Can Nutribullet Grind Coffee?

In this article, we take a look at Nutribullet. Maybe you drink coffee and your question is whether to grind nutripullet coffee?

Yes, you can use Nutribullet to grind coffee. Not only can you make your favorite smoothie or slush, but Nutripullet can give you a rough or better coffee depending on what you like..

The Nutribullet is a versatile machine equipped with two blades that can be changed as needed. It consists of a grinding knife and an extraction blade.

The extract has four ends and is used to transform fruits and vegetables into drinks. The other has two teeth and grinds different foods into a powder.

So when you grind you need to make sure you have a grinding blade and no extraction.

How to grind coffee in nutribullet

Before doing anything else, please take the time to read the operator’s manual to get to know yourself before using the machine. Let’s see how to put the blades in the blender in the instructions.

If you do, make sure the connection is not in an outlet. Unlike most blenders that come with a blender knob or button, the Nutribullet is different.

You place the jug on the motor and press the jug to start blending or grinding. For short grinding or mixing, pierce instead of spinning.

A pulse occurs when you turn it on and off in short bursts for a few seconds. If you do this, the coffee beans will be ground evenly.

If you keep on playing it, the coarse grains will be on top and the fine grains on the bottom. This means the coffee will have a random texture.

Grind coarse coffee beans

It’s a simple task that only requires coffee beans and, of course, nutrients. Put three-quarters of the coffee beans in the jug.

This gives the blades some space to turn and pick up all the coffee beans. Insert the pot into the motor and bake about three beans for a thick coffee.

Grind good coffee

Preparing a good coffee is a very easy and simple task. Turn the pot over the coarse coffee. This time the Nutribullet will run for at least 10 to 15 seconds.

Take out the pot and shake it lightly. Keep the lid tightly closed. This allows larger particles to settle down. Then the fine particles float up. Grind the coffee again for 10 to 15 seconds.

Repeat this until your coffee has the perfect texture you want. It takes two minutes or less. This way you have good coffee.

It’s a simple and straightforward process that doesn’t take much time. When you are done, you can pour the ground coffee into the storage bin.

Store in a cool, dry place where it can be stored for future use. When you are tired, you can grind your coffee easily and quickly in the comfort of your own home.


If you don’t have a coffee grinder to grind coffee beans, but have a conditioner ball in your hand, you have a great tool to give these beans the perfect texture. Toss the beans inside and grind to the desired level, you’re ready to go.