Orange flame on Gas stove

Do you remember the movie “Backdraft”?
If you don’t then you should read it now!
In the movie Backdraft, a fireman named Harry Stamper played by Kurt Russell accidentally sets off a massive explosion at a chemical plant.
He goes back into the burning building to save lives but ends up dying himself.
In this article I’m going to explain you how to set up a gas burner on your stove.

What are Orange flame on Gas stove?

Orange Flame on gas stove is a common problem faced by many people. It occurs because of the presence of carbon monoxide in the air. Carbon Monoxide CO is a colorless, odorless, tasteless gas produced from incomplete combustion of fuels such as coal, wood, charcoal, gasoline, natural gas, propane, kerosene, diesel fuel, and other organic materials. Carbon monoxide poisoning can occur indoors or outdoors. In homes, it is usually found in poorly ventilated areas where there is inadequate ventilation. In outdoor environments, it is typically present in enclosed spaces where there is insufficient oxygen available to burn off the CO. It is estimated that about 1,000 deaths per year in the United States are caused by carbon monoxide poisoning. Symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning include headache, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, weakness, confusion, loss of coordination, slurred speech, chest pain, shortness of breath, vision problems, and unconsciousness.

How the orange flames are produced?

When we light a match, the flame burns away the oxygen in the air, leaving only carbon dioxide and hydrogen. These two gases combine to form carbon monoxide. As the flame continues to burn, the carbon monoxide builds up until it reaches a certain concentration level. At this point, the carbon monoxide combines with the oxygen left behind to form carbon dioxide and water vapor. This process is called oxidation.


A humidifier is used to provide moisture into the air. It does this by using a fan to blow warm moist air across a pad containing water. The warm air evaporates the water from the pad and carries the moisture into the surrounding air. Humidifiers are available in many different styles and sizes. They are usually placed near a window or other source of outside air.

Combustion Principles in the production of Orange Flame on Gas stove

Orange flame is produced by burning fuel gas methane in presence of oxygen. This process produces carbon dioxide and water vapor along with heat. In order to produce orange flame, we need to burn methane in presence of oxygen. Methane burns very easily and produces a great deal of heat. Oxygen is required for combustion because it helps in breaking down the molecules of methane.

Why it is so a big problem?

1 It is not safe to use gas stoves. 2 It is not safe for children to play around gas stove.

What to do with the orange flame now?

1 Gas stoves are dangerous because of the risk of fire. Children can easily get burned if they touch the hot surface of the stove. 2 Gas stoves are not safe for children because of the danger of explosion.