Air Fryer vs Toaster Oven

If you are considering purchasing an air fryer, you may be wondering how it differs from a toaster. I have looked at two products side by side to help you understand the main differences.

Which oven or toaster on the plane is better?

Heat coefficient

The toaster oven has a heating element at the bottom and top of the gadget. The air fryer, on the other hand, is the most reliable heating element in the form of a spiral. It has a special fan that quickly forces hot air into the fryer basket. There is a brand of toasters with a fan for convection operation.

Cooking mode

Toaster ovens have a limited number of cooking methods. The main functions are cooking, baking and frying. The air fryer has these and more functions which is more versatile than a toaster. In most cases, the main reason most people choose fries outdoors is because of a healthy diet.

The speed of cooking

The hot air fryer cooks half the time while grilling. For certain events, such as toast, a toaster will cook the food quickly. In this case, the toaster runs twice as fast as an air fryer.

Cooking capacity

Smaller than a regular air fryer toaster. Thanks to technology and innovation, you can now buy a toaster-sized air fryer. The only downside is that it costs more than the standard size.


Both gadgets have similar results thanks to similar food preparation processes. The air fryer is capable of producing smaller parts compared to a toaster oven, there are more air fryers on the market but you will have to spend more. With a regular air fryer, you need to cut the food into small pieces. The beauty of the toaster is that you can cook large amounts of food.

Create a backup

Toaster ovens have inferior insulation compared to air fries. Manufacturers advise against placing flammable materials in the house to avoid dangerous situations.

In addition, for the same reason, it is recommended to use the toaster in a well-ventilated area. The air fryer uses a basket that provides good insulation, so it is recommended to use it in a hot environment.

Energy consumption

The toaster oven uses slightly less energy at 1400 watts, while the cells have a power of 1600 watts. This is not surprising since air fries use a fan to operate.

Since the difference in energy consumption between the two gadgets is so small, I think you may not notice a significant change in your energy bill. In terms of energy consumption, tossing a fryer is not worth it; Its insulating properties should make you realize that it is an energy-saving device.


Both gadgets have different cleaning methods. If spending time cleaning isn’t your thing, an air fryer is your best option.

Note that the hot air fryer does not require frying oil to prepare food. Additionally, the basket is covered with a non-stick coating.

  • Made of easy-to-clean surfaces inside and out of the air fryer. Easy to clean thanks to its small size.
  • Toaster ovens are easy to clean if there are no leaks. To clean a toaster, in most cases you will need a sponge and soap to wash off the oil.

Whichever device you choose, it makes sense for your gadget to perform better.

Is a toaster better than a fryer?

A toaster oven and an air fryer have different functions. To determine what fits your recipe, you need to understand all aspects.

The air fryer is the best option for people with a small kitchen countertop, looking for a universal gadget. It is also recommended for those who want to reduce the fat in cooked dishes.

A toaster is cheaper than an air fryer. This is a great option for those who prefer fried food to fried food, but still a budget gadget.

Conclusion about the air fryer compared to the toaster oven

Go over there. We hope our fryer and toaster comparison has helped you determine which gadget best suits your kitchen and cooking options.