How Much Does a Blender Weigh?

Recently, I was making a smoothie and suddenly had a crazy idea, how much does a blender weigh? I was determined to find out the answer so I went to my laptop and typed Google but unfortunately couldn’t find the exact solution so decided to measure it myself.

Basically, if the weight of an average blender is exactly around 6 pounds (2.72155 kilograms), the average weight would be without the blender. Now, if you add something, you will gain weight naturally. Thanks to this, each time I make a smoothie, the blender adds a few extra pounds.

As expected, it depends on the type and brand of blender you are using.

Various types of blends.

1. Inexpensive hand blenders.

This kind of immersion Mixers Relatively small size and light weight. They have about 140-280 watts of power and 0-2 speeds without a turbo boost button like regular blenders. However, the more advanced and slightly more expensive high-end hand mixers are stronger and more durable.

  • Multi-functional stick mixer (motor power: 180-500w and speed: 2-6)
  • Cordless mixer (motor power: 300-600w and speed: 2-7)
  • Premium hand blender with hand blender (motor power: 300 – 800 V and speed: 3-9)

2. Normal individual mixtures.

These types of blenders are smaller but more powerful than hand blenders, are ubiquitous and typically have a 1-5 speed turbo button, 250-400 on average.

They are a bit loud, but some of these mixers are considered quiet mixers because of the added noise reduction shield.

3. Massive heavy duty commercial mixers.

As expected, this type of blender is very efficient and multi-functional, which includes slicing, freezing and dicing. They are made of high quality materials. They are larger and twice as strong as single blenders.

How much is the mixture?

The average price of a blender varies with the different types and types of blenders on the market today, but with average daily use, the price of a blender ranges from $ 50 to $ 150, but top blenders are more expensive.


Hope you now know how much the blender weighs; I asked myself this question first, and then decided to help those who were interested. Thanks for reading, please read carefully.