How to update a 1970s stone fireplace?

Do you want to add a bit of character to your home but don’t know where to start?
If you live in a house built before the 70’s then you might find yourself stuck with a dated looking fireplace.
If you want to give your living room a modern look without spending too much money then here are some simple ways to update your old fireplace.
1 This blog post explains you how to update a 1970s fireplace using basic tools and materials.

How to update a 1970s stone fireplace

If you are looking to update your fireplace, you can go for a modern gas fire or a wood burning stove. A gas fire is easy to install and maintain. It does not require any chimney cleaning or maintenance. Gas fires are available in different sizes and shapes. You can choose from a single burner, two burners, three burners, four burners, six burners, eight burners, ten burners, twelve burners and sixteen burners. A wood burning stove is a great option if you live in a cold area where heating costs are high. Wood stoves are very efficient because they burn cleanly and produce no harmful emissions. However, they are expensive to buy and install. Wood stoves are usually installed in a separate building or garage. You can also opt for a combination of gas and wood. This type of fireplace combines the advantages of both gas and wood.

Ways leading us to an updated stone fireplace

Stone fireplaces are beautiful additions to homes. But when they get old, they start explaining signs of wear and tear. Stone fireplaces are built using natural stones such as granite, marble, limestone, slate, sandstone, travertine, soapstone, and others. These stones are quarried and cut into various shapes and sizes. They are then polished and sealed to protect them from weathering. There are many ways to renovate a stone fireplace. Here are some of them: 1. Replace the existing mantel with a new one.

Annexing a tangible concrete to the stone fireplace

A concrete mantle is a great way to give a traditional fireplace a modern twist. It can be installed easily and looks very classy. Concrete masonry units CMU are available in different colors and textures. A concrete mantle adds warmth and style to any room. 2. Install a gas log set. Gas logs are a good option if you want to save money. Gas logs burn cleanly and efficiently, but they do cost more than wood logs.

Utilizing an embankment made up of nice and reliable wood

Concrete fireplaces are not new. In the past, people used to build their own concrete fireplaces using bricks and mortar. But now days, these fireplaces are being manufactured from cement blocks. These fireplaces are easy to install and maintain. They provide a warm and cozy ambience to your house. 3. Add a brick hearth. Brick hearths are another popular choice among homeowners who want to upgrade their old fireplace. Brick hearths are durable and offer a classic look. They are also inexpensive.

Getting tiles for decorative purposes

Tiles are a great way to beautify any room in your house. Tiles can be used in many ways. For instance, you can put tiles on floors, walls, ceilings, and even roofs. Tiles can be placed in bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, and hallways. Tiles can be purchased in different sizes, shapes, colors, designs, and patterns. 4. Use ceramic tile. Ceramic tile is a very popular material because it looks beautiful and adds warmth to any room. It is available in various colors and styles. Ceramic tiles come in many shapes such as square, hexagonal, round, rectangular, oval, and trapezoidal.

How much does it cost to remove stone from fireplace?

You can remove the stone from the fireplace but not easily. It is very difficult to remove the stone from the fire place because it is glued to the brickwork. To get rid of the stone, you will need to cut off the bricks around the stone and then take the stone away. How to clean a chimney?

Can you reface a stone fireplace?

Yes, you can refinish a stone fireplace. First, remove all the existing mortar from the stones. Then, mix the mortar according to the manufacturer’s directions. Spread the mixture evenly over the stones. Smooth the surface with the trowel. Let it set for 24 hours. Once the mortar has cured, apply two coats of exterior latex paint to the stones. Let the paint dry for 24 hours.

How do you make an old stone fireplace look modern?

To make an old stone fireplace modern, simply clean it thoroughly. Remove any loose mortar from the stones. Use a wire brush to get rid of dirt and grime. Wipe down the stones with a damp cloth. Apply a coat of clear polyurethane sealant to protect the stones. Let the sealant dry overnight. Next, sand the stones lightly using fine grit sandpaper. Clean off the dust with a wet rag. Apply another coat of polyurethane sealer. Let the sealer dry overnight. Finally, apply two coats of stain. Let the stain dry overnight. How to repair a cracked brick wall? Answer: Cracked bricks can be repaired easily. Simply fill the cracks with cement. Mix the cement according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Fill the cracks until they are level with the surrounding bricks. Smooth the surface with a trowel. Let the cement cure for 24 hours. After curing, apply three coats of exterior latex paint. Let the paint dry overnight.

Can you remove stone from fireplace?

Yes! Changing the color of a stone hearth is easy. First, remove the mantel. Then, paint the hearth any color you choose. Be sure to apply several coats of primer and finish paint. Allow the paint to dry completely between coats. Finally, replace the mantel. How to install a gas fireplace? Answer: Installing a gas fireplace is fairly straightforward. First, measure the area where the fireplace will go. Make sure the measurements allow for a minimum clearance of 1/2 inch around the sides of the fireplace. Also, check to see if the fireplace will fit under the stairs. If it does, make sure you leave enough room for the legs of the fireplace.

Can you change the color of a stone fireplace?

Modernizing an old stone fireplace is not difficult if you know what you’re doing. It’s important to understand that stone fireplaces were designed to burn wood logs. This type of fireplace uses a chimney system that forces air into the firebox where the flames burn. Modern fireplaces are different because they use gas instead of wood. Gas fireplaces are very efficient and clean burning. A gas fireplace is basically a stove that heats air. The air circulates throughout the house and warms the rooms. A gas fireplace requires a vent pipe that runs outside the house. The vent pipe allows the hot gases to exit the house. Most homes have a chimney that goes outside the house. The chimney is connected to the vent pipe. The vent pipe carries the hot gases from the fireplace to the chimney. Once the gases reach the top of the chimney, they travel down the flue and exit the house. To install a gas fireplace, first determine whether the existing chimney is tall enough to accommodate the new fireplace. If not, you’ll need to build a custom chimney. Next, decide whether you want a traditional brick fireplace or a contemporary glass insert. Traditional brick fireplaces are beautiful but they require lots of maintenance. Glass inserts are easier to maintain and provide a cleaner appearance.

Can a stone fireplace be refaced?

Removing stone from a fireplace can be done either professionally or by yourself. Professional services usually charge around $500-$1000 depending upon the size of the fireplace and how many stones are involved. DIY projects can be completed for approximately $100 per stone.

How do you modernize an old stone fireplace?

Yes, but not easily. It requires a great deal of skill and experience to properly refinish a stone fireplace. A professional painter or stoneworker should be hired to complete the job. The process involves removing old paint from the surface of the stones, sanding down any rough spots, applying new primer, painting the stones, and finally sealing the stones with a clear coat.