How Many Watts Does a Mini Fridge Use

The mini fridge is a very fantastic (versatile) tool. Imagine you have a kitchen in your home and you don’t have to come home for a drink.

Just go to the mini fridge and take out the iced drink. After all, it’s just a step away from the grill where you have to look closely to see the steak.

As the day goes on, your friend, inspired by your mini fridge, will ask you how many watts he uses. You never really thought about it, never knew it.

You pull out your phone, do a quick google search and find the average mini fridge power is 50-100 watts.

You may find that the wattage varies depending on the manufacturer of the small refrigerator, the different name of the mini refrigerator, and the size of the mini refrigerator.

Watts used in the mini fridge

How many watts does a mini fridge or compact fridge consume? The mid-range is already shared, but there are other factors that determine how much energy it actually consumes in the long run.

Factors such as the insulation of the refrigerator, the ambient temperature and how often the refrigerator is opened are important.

If the refrigerator is not well insulated, its immediate surroundings can easily affect the internal temperature.

This is one of the main reasons why you don’t want to put your refrigerator next to your stove, for example. Make sure there is enough distance between them.

It takes less time and energy to bring the refrigerator to the optimal temperature, so you not only save the refrigerator but also energy.

If the insulation is good, the cold air leak will be very low, meaning the refrigerator will have to work less to maintain this internal temperature.

In fact, many modern mini-refrigerators only work 30-50% of the time. Another factor to consider is the number of refrigerators you open per day.

Each time you open the refrigerator, a large amount of cold air will be released, which must be used frequently to maintain an optimal temperature. The temperature system also plays a role in the amount of energy used.

How energy efficient is the mini fridge

The next question you need to ask yourself is: how energy efficient is a mini fridge? Let’s see, okay? A mini fridge will undoubtedly use much less energy than a standard fridge. We know that the power of a mini fridge ranges from 50 watts to 100 watts.

On the other hand, a standard refrigerator uses between 100 and 400 watts, which is approximately 1,575 kWh per year. Depending on the size, a mini fridge uses approximately 292 kilowatts per year.

These are the margin values ​​because, as mentioned earlier, factors such as brand, external conditions and opening frequency have an impact on energy consumption.

Comparison of a mini fridge and a large fridge

Based on these numbers, is it safe to say that the mini fridge uses less energy? It looks like it, but the appearance is deceptive.

Research has shown that large refrigerators are more energy efficient than their smaller counterparts, based on common numbers and calculated in terms of energy consumption per cubic foot.


Power Rating Mini Fridge is very easy to find by reading the product manual, back panel or doing a quick google search.

However, the main reason you are reading this article is to determine the effect of a particular estimate on your overall energy consumption.

I was told that the number of watts used by a mini fridge depends on many factors including the brand, insulation layers, ambient temperature and how often the fridge is opened.

Taking this into account in your calculations will allow you to estimate how much energy your mini fridge consumes in a year.