Tv screen goes black but sound still works

Do you ever experience problems where your TV screen turns off but the audio continues playing?
This happens to me quite often.
I recently had a problem where my TV screen went blank but the audio continued playing.
I tried changing the input source and even restarting the device, but nothing worked.
This issue was caused by a faulty HDMI cable.
I replaced the cable and now the problem has been resolved.

Is it producing enough power for TV to turn on?

If you see a blank screen on your television, it could mean that the signal from your cable provider is not strong enough to get through to your set. This could be because of a problem with your equipment or a problem with your connection. It could also be caused by a problem with your remote control or your television itself. If you’re having problems with your television, contact your cable company immediately.

Tv screen goes black but sound still works

This issue usually occurs if the signal coming into the receiver is weak. Try moving closer to the source of the signal cable box or try using another antenna. If these methods fail, call your cable provider and ask them to send someone out to check the line. Tv turns off after turning on

Reasons for the problem

If you see a message saying "No Signal" on your TV, it could mean that the cable company’s equipment isn’t working properly. It’s possible that the cable company needs to fix the equipment. To help determine whether the problem is with your equipment or the cable company’s equipment, contact the cable company directly.

TV is powered on but the screen is still black

This issue usually occurs if the TV is not connected to any power source. Make sure that the TV is plugged into a wall socket and turned on. If the TV is plugged into an electrical outlet but no electricity is flowing to the TV, check the fuse box in the basement or crawlspace. If the TV is connected to a surge protector, make sure that the surge protector is working correctly. TV is off but the power button is lit

Most causes of malfunction

If the power button is lit, but the TV is off, the problem could be caused by a loose connection between the power cord and the back of the TV. Try unplugging the TV from the wall and plugging it back in again. If the problem persists, try removing the power cord from the back of the TV and plugging it directly into the wall. If the problem continues, contact a professional electrician.

TV screen goes black but sound still works

This is usually caused by a loose connection somewhere along the cable. Try unplugging everything from the wall and plug it back in again. TV turns on but no picture appears

A set of installation recent button menus will be shown

If you press the power button on the remote control, does the TV turn on? If yes, try pressing the menu button usually located on top right side and select "Setup" option. After selecting setup, choose "Menu" and scroll down to "Display". Press OK. Press the power button on the TV remote control to turn off the TV. Try connecting the TV to another source of electricity. If the problem persists, contact the manufacturer’s customer service department.

TV screen turns off to black

This issue occurs because the TV is not receiving any signal from the cable box. Check if the TV is connected to the correct cable box.