Can You Put Paper Towel In Air Fryer?

It is important to learn how to use kitchen appliances effectively. Thanks to this, your food will be safe and tasty. The cell phone is one of the most widely used kitchen gadgets due to its versatility.

This device is very economical and uses safe technology of rapid air circulation to prepare food. The gadget is equipped with a radiator to heat the air blown into the brew basket by a special fan.

Cook quickly as the basket is large enough to allow air to circulate freely. Is it safe to put a paper towel in the fryer basket? It is not recommended to put a piece of paper in the air fryer. The reason is that when you put a piece of paper in the basket, it interferes with the ventilation and drastically affects the cooking results..

Only a piece of paper will be used to season the surface so that the food does not stick to the fryer basket. For optimal cooking, remove the tray to clean it after each meal you prepare.

What can you use instead of paper towels in your fryer?

Can I use aluminum foil or parchment? There are many ingredients that can be helpful in cooking. It’s best to stay away from devices that may be affected by extreme temperatures. Some of the recommended parts are steel utensils, baking dishes, greaseproof paper, and foil.

  • For example, aluminum foil can be useful for heating certain types of food.
  • When placing the cooking pot in the basket, leave some space on both sides to facilitate good circulation of the hot air.
  • Avoid using stainless steel kitchen utensils; They are poor heat conductors due to accidentally cooked food.
  • It is recommended that you wear oven mitts when handling your underwear as it can get very hot when cooking.

Tips for using baking paper

Now that we know that using airbrush paper towels is not recommended, here are some tips to help you find the best replacement for airbrush parchment and parchment paper.

  • Be sure to carefully put the baking paper in the boiling basket. It should not stick to the edge of the basket.
  • Do not completely cover the bottom of the fryer. Be sure to cook your food well; You need free airflow through the basket. Closing the bottom of the basket will prevent ventilation, which may lead to undercooking the food.
  • Do not put aluminum foil or parchment on the bottom of the basket where the scales will be collected. Closing this area can interfere with ventilation and lead to poor cooking results.
  • Do not put parchment in an airbrush without putting food in it. Let the paper burn!

Final thoughts on the use of airbrush paper towels

It is important to use the correct cooking ingredients in your cell to improve the taste of your food. The paper towel substitutes I mentioned above will ensure that your food is cooked evenly every time.