some of the best Vitamix products, and having one will ensure you high quality. Choosing one of the models is a difficult task and often confuses even the most experienced users.

The confusion comes from the fact that the two models are in many ways identical. However, in reality, they differ in many respects, from mechanical strength to less important details such as color preferences.

Fortunately, I will give you a direct comparison of both models, and at the end of the text it will be easier for you to decide which model to choose.

Graphical comparison of the Vitamix 5200 and 7500

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Compare Vitamix 5200 and Vitamix 7500

Mechanical power

The major difference between the two models is the power. The Vitamix 5200 has an output of 2.0 HP, which is enough for cutting composite parts.

On the other hand, the 7,500 has 2.2hp more horsepower. Now, while the difference of 0.2 seems very small on paper, it is a 10% difference in power output.

While there isn’t much difference in performance, the 7500 makes it easier to cut tough mixes like butter and hummus.

In addition to high peak power, the 7500 has another advantage, which is the integration of a cooling fan. While not required, it can be very useful for long life mixers as the mixers get hotter.

The 7500 cooling fans remove heat from the engine and keep it running without the risk of overheating.

Verdict: The 7500 was a hit for its power and fan assisted cooling.


The 5200 has a long, thin jug 20.5 cm high. The 7500 model, which is common to the G-series models, has a thick, narrow jug that is 17.25 inches long.

Despite the difference in height, both models are comparable in size to 64 ounces, so the difference in size, or rather, is superficial.

This makes both models ideal for carrying out large volumes for the whole family. However, the difference in height plays a big role in usability, as in the 5200, for example, storage is the biggest problem. Unless you have very high shelves, saving with a large 5200 can be very difficult.

Verdict: The 7500 turned out to be a success not because of the size of the jug, but because of its compactness and ease of storage.


The blades 7500 and 5200 are identical in structure and design. Both are made of durable stainless steel.

Like all Vitamix blades, they are blunt, but make no mistake as they use a powerful motor to mix them.

The big difference is the size; The 5200 has 3 inch blades and the 7500 has 4 inch blades. However, the difference in blade width has little effect on performance and handling.

Verdict: Both products are identical in terms of knives

Noise level

The noise in the mixers has always been a painful place for me and I think many of you will be. Which one is quieter?

The 7500, like all other G series models, has built-in sound jamming in the base station and motor housing.

According to the manufacturer, this model produces 40% less noise than a regular blender, so yes, it makes less noise than the 5200.

Despite the noise canceling feature, you can still watch your favorite TV show while still being a silent device in use.

Nevertheless, it’s better to be quiet and I can say that the hum between the two models is less audible.

Verdict: 7,500 hits, though not as quiet as expected, the noise-canceling efforts remain a success.


The control functions, including the control buttons and switch, are the same and not at all small or different.

For those interested, however, the 5200 does not have a pulse function, which is useful for creating a thick consistency and purees.

The only way to duplicate the heart rate function on the 5200 is to turn the rotation on and off, especially if you need to repeatedly use the heart rate function, at least to say the least.

Again the 7500 wins, as opposed to the fast 7500 which is a much simpler option, and you can do it anyway with the spinner.


Like all Vitamix blenders, both models have a “self-cleaning” function, which makes the cleaning process much simpler and easier.

However, the self-cleaning function is not enough for deep cleaning; Don’t expect the blender to be clean after rinsing.

Regardless of the quality of the function, you should scrub the blender with soap, water and a sponge. This will help remove the gun that forms on the blades and cannot be removed by a self-cleaning machine.

However, peeling should only be done occasionally, daily or not after each use.


In terms of price, the new 7500 will cost more than 5200. However, the price difference is not that big, especially when compared to what you get for the 7500.

Conclusion on Vitamix 7500 vs 5200

The Vitamix 7500 appears to be superior in every way, including performance, noise level, ease of use and storage. Yes, I think the Vitamix 7500 is a better model than the Vitamix 5200. The performance difference is not astronomical though, but it wins by a hair.