Can You Grind Meat in a Vitamix (Possible to Shred)

Vitamix is ​​a multi-functional machine that has been replaced, and in some cases replaced, by specialized kitchen appliances. So, one of the most frequently asked questions on forums and blogs is “Can I grind meat with vitamins?” “Not surprising.

Sounds like a fun question for a device that was widely considered a blender when it first hit the market decades ago. Vitamics has reached this level.

You don’t have to clutter counters and cabinets with various appliances, just take Vitamix.

Vitamix can grind meat with others. Compared to several other brands on the market, Vitamix continues to produce a great end product.

Vitamics can evenly grind raw and cooked meat. Whether you like the texture of soups and stews or prefer boiled meat to salads with ham and chicken, Vitamix will do the job.

We have discovered that you can grind meat at Vitamix and we will see how to do it depending on the consistency of the meat you are looking for.

I will also compare the difference between minced meat and a meat grinder as opposed to vitomics. To make it a little effective, let’s compare ground beef, sausage, and burger fries.

If you are chopping green meat, there are a few things you need to do first. The first way to get a good result is to use cold cuts.

Make sure you keep the meat in the fridge before chopping. The next thing you need to do is cut the meat into one-inch cubes.

Do not toss the meat into pieces larger than an inch. It will not bring good results.

If you are using a Vitamix chopper, start at one speed and gradually increase to speed 6, adding several portions of meat every 10-15 seconds. To get more course results, use the Pulse function.

Minced meat

Depending on what you want to use your minced meat for, you usually prefer a slightly rougher texture that separates meat and fat well.

Juicy score is available if the system is like that. What often happens with minced meat in a blender is that the fat will have a rough texture where it mixes with the meat.

If this happens, the meat will not cook. Usually comes out strong. One solution is to chop half-frozen meat to obtain a good separation of meat from fat.

If you want to use ground beef in your pasta dishes or bagels, you want it to be nice and juicy, especially if you fry it first.

To make sure you get the texture you want, start at a slow pace and work up gradually until you get the roughness you want.


Burger donuts require about the same consideration as beef. You want meat and fat to be well separated so that they look nice and juicy when cooking.

You can really distinguish the choppers on a traditional meat grinder from those on a blender or food processor.

Vitamix allows you to combine pulse exercises and start at a low speed, then gradually build up.


If you grind the sausage, Vitamics will get the job done. The sausages will look and taste smooth and consistent, so with a variable speed of 1 to 6, the method described earlier in this article works best.

Add meat every 10-15 seconds. Chop the meat in a saucepan, then mix all spices in a bowl.


If you have any doubts about purchasing Vitamix, ask “Can I grind meat in Vitamix?” We hope this article helped you answer your question and make your decision. As always, I appreciate your comments and contributions.