Can You Use Glass Bowl in Airfryer

The air fryer is a relatively new kitchen appliance and area more or less unnamed. We say there are many questions that need to be answered, one of which is «Can you use the glass pan in the fryer?»

This is definitely a question to ask as an air fryer works a little differently than a regular stove and microwave.

You don’t want to risk your precious kitchen utensils. I have made this mistake many times in my life and I understand why you should answer this question.

Basically, you can use the glass pan in the fryer as long as it is oven safe. However, there is a word of caution that we must register here.. Since I did not understand the basic laws of physics, I would sometimes break glass baking dishes without an oven.

Although glassware without an oven can withstand extreme temperatures, it is still possible to break them. This happens with sudden changes in temperature.

When I broke the glass bowl, he poured cold tap water into the glass bowl shortly after I took it out of the oven and didn’t give me enough time to cool naturally.

This caused the expanded particles in the glass to suddenly shrink and crack. The reason we are talking about this is because the temperature in the air fryer can rise and fall in a very short time.

These fluctuations in temperature extremes create gaps in the glassware. To verify that the glassware can withstand the rigidity of the air fryer, leave it empty in the fryer and test by taking the temperature to maximum.

This way you can test the safety of your food without the risk of contaminating it with pieces of glass. Do these tests several times to make sure the glass bowl is safe enough for airbrush use.

As mentioned in this article, it is rare to find a relatively new kitchen appliance with an air fryer and cookware specifically designed for the air fryer.

This means that you largely need to test what you can and cannot do about it. As for the wear and tear of the oven glass, it is produced at temperatures up to 600 degrees Celsius, so we can withstand the heat in the fryer without much problem.

Hope this article helped you determine if it is safe to use a glass bowl or other glass vessel in your fryer.

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