An immersion blender, often called an immersion blender or immersion blender, is a small, portable device for mixing and blending foods that require soft or thick sauces. It is widely used in the preparation of soups and sauces. In this article, we’ll take a more detailed look at what you can use a sink faucet for and jump in without wasting any time.

17 Typical Applications of a Hand Blender

1. Preparation of whipped cream:

Whipped cream can be prepared with a hand blender, but allow the mixture to cool for a while, then apply it. Pour the cream into a large plastic bag, first add 10% cream, and after an hour add another 10% cream.

2. Prepare cocktails:

A smoothie is the perfect way to replenish the extra vitamins and nutrients from fruits and berries. Mix all ingredients, add a little milk or juice if needed, smoothie can be easily made with a hand blender. It’s easy to do this with your kids in minutes by placing them in a large plastic bag so they can be fed while they are at it.

3. Mashed potatoes:

It is very easy to make mashed potatoes with a hand blender. Only fill the blender until the blender is almost full, then press the button until a liquid mixture comes out. That’s it.

4. Stir the yogurt:

It may sound a little fun, but you can also use a hand blender to mix yogurt and make cheese. Even if you don’t use a hand blender or a hand blender, fill a bowl with yogurt and a hand blender to make cheese. However, you may need help from other people to get this done effectively.

5. Milk cocktails:

Milkshakes are prepared in minutes using a hand blender. Take some ice cream and add milk and a few pieces of chocolate. And you can go.

6. Whipped protein:

The idea may sound crazy, but you can whip the proteins with the sink mixer, put the frozen eggs in a bowl, add some sugar to taste, and stir with your hands until you get a good foam.

7. Beat the eggs:

Another great thing you can do with the sink faucet is whisking eggs. It uses less energy than a regular stand mixer and is useful for omelettes and scrambled eggs when you need to beat a lot of eggs in a short time.

8. Beat the butter:

The butter can be easily whipped with a hand blender, being careful not to beat it too hard as this will cause separation of the whey and other undesirable effects.

9. Puree soup:

The hand blender can also be used to prepare creamy soups. Fill the amber blender with the soup, then gently blend the mixture using the power button. It is a very efficient process for making mashed vegetables like carrots and celery.

10. Salads Salads:

You can make salads in minutes with a hand blender. Combine the dressing, lettuce, ginger and nuts, then add a few more slices of tomato. This is exactly what you need to prepare a refreshing salad.

11. Mix of dry ingredients:

This is another good thing you can do with your sink mixer, especially if you’re mixing dry ingredients like flour or powdered sugar. Pour the chopped product into a bowl and then add some water or milk to achieve the desired result.

12. Make the pesto sauce:

Pesto is easy to prepare with good quality basil leaves, pine nuts, garlic and olive oil. Add all these ingredients to a blender and blend until they are creamy.

13. Dressing:

The sauce can be quickly mixed with a sink mixer, especially if a lot of people make the salad. Put the vegetables in a large plastic bag, then slice a few basil leaves and mix the ingredients until they are covered with the vegetable oil.

14. Cut vegetables:

Chopping vegetables with a hand blender is very easy, especially if you are making a pasta dish. Add ingredients to the bowl, then chop finely using the power button.

15. Mix dry pasta:

Dry pasta is easy to mix with the sink mixer, fill the mixer with dry pasta and then add liquid such as milk or water to make a delicious cup of pesto soup.

16. Fruit salad for salads:

The fruit can be mixed in minutes with the sink mixer, which is very handy if you want to make a fresh fruit salad quickly. Put all the fruits in a blender and blend until you get the desired creamy consistency.

17. Use the sink mixer to prepare baby food:

Fruit puree is very easy to prepare with a hand blender for babies and toddlers, just add bananas or fruit puree to the bowl and mix until a nice creamy consistency.

Do you really need a hand blender?

The sink mixer is a versatile and multifunctional kitchen appliance that allows you to prepare soups, sauces and a wide range of dishes. It is more efficient than a regular stand mixer as it is compact, lightweight and efficient.

Where to buy a hand blender?

When purchasing an Amirion blender, make sure it has all the accessories you need, such as whiskers and measuring cups.

How much is a hand blender?

Most hand blenders are very cheap and affordable. Average good for around $ 50 to $ 75. However, high-end models that come with a lot of accessories and attachments typically cost $ 80 or more.

What kind of hand blender do I need?

When choosing a hand blender, there are many things to consider, such as power (voltage), performance, accompanying accessories and accessories, brand, and more.