Spoon in Microwave: Can You Really Put It

We often forget that it is not worth putting spoons in the microwave. To answer your question, do not put the spoons in the microwave as the metal in the microwave creates crackers..

Metals such as forks, spoons, and knives are excellent conductors of electricity; They have many electrons that are free to move around.

When microwaves strike metal objects, they react and eventually cause problems. If there is not enough material in the microwave oven to absorb the reflected electrons, the microwave oven or part of the microwave oven will bend a spoon and it will look like a little lightning bolt.

This lightning is very harmful and can, in severe cases, cause a fire. In order to understand why microwave ovens are dangerous, it is necessary to understand how a microwave oven works.

How does a microwave oven work?

Inside a microwave oven there is a small gadget called a microwave that emits electrons. These electrons bounce back in microwaves, creating holes in the microwaves, emitting waves at specific frequencies.

These waves will heat whatever you put in the microwave oven. The food or liquid you put in the microwave absorbs the waves, which in turn push the waves out of the water, heating the food.

Absorbent materials instead of reflecting heat, e.g. some polymers and ceramics Microwave The energy heats up and helps to heat food or water faster.

What happens if you put a metal spoon in the microwave?

Metals have many electrons that attract microwaves. These electrons quickly heat a thin metal plate, causing the device to burn.

Folded metal is even worse because as they heat up, electrons focus on specific areas and bounce off the walls of the microwave.

The bouncing electrons prevent electricity from entering the metal, which is eventually reflected. When microwaves are reflected rather than absorbed, they create electrical density – that is, the electrical energy in the spoon exceeds the conductive distribution of air.

This creates a curve in the microwave oven with a spoon that creates a new low capacity dielectric that will form the walls of the microwave oven.

In this case, electric sparks can burn holes in the metal walls. Sparks can ignite the microwave in your microwave oven.

In today’s silent microwave ovens, these sparks create a wave that can damage sensitive microelectronics, killing the microwave oven or making it unsafe to use.

Another thing that cannot be used in a microwave oven is trying to heat food that is covered with foil or a metal container.

When energy is not absorbed properly, it cannot go anywhere and can only escape by jumping into a microwave oven and damaging the microwave oven.

If you try to heat the food with a spoon in the container, the food will not be hot enough. Because it is Spoon It absorbs all the heat that warms up the food.

The decision to spoon in the microwave

In short, putting a metal spoon in a microwave oven is not only dangerous for the microwave, but also for you if there is a fire in the microwave oven.

The key here is that you never put any metal or metal objects in your microwave oven. It always leads to accidents.

Other things that should not be used in a microwave oven include paper bags, hot peppers, travel cups, foil, hard-boiled eggs, polystyrene, Chinese labels, and food-free containers.