Can You Boil Water In An Instant Pot? [How to Guide]

The real value of Instant Pot is its variety. This little kitchen gadget is very handy and can be used to perform a variety of tasks, including cooking rice, soups, broths, baking a cake, baking vegetables, etc.

Yes, I understand that you may doubt the effectiveness of Instant Pot in boiling liquid, but here is its magic. It comes with an instant cooking pot with various pre-set programs that give you the flexibility to choose what and how you want to cook.

It started when my kettle broke, the only way I really needed to boil water and at that point was to use the instant pot I just brought so I added more water to the instant pot to see if it could really boil this article How To Boil water in the Instant Pot to share with you.

Can I use an instant pot to boil water?

The answer is yes, you can boil water in an instant pot, but unlike boiling water in a regular oven, a lot happens when you use the instant pot..

Instant boiling water in a pot

First of all, you need to understand that the main function of the Instant Pot revolves around thermodynamics. Now the cooking space in an instant pot usually has a higher air pressure, and as we know, the higher the pressure. Cooking temperature.

This is seen in residential areas such as high mountains where the boiling water is well below the usual 100 ° C.

Coming back to our pot, when you boil water, it changes shape from a liquid state to more energetic gas molecules, which we generally call steam.

Gas molecules are lighter than liquid molecules, so in an open space, like in an oven, gas molecules naturally evaporate into the air. However, in the tank, gas molecules are usually “stuck” because nothing is pushing them, so there is no gas pressure.

This is where the magic of Instant Pot happens; The high gas pressure in the air prevents the water from turning into a gaseous state with increasing gas pressure. Therefore, the higher the pressure, the hotter the water evaporates.

If you are wondering why we use an instant pot to boil water, the water normally cannot exceed 100 degrees Celsius.

Therefore, you should always steam. Water molecules, on the other hand, can heat up to 800 degrees Celsius before breaking down into individual hydrogen and oxygen molecules.

So steaming at 200 degrees Celsius is more economical and saves time than boiling water at 100 degrees Celsius.

Again, at 200 C, steam does not have twice the energy of boiling water, on the contrary, it has much more energy.

Coming back to our question: boiling water in an instant pot is fine if you take care when removing the lid.

Boiling water in a pot can be very effective if your water is not purified and your baby needs clean water or you need to bathe it.

Boil water in the pan (plan to use it – Chad function)

As I mentioned earlier, Instant Pot comes with complete programs for a wide variety of dishes. The chaat function is the most convenient option for boiling water as it reduces the amount of water remaining after pressure cooking.

How long does it take to boil water in an instant pot?

In my experience, boiling water in an instant pot is much slower than using a kettle, It takes an average of 4 to 8 minutes to boil water in an instant pot.

Can you boil water for a second?

Fortunately, the instant pot is a multifunctional kitchen appliance that can do many functions, one of which is to boil water, even if you want to boil water to cook pasta or soup, don’t worry, it’s absolutely good to have it in your cooking pot immediately.