What Blender does Starbucks Use? [Answered]

When customers buy blenders, they often ask which type they are using Starbucks. They believe that the type of coffee they use is one of the best brands they should use.

Basically, Starbucks uses a blender called Vitamix, but Starbucks used Blendtec for a while before switching to Vitamix and checking out the best features Vitamix brings to the table.

If you know about it, we will help you find the answer to your question. Starbucks has been using the Blendtec Blender for a long time due to its high performance.

However, the coffee company found a better brand called Vitamix.

That’s why they switched to this blender because it was designed to respond to: Starbucks Conditions. If you go to different Starbucks stores around the world you will understand that Vitamix is ​​the standard blend they use.

They also call it like that; Quiet mixer models; Vitamix was created with high-quality bars and cafes in mind. Although it is used for business purposes, some people use it at home. If you want a high performance mixer, you should choose this brand.

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What are the features of Vitamix?

According to reports, Vitamix is ​​one of the quietest mixtures available on the market. It is equipped with a noise reduction system that allows you to mix drinks without unnecessary noise.

Starbucks also chooses this brand for its amazing beverage blending capabilities. Provides exceptional speed and eliminates the need to remix the drink.

The manufacturer uses vibration damping technology in the Vitamix product. Therefore, it is 18 decibels quieter than other mixers available.

This allows you to use it in a restaurant or bar full of customers without creating an unfavorable environment for your customers. It has an amazing design that looks stylish.

Since Vitamix does not have many screws, you can easily take it apart and clean it. Improves the washing ability of double sealed bearings.

You also get a speed control that allows you to properly control the motor. Easy to customize for anyone to use without any hassle.

The automatic shut-off system gives you more flexibility so you can easily prepare multiple cooking tips. It includes six programmable buttons and a powerful engine that allows you to create green smoothies.

If you have any experience with blenders, you know that only those with powerful motors can make sweet juices from things like carrots and chia seeds.

Choosing Vitamix allows you to unlock the nutrients in a variety of fruits and vegetables. By choosing this powerful blender, you can get fruit juices with a greater consistency.

It can also be used to grind sauces, iced drinks, spreads, peanut butter and coffee beans if needed. It is available in a ventilation design that reduces downtime.

Using this mixer saves time as it mixes faster and also saves money due to the longer blade life.

Vitamix also has an excellent keyboard label that is very reliable. Vitamix is ​​delivered in a 48-ounce container with precise measuring recipes.

This makes it easier to scale different recipes. The jug-shaped design also allows for efficient pouring. This includes a warranty that you can use to replace defective parts during your purchase.

Vitamics specialties

  • It is easy to use and wash
  • The mixer is silent
  • It is in an elegant design
  • Includes an automated system


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Even if Vitamins Designed for Starbucks, you can buy it for your kitchen or restaurant. It is a high-quality and versatile blender that can withstand everyday use.

Create the best smoothies with this blender and maintain a comfortable environment for guests, customers or employees. While you may have to spend more to buy it, the blender is worth it.