Can You Boil Water in a Rice Cooker?

One thing many don’t know is that apart from its name, the rice cooker is very versatile. You just need a stove in the kitchen to cook good rice quickly.

The short answer is: Yes, you can boil water in the rice pot, but if you want to drink water, you need to clean the pot well..

The rice cooker is made of aluminum and the metal is considered safe for cooking. It does not leak out when cooking, and the body is not prone to swallowing heavy metals.

In addition, aluminum does not contain any harmful toxins. So you can go upstairs and boil the water there. However, be extremely careful when boiling water in the rice cooker.

Boiling water will spill over and can be dangerous if it comes in contact with the skin. Overall, many precautions are necessary when handling electrical appliances, some of which are more sensitive to hazards than others.

If you are staying in a hotel with limited ingredients, you can use the rice cooker to make tea or coffee and boil the water to soothe your nerves on cold days.

Can I use an electric rice cooker to boil water?

The rice cooker is more versatile than the name suggests. A lot of research has been done through experimentation, and this is a clear indication of what they can do.

The electric rice pot heats the water in the inner pot and produces steam suitable for cooking the contents. One thing is that the water can boil over.

However, the more complex shape of the electric rice cooker should be considered as it has many more settings than the standard rice cooker.

You also notice that the more control systems there are, the higher the price. That’s why you need to plan and budget.

The good news is that even a standard electric stove can boil water to a certain temperature before it returns to normal. You can try it out and have your own experience as it depends on the brand.

How long does it take to boil water in the rice cooker?

The automatic kitchen appliance is designed to cook rice. The rice cooking process begins with the boiling of water. How long does it take to boil water in an electric oven?

Well, there are a lot of things to consider, but it basically takes 20-25 minutes. Boiled water is considered safe to drink and hot water is not safe.

Most bacteria do not survive above optimal body temperature. After boiling water for 20 minutes in an electric rice cooker, you are very unlikely to get water-borne diseases.

Please note that the power of the heating elements varies depending on the brand. I suggest you choose the brand of your choice and try to see how long it takes.

How to boil water in a rice pot?

Boiling the water in the rice pot is not a problem. It’s very simple, so no training or procedure is required.

  1. If you plan to boil drinking water, cleanliness is an important factor to consider. To avoid distinct flavors, the inner pot should be thoroughly cleaned to remove any food residues.
  2. Place a few cups of water until the inner pot is three-quarters full and the rest of the space until steam forms.
  3. Cover with a lid and turn on the rice cooker.
  4. Boil the water for a few minutes and destroy the germs in the water. When the water boils, the rice cooker automatically returns to the low temperature.
  5. Finally, after turning off the device, cool the water and pour it into the carafe. Now the water is safe and ready to drink.

Final thoughts on boiling water in a rice cooker

It is known that a rice cooker only cooks rice, but this is not the case. Many dishonest chefs have experimented and found it to be a multifunctional tool in the kitchen.

Can water be boiled in the rice cooker? One hundred percent yes. The appliance is designed to boil water until it evaporates.

Therefore, the tool can be used to boil water. Also, if you don’t have pots, a kitchen appliance can be used to cook eggs and milk properly.

Feel free to share your experience of boiling water, eggs and milk in a rice cooker using the comment section.