Toaster in the Bathub: What Would Happen?

Have you ever wondered what happens when you throw a toaster in the tub? Is it really as bad as the movies show it? Do not hesitate any longer, we will answer your questions in this article.

Tossing a toaster in the bathtub is dangerous. This is especially important if the toaster is not placed properly. Ambrose and not tension kills a man. You can generate a million volts and survive, but with a current of 5-10mA and a minimum voltage of 60V it can kill you.

We all saw a scene in the movie where a toaster or other electrical appliances were thrown into a tub of water. Maybe it was a Chuckie accident or a bad corner, but have you ever wondered if this is just another story that threw us out of Hollywood?

Does this whole story deserve something? In this article, we’ll look at it and see what’s true and what’s not. The hit TV show Mythbusters even watched the episode to establish the validity of this claim. Their findings are very interesting and I will share some of them in this article.

The science of electricity

Let’s take a look at the science of electricity. Electricity passes through conductors. To travel from one place to another, you must have a path that you can walk.

Pure or distilled water is not electrically conductive. On the other hand, although there are weak conductors in tap water, there are ions that are electrical conductors.

Add some salt and the conductivity will increase and there is a risk that electricity is due to the extension. Therefore, on the basis of these factors, we can see that there are conditions for the appearance of electricity.

Whether someone is in the tank is dangerous or not depends on many things. First house wiring.

Most bathrooms, especially modern ones, are equipped with a safe that will disconnect the power within milliseconds in the event of an accident, when electrical appliances fall into the water or in the event of an accident. Power deviation.

In these cases, the switch that disconnects the home power will take longer to respond and someone may have died during the trip.

This is to avoid spillage in high-risk areas such as wet skin, moist soil, or other water hazards.

The toaster leaves water behind

Studies have shown that there are many electrical appliances in addition to the toaster. Their findings revealed that a toaster would surely be the deadliest thing to fall into the water. Electricity can kill if someone falls into the bathtub.


So this time it looks like Hollywood is right. You can get this by dropping a Chucky and Go toaster, TV, hair dryer, iron, or other household appliances.

You must be very careful when using electrical appliances in and around the water. When using electrical appliances in the bathroom, make sure that you and your surroundings are free of water.

Finally, don’t try to put the toaster in the pot. These tests should always be performed by specialists in a controlled environment.