How to get the Keurig Kold refund

Keurig introduced a new product line in 2015 which was known as Keurig Kold. However, it wasn’t one of the products that Keurig is known for. This was a cold drink maker machine that used to serve single serve sodas and seltzers.

Initially, many people bought this machine and it had a major hype in the market. After the launch of this Cold drink maker, the machine didn’t live up to the expectations of the users. People didn’t like the product very much as it was highly-priced. Keurig Green Mountain introduced this cold drink maker and said it is going to be the next big thing in the market. However, it failed badly. The users complained a lot about this machine being too big, too slow, and also too expensive.

The Keurig Kold created 8-ounce soda drinks which also included many popular brands like Coca-Cola, Sprite, Dr. Pepper, and many more. This machine was then discounted by Keurig as it was not able to match the expectations of the users. If you are one of those users and you bought the machine then I feel sad for you but wait for a second, if you bought the machine directly from the company, you can still be saved because Keurig is providing refunds for this product.

Today we will learn how to get a refund for Keurig Kold Machine. If you are one of those people who bought this machine due to the hype created in the market initially then you must read this article to apply for a refund.

How to get a Keurig Kold Refund?

If you fell for the Keurig Kold initially and due to the hype you also bought it and now you are regretting your decision then don’t worry my condolences are with you. I want you to know that you are going to get a refund.

Keurig discontinued the product line because it understood that nobody wanted a big and slow soda maker that costs so much. People felt that it was better to grab a drink directly from a refrigerator instead of using this machine. This machine was a big flop and that’s why the company itself decided to refund the users.

Keurig, for its part, recognizes that one year after the launching of a complete product line, many new and old customers from Keurig will probably take to the good news: Keurig offers a full REFUND if you buy your Keurig Kold before the 10th of June 2016. They reported the Keurig Kold’s discontinuation on June 7, so if the memo was not received and you bought a Kalt three days later, well… hard bananas.

However, Keurig will contact you on its own but to be sure you can directly apply for a refund. I will tell you how to get a refund for the Keurig Kold.

  1. The first and the most important thing you will need is the receipt for the Keurig Kold so go find the receipt, if you don’t have a receipt then look for an invoice or the bill or the statement of your debit or credit card. Even this will work.
  2. Now when you get the receipt or the above-mentioned thing you need to get a clear picture of the serial number of your Keurig Kold. Get to a bright place with a cell phone that has a good camera so that the number is clear and readable when you click the picture. You will get one refund per one serial number, and that’s an obvious thing.
  3. Now turn on your computer or laptop, you can even use your mobile phone and then go to the browser and search after the site opens you need to follow the instructions. You have to locate the Start button which is at the bottom of the webpage. This button will help you to begin the refund request process.

The offer for reimbursement expires on 31 August 2016. Don’t dodge! Don’t dodge! As long as you can receive your Keurig Cold refund. I would suggest bookmarking this page or sending an e-mail with a link if you can’t do it right now. if I were you, I would visit this page right now. You can save the website that I mentioned somewhere if you are going to do it later.

Getting a refund would be a better option than keeping the machine which isn’t useful for you. $350 will be helpful for some other stuff. You can right-click the link or directly copy it to save.

How to dispose of a Keurig Kold?

If you get a refund for the Keurig Kold then the company won’t take the cold drink maker with them. You need to either recycle it or dispose it of.

While there is nothing physically incorrect or harmful about the existing Keurig KOLD machines, the company’s decision to retire the line means that, after current supplies are sold out, users will no longer be able to purchase the pods needed to prepare cold beverages in the machine. Once this occurs, Keurig is asking users to properly discard their equipment through a local appliance recycling program or directly via them. In reality, users may request to return the device to Keurig, where it is dissembled and the components are recycled, in addition to their returns.

Recycling it

The greatest way to recycle the Keurig Kold is for many to forget. It is preferable to throw it into the recycling bin after your Keurig Kold is discarded.

The first thing you need to do is verify with the provider of trash management. You must be sure that your Keurig Kold recycle is appropriate or not suitable. Keurig Kold has a poor recyclability rate and is made utilizing plastic.

If the plastic is not used, cables, heating, and interior tuning also must be removed before it is sent to the recycling company.

Put it in the trash

If your Keurig Kold stops operating, you’ll have to throw it away.

You won’t be able to recycle a Keurig Kold if it stops operating. This is something you should inquire about with your garbage disposal company. You might also check for the information on your garbage management company’s website. You won’t be able to locate any information regarding the Keurig Kold, so think of it as a little kitchen appliance and see what you can discover on tiny kitchen appliances.

If you can’t locate anything linked to your Keurig Kold, you may just throw it away. Most recycling organizations will not take broken or shards of plastic since they are useless to them.

Try local goodwill stores

Yes, you read it correctly; charity stores also accept e-waste for recycling.

You might try calling charity businesses to see if they provide e-waste recycling services. You can inquire as to whether or not they will take your Keurig Kold.


The hype that was created for the Keurig Kold was good enough. It was positioned as a cold drink maker that will include Coca-cola, Dr. Pepper, Sprite and it will offer 8 ounces of cold drink.

When the machine initially launched many people bought it looking at the hype but the Kold was unable to reach and fulfill the expectations of the users. It failed badly and therefore Keuirog discontinued the entire product line, however, the best thing for the buyers was that Keurig was providing a refund for the Keurig Kold and if you wanted to apply for the refind you should know how to do that. I have mentioned the simple steps through which you can avail the refunbd.

I hope this article was useful and relevant.