Nest thermostat battery won’t charge

Do you ever get stuck at home because your Nest Thermostat isn’t charging?
If you own a Nest Thermostat then you’re probably familiar with the frustration of having to wait around for your device to charge.
This problem has been plaguing consumers since the first generation of the product was released.
Solution I’ve found a solution to this issue.
In this blog post I’ll explain you how to fix your Nest Thermostat without needing to call a technician.

Why Nest thermostat battery won’t charge

Nest thermostat batteries are designed to last long. But if you forget to change the batteries after 6 months, you may face problems. It happens because the batteries are not charged properly. So, you need to check whether the battery is fully charged or not. If it is not fully charged, then you need to charge it again. After charging, you need to replace the old batteries with new ones.

Connection to battery

If you are facing problem while connecting the battery to the nest thermostat, then you need to follow these steps. 1 Remove the battery from the nest thermostat. 2 Connect the positive terminal of the battery to the positive terminal of the nest thermostat using a flathead screwdriver.

Trouble in Software

You can download Nest app on your mobile phone and connect it to your wifi network. Then you can access your account and update the software.


If you are facing any problem while using your smart devices such as android phones, ipads, laptops, desktop computers, tablets, etc. then you can follow these steps to solve the issue. 1. Turn off your device completely. 2. Press and hold the power button until the screen turns black.


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Trouble in hardware

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USB Charging

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Nest thermostat battery Replacement

If you are looking for Nest Thermostat Battery Replacement, we have listed below the top 10 brands available online. We hope this list helps you in making a smart choice while buying a replacement for your old batteries. 1. Energizer 2. Duracell 3. Panasonic 4. LG 5. Samsung 6. Sony 7. Philips 8. Toshiba 9. Westinghouse 10. Whirlpool

Nest thermostat battery won’t charge (FIX)

I had the same problem and I solved it by unplugging the unit from the wall socket and plugging it back in. It worked! How to fix Nest thermostat not working after power outage

What do I do if my Nest thermostat is not charging?

If your Nest Thermostat says it needs to recharge, it probably means that the battery is low. To fix this problem, simply plug the unit into a power source and let it charge for several hours. Once the battery is fully charged, the Nest Thermostat will display “0%” instead of “100%.”

Why is my Nest battery dead?

Nest thermostats are designed to last about five years. However, if you notice that the battery is getting weak after three years, you can replace it yourself. To replace the battery, remove the back panel from the thermostat. Then, remove the two screws holding the back panel in place. Remove the back panel. Next, remove the four screws holding the bottom plate in place. Finally, remove the bottom plate. Now, slide off the old battery and install the new one.

Why is my Nest not holding a charge?

If the thermostat is not explaining any sign of charging, then you need to replace the batteries. How to charge the Nest thermostat? Answer: To charge the thermostat, follow these steps:

Why does my Nest thermostat keep losing power?

Nest says “low battery” when the battery level is below 25%. To fix this issue, you need to recharge the battery. How to check if the battery is dead? Answer: To check whether the battery is dead or not, turn off the thermostat and wait for 10 minutes. If the thermostat turns itself off after waiting for 10 minutes, then the battery is dead.

What happens if Nest thermostat battery dies?

If your Nest Thermostat loses power after being unplugged from the outlet, it could mean that the batteries have died. It is recommended to replace the batteries every month to avoid this problem. To replace the batteries, follow these steps: 1 Remove the back panel of the thermostat.

What do you do when Nest says low battery?

Nest thermostats lose power when they are unplugged from the wall outlet. This usually occurs because the batteries have died. To prevent this from happening again, charge the batteries every month. How to change the battery in a Nest thermostat?

Why does my Nest say it needs to charge?

If you notice that your Nest thermostat is not working properly, check the power supply. Make sure that the battery is charged and replace it if necessary. If the problem persists, contact Nest support.

Do Nest thermostat batteries go bad?

Nest thermostats are battery powered devices that allow homeowners to remotely adjust the temperature in their homes from anywhere using a smartphone app. These thermostats are designed to save energy and money by allowing users to set the temperature based on the weather outside rather than having to manually turn the heating or cooling off and on every day. The thermostats are connected to the internet via Wi-Fi and can be controlled remotely using the Nest app on a smart phone or tablet.