Can You Make Tea In A Coffee Pot? (Is it Really Possible)

This question is often asked by many, and I will answer it today. In the beginning, it is important to know that coffee makers aren’t just for coffee.

Most of them are very well suited for making tea and hot chocolate. If you’re thinking of brewing tea in a coffee machine, now’s your chance to try it.

The type of tea you want to brew should dictate which coffee machine you choose. This means that not all coffee machines will give you the tea you are looking for.

In most cases, you will need a coffee machine that allows you to regulate the water temperature and time vertically. So which coffee machines work best and which are crazy?

French media

In my experience, the French press is a great way to make tea. I say this because it makes it easier to separate the tea leaves from the infusion.

Put only tea bags or tea leaves in the French press and then place them in hot water. Then adjust the water temperature as needed.

Then attach the cover with the piston. You can now wait for the machine to do its job, which usually takes around 2-7 minutes depending on how the tea is brewed. The French press makes it easy to separate the tea from the waste, which is very convenient.

Turkish Iberian

If you are the owner of Turkish Ibrik you have a great tea pot. You can make very good tea with this sweet little jug. You need to boil the water in the pan, turn it off and let it stand for a minute.

The good thing about Turkish Ibrik is that you always decide how long the tea should be brewed and how hot the water should be.

Moreover, when working with this coffee machine, you will not suffer from bitter and burnt tea. The only problem you will run into is cleaning the pot after use.

Espresso engine

This machine is not ideal for making tea because you have no control over it. Leaf tea cannot be brewed because the water in the machine is too hot.

So if you want to make white or green tea, don’t use espresso as you will get a bitter and unpleasant tea. The only tea that can be made with espresso is black tea and herbal tea.

These are the only teas that can be brewed at 194 degrees Celsius. My problem with the espresso machine is that it works very fast which means it wastes my tea brewing time.

The tea should be infused for a few minutes, and with espresso this is not possible. The only way to make good tea with this espresso machine is to use tea bags.


I’m sure you know the best coffee makers for making tea. Make sure you use the right one to avoid disappointment. Some coffeemakers won’t work, but they’ll work here and there with a few minor tweaks.

Are you looking for a good coffee machine? These coffee machines make hot coffee.