Vitamix 5200 vs 5300

Vitamix 5200 and 5300 are two of Vitamix’s most popular blends, and for good reason. These classic mixers are known for their high-quality workmanship and durability.

More importantly, cheaper than the new generation models. Now many people think that 5300 and 5200 are one and the same – after all, the numbers are close, right?

They are almost identical, aren’t they? Evil. In the text below, we will compare these two models and see their main difference, and at the end of the text you should have an idea of ​​which model to choose.

Graphical comparison of the Vitamix 5200 and 5300

Vitamins 5200 Vitamin 5300
Platform C series C series
Power 2.0 peak hp 2.0 peak hp
Launcher 64 oz 64 oz
Libra 10.25 lb. 10.25 lb.
Dimension 20.5 x 8.75 x 7.25 “
17.25 x 8.75 x 7.25 inches
Bar length 6 feet 6 feet
Electrical parameters 120V, 50/60 Hz, 11.5 amps 120V, 50/60 Hz, 11.5 amps
Blades 4 inch diameter, laser cut hammer mill and cutter 3 inch diameter, laser cut hammer mill and cutter
Impulse system New Yes
Adjustable speed ten ten
price $$
Check the price on Amazon
Check the price on Amazon

Detailed comparison of Vitamix 5200 vs 5300

For ease of comparison, let’s take a look at the key components of the mixers and quickly compare them from there.

Carafe / Jar size

Professional blender Vitamix 5200, …
  • Variable Speed ​​Control: Easily adjust speed to different types.
  • Large volumes: the size and shape of the self-cleaning 64 oz container …
  • Hot soup: knives in a Vitamix. The right speed

An important difference between the two models is the size of the decanter. The 5200 has a taller pitcher while the 5300 has a lower pitcher with a wider base.

Low-profile containers are typically found in the next generation G series, the only blender that can use the 5300 from another series.

Nevertheless, the dimensions of the decanter offer a superficial difference, at least in terms of retention capacity. Since both models can handle 64 ounces of content, you have to decide how best to suit your cooking options.

For example, the 5300 is 17.25 inches tall, so it fits easily in most cabinets. Meanwhile, the 5200 is 20.5 inches, which is 3 inches taller than the 5300. So yeah, saving the blender can be a challenge.


The Vitamix 5300 wins, but not because of the performance, but because of the opposite place; It’s an unlimited option that fits easily with most shelves and cabinets.

Mechanical power

Vitamics 5300 blender, black
  • Powerful engine – driven by powerful 2.2 HP engine blades …
  • Variable Speed ​​Control – Easily adjust speed to different types.
  • Pulse function – The Pulse function cuts smooth surface layers …

Both models have powerful motors that can deliver fully dissolved smoothies and soups. Their main difference is in size and time. The 5200 has a 2.0hp engine while its opponent produces an additional 0.2hp for a total of 2.2hp.

Does it make a difference?

In my opinion, the extra 0.2 doesn’t make much difference. However, it can help if you want to make your cocktail too fast during the morning rush.

It will help if you mix hard ingredients like ice cream. Either way, as I mentioned above, both motors are powerful enough for soups, vegetables, smoothies, butter, peanut milk, and more.


High power 5.300, so here is a winner but not in a landslide.


The blades on both models are made of flat, hardened stainless steel, which means they can cut anything with ease at the right speed.

They are dull to the touch, but make no mistake; The dullness creates a uniform combination that depends on the hardness of the plate and the roughness of the motor as opposed to razor-sharp blades.

And because they are Efol, they are very durable and you don’t have to worry about repair or maintenance costs.

The only difference between the blades of the two models is the size of the blades, or rather the length. The 5300 blades are 4 inches wide and the 5200 blades are 3 inches wide. In this way, the blades 5300 cover more ground at any given time and are therefore more effective.

For ease of comparison, let’s take a look at the key components of the mixers and quickly compare them from there.


The 5300 is a winner here due to its high range.

Noise level

Noise can be a barrier to all mixers. Despite the latest innovations in blenders, one way to reassure them is to find a way that doesn’t get too updated.

Both machines are noisy and will scream in your ears. However, at low settings 1 or 2 the noise level is tolerable and nothing to complain about. But if you change your settings too often, you will have to wear the protection you requested.


Both models are from the C series operating system, and the operating systems should be identical in many respects. However, the 5300 has a pulse switch, which makes it easy to get a consistent consistency in smoothies.

The lack of a pulse function on the 5200 does not break the contract as the switch can be turned on and off to simulate a setting.

But if you don’t use this feature often. While on the move, both modes have a variable speed bubble that allows you to control the hybrid system.

In addition to variable speed, the maximum speed for both models is 10. Low speed is the best way to get a thick consistency, high speed will make your mix work.

But as I mentioned earlier, the 5300 has more power, which translates to faster speeds, and that helps add quality to the mix.


The recommended pulse system on the 5300 further crumbles the consistency of the mix for better food quality.


Both models have a cleaning function that automatically cleans the blender after use. However, I wouldn’t recommend anyone to fully trust this feature; You need to quickly wipe the blender with a sponge.

Take a look, when you are in self-cleaning mode, it is easy for a large excess to stick out which will cause the container to become cloudy over time due to the mineral coatings in the container.

Decision and judgment

Both models are amazing and finding a winner was quite a challenge. Vitamins 5300 (See today’s price on Amazon) The powerful mixer sounds loud.

While there is nothing fancy about the 5300, the extra upgrades especially power, mobility, and power make it a better choice than the 5200.