Can an Instant Pot Explode (The Explosion Concept Explained)

If you are reading this article, you may have heard the stories of an instant weed explosion. So can Instant Pot explode?

The answer to this question is not as clear and unambiguous as I would like, but I will try to answer as best I can.

Basically, an instant pot explosion is not possible, but there have been reports of an instant pot explosion and in this article I will do my best to explain why.

How does instant bot work

Pressure cooking allows food to be cooked in minutes, which would otherwise take hours. This is one of the main reasons people use both the old (manual) pressure cooker and the modern electric pressure cooker.

Pressure cookers work by providing an enclosed environment for cooking food. When a liquid is added to this closed environment and heated to its boiling point, the pressure begins to rise and this pressure cooking is faster than conventional cooking.

The pressure must be controlled to a certain safe level to prevent explosions. In older hop pressure cookers, this adjustment is usually done with a biased pressure regulator located on top of the lid.

However, in the instant pot this is done with a pressure regulator which keeps the pressure between 10.12 and 11.6 psi.

If the pressure is above 15.25 psi, the steam supply to the jar lid is increased and the steam is released until the pressure drops to the optimal range.

Understanding this will allow you to safely use not only the Instant Pot but other pressure cookers as well, as most accidents happen due to ignorance of the mechanics behind pressure cookers. I’ll explain it later.

Instant Jars are designed with over 10 security features

Since most pressure cooker failures are due to user error, Instant Pat is designed with 10 safety features to help you deal with these errors. Here is a list of these security features:

Detection of closed lid

If the lid is not closed properly or disappears, Instant Pressure Cooking will not work. However, in some models, it is possible to use the frying function and have the hot functions.

Lid leakage protection

If the lid is leaking for any reason, the programming in the instant pot will be hot and will not create the preset pressure levels.

This leak can be caused by the steam outlet not being properly closed, or by the missing or incorrectly installed O-ring.

Anti-sealing ventilation

When the food is cooked, food particles can clog the steam vents and clog them. The Instant Pot has a ventilation screen that protects the steam vent from food particles.

Locking the compressed lid

This is one of the main security features of the Instant Pot. While the contents of the jar are still under pressure, the lid is locked, preventing anyone from opening it until the pressure is released.

Automatic temperature control

As mentioned earlier in this article, the temperature and pressure in the pan are controlled depending on what you are cooking. This is achieved by a thermostat that regulates the temperature of the instant pot.

High temperature warning

If the temperature in the instant pot rises too much due to lack of moisture in the pot or any other reason, the heat will be cut off, preventing food burning or other undesirable effects of overheating.

Protection against extreme temperatures and electricity The Instant Pot is equipped with a special fuse that protects it from both overheating and electricity.

Pressure regulator protection A pressure sensor in the immediate vessel between 10.12 psi and 11.6 psi maintains optimal pressure.

Automatic pressure control

Paired with a regulator, the instant pot also has automatic pressure control which releases steam and reduces pressure when it exceeds 15.23 psi.

High pressure protection

Finally, the Instant Bot benefits from additional protection in the event of a pressure regulator failure.

If the pressure is high, a safety mechanism is activated that lowers the inner pot, creating a space between the lid and the inner pot, allowing the steam to enter the inner chamber and shut off the heat.

As you can see, the makers of Instant Pot have put a lot of effort into making Instant Pot as safe as possible.

Immediate explosion of the pot documented

Despite these characteristics, instances of instant bot exploding have been reported, resulting in serious injury and property damage.

A statement similar to that of Mary Cooper and her 11-year-old daughter Caroline making soup for a grieving neighbor.

When they finished cooking and airing, Caroline opened the lid … The pot will explode Burn both. Caroline suffered third degree burns on her face and body.

Although her face was completely healed, she suffered permanent, painful, and degenerative body burns.

An investigative TV show that leaked the story conducted experiments on 3 models of instant robots to determine if the jars could be opened while the contents were under pressure.

The contents of 2 of the 3 tested units were closed under pressure, but the third opened easily after 3 different attempts.

Although the pot does not explode, the boiling contents spill out to the sides easily causing serious injury.

There are documented instances of immediate pot bursts, but luckily most of them aren’t as bad as the story we’ve outlined.

Over 10 million instant pots have been sold and stacked against unit failures, with the failure rate accounting for a small percentage of the total.

However, since the Instant Pot is a daily household item, these numbers are even higher, and if you choose the Instant Pot, you should take all necessary precautions to ensure maximum safety.

Let’s take a look at the reasons why Instant Jars explode and how to avoid them.

How and why does the Instant Pot explode?

Blockage of steam drain valves

This can happen in many ways, but the most common are food particles that accumulate in the valve. Can prevent pressure release, which can lead to failure.

To avoid this, the relief valve and other parts should be cleaned regularly. Another mistake of the user is that the steam valve is blocked by something like a cloth.

In one documented outburst, the involved woman immediately threw a piece of tea on the jar lid, causing it to explode. I can’t stress enough, keep the steam vent valves from any blockage.

Filling above the maximum level

Another major cause of an immediate pot bust is people filling their tanks above the maximum level.

Some foods expand during cooking and block the steam vents. Always make sure you put the right amount of food in the Instant Pot.

Don’t change the seal

Your sealing ring should be replaced every 12 to 16 months and cleaned regularly. A faulty O-ring is often responsible for some of the «fine cracks» reported over the years.

Don’t read the manual!

It’s easy, but it’s amazing how many people haven’t read the manuals for the products. In order for the Instant Pot to work properly, you must read the instructions. User errors described above and others can be easily avoided by reading the manual.

Final words about the immediate explosion of the pot

Instant Bot is a great product designed with your convenience and safety in mind, and like any other tool, it can easily hurt you and others if you don’t use it properly.

Hope this article helped you clarify a few things about Instant Pot. We’d love to hear your comments and contributions below.

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