Does Microwave Kill Bacteria (Do they Really Sterilize)

Despite all the pleasures and miracles, the microwave oven has been the subject of much controversy as it was believed to cause cancer and other diseases due to its inability to kill certain pathogens found in food.

Does the microwave oven kill bacteria? The answer to the question of whether a microwave oven Kill the bacteria No and yes depending on how you see it.

The microwaves emitted by the oven do not kill the bacteria, but the heat that is generated. The jury reflects on the safety of a microwave oven.

Some research efforts have shown that microwave radiation is linked to brain tumors and other related problems, while others dismiss it as a conspiracy theory.

Opponents point out that microwave radiation comes mainly from old or damaged appliances that are not properly sealed.

Microwaves emitted by mobile and landline phones are known to cause serious brain damage and are used in combat to distract enemies.

The long-term effects of repeated exposure to microwaves include infertility and other related diseases. Opponents of microwaves recommend keeping babies in good condition as they may still feel the effects after decades.

So how does all of this fit in with the question? Does the microwave oven kill bacteria? The answer, as already mentioned, is no. The thing that actually kills bacteria in food is the heat generated when you heat food in a microwave oven.

A microwave oven works by rapidly vibrating water molecules in food. This rapid vibration provides the heat that cooks the food.

Thus, the microwave oven does not generate heat like other ovens, but cooks the food with its own heat. When you heat liquids such as drinks and soups, you get a relatively even heat distribution.

However, the challenge comes when cooking large portions of food or oddly shaped portions. The heat may not be distributed evenly and you may have cold spots.

Hope you can understand this if you have used the microwave before. Only in these cold places can harmful bacteria survive.

This is especially true of frozen foods. Sometimes you will have experience when you start cooking food on ice and outside, but the inside is frozen.

Aside from popular belief, this is because microwave ovens cook food from the inside, not the inside. Therefore, a frozen middle appears.


After all, the microwave does not kill the bacteria, but the heat does kill the bacteria. After defrosting food in a microwave oven or using polystyrene, it is safest to leave it for longer and cook it evenly, or make sure the food is properly cooked in a regular oven or convection oven. . As always, I would love to hear your questions, comments and contributions.