Can You Use a Blender as a Food Processor (Important Read)

Many new chefs can make the mistake of thinking that a blender and a food processor are one and the same. The two devices are identical and share similar characteristics, but there are still big differences between them.

In this article, I will walk you through the differences between them and help you determine if you need two machines for a well-equipped kitchen.


The main purpose of the mixer is to mix liquids. When you use a blender, it creates a vortex that pulls the ingredients in and flows together.

A full-size blender can be 8 to 22 inches tall. In terms of weight, they range from 4 to 19 pounds. If you like smoothies and soups, the blender is the best tool for you.

They stand out with sparkling ingredients in a smooth blend, and most blenders can crush ice and create spikes. In general, you don’t have the ability to chop, grate, and chop like a food processor.

But some blenders come with extra attachments to grind things like coffee and nuts. There are two types of mixers that can create large volumes at a time and mini mixers that can create 1 to 2 volumes at a time.

You will see the mixing cup transform into a travel mug. These fees range from $ 20 to $ 500.

Hand or sink faucets are great for quick work.

They are smaller and more compact. The more expensive models are equipped with whipping lines and food processing capabilities.

Food Processors

They are perfect for gourmet chefs. They are very versatile with a variety of accessories for packing, docking, whipping, cleaning and slicing.

Food processors come with accessories for kitchen work such as kneading and whipping, but may not work as well as a food processor.

They come in cleavers from 2 cups to about 20 cups for 1 to 2 people who can work in the restaurant kitchen. Prices range from $ 40- $ 700 with an expensive range that includes accessories such as grinders, juicers, pitchers, and bowls of various sizes.

This makes the blender more versatile, but it also means you take up more material and more storage space to clean it.

If you usually cook in large quantities, the food processor will save you preparation time. But if you are looking for an onion chopper or a quick soak, consider a mini chopper.

Can you use a food processor as a blender?

You can mix soups in small amounts in a food processor. Be careful with hot liquids. The end product will not be as smooth as the blender. You can crush ice with any tool, but a high-quality blender is best.

Can you use a blender instead of a food processor?

Answer: it depends! You may find a temporary solution for some foods while others may provide the right result. If you only have one blender, here are some tips for operating your food processor:


You can make a blender hash with an insect. To chop the vegetables, set the blender to the lowest setting and use the insect to press down the vegetable where the blade is.

Slices of bread

Use up to 2 cups of dry bread and place the slices in a blender. Use the pulse option for 30 seconds until you get a good consistency. If you don’t have a heart rate option, run it at high speed for 30 seconds.

Baby food

If you are trying to prepare baby food at home, put a cup of freshly cooked vegetables in the pot. Use the mixer at very high speed to get a smooth mix.

Baked cheese

To get sliced ​​cheese, cut the hard cheese into 2-inch pieces with a chef’s knife. Add to a blender and beat for more than 30 seconds until you get the right consistency.


Everyone wants a good pesto, and it’s much better to make it at home than to buy it from a lubricant store. All you need is 3/4 cup olive oil, 3/4 cup cheese, about 1 cup basil, 3 cloves of garlic, and 1/4 cup pine nuts.

Add it to a blender bowl and use at medium speed until the pesto sauce is soft.


Girls / boys need ice cream to play at home. Crushed ice can be obtained by placing about 5-6 cubes of ice in a pan. Turn the blender upside down until you get a finely ground consistency.

Plain flour

Only recommend it if you have an industrial mixer. A household blender is not suitable because of its thin shape and sharp blades. This prevents the flour from spinning properly with air infiltration.

Expert advice

  • Select blender models include tamper-resistant sticks, serving cups, ice cream cups and more.
  • Most blends have 3 speeds and the more expensive 6 speeds. If you want to prepare cleaner food, use the blender at very high speed. On the other hand, use a low setting if you prefer hard and coarse food.
  • If you don’t know the structure, add elements one at a time. Not all items are covered today, so you can avoid wasting your time if things don’t go well.
  • The blender cannot handle the equivalent of a food processor. So it’s best to use the ingredients with a food processor

Final thoughts on using a blender as a food processor

It depends on the gadget you buy, the work you do most, the space available and your budget. If you want to create a complete cooking recipe, you will need both utensils.

If you only deal with soups and smoothies, buy a blender. If you want to chop vegetables and prepare more dishes, buy a food processor.