Best Instant Pot 2021: Reviews and Smart Buying Guide

You may have heard of the buzzy Instant Pot and want to know which is the best Instant Pot in 2021.

In this article, I will give you a buying guide to help you decide which instant bot is best for you based on your needs.

Instant Pot is a brand of electric multi-cookers that took the market by storm, selling over 10 million units in 10 years.

In fact, if you calculate the samples and pot sizes, there are now over 17 different instant pots. This led to the creation of countless recipes and the great iconic search for instant love for the herb.

After hours of extensive research and testing, I’ve put together my 5 Best Instant Bots for you to enjoy and trust in 2021.

If you’re in a hurry, here’s my top pick for price, quantity, quality, reliability, features and value for money: Instant Pot Lux 6 in 1 Electric Pressure Cooker, Slow Cooker (Check the current price on Amazon)

The best lightning bots of 2021 are:

1. Lightning-fast Pat Duo 7 in 1

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Instant Pot NOVA 6, 6 qt, …

  • Perfect for beginners: upgrade to the best-selling Instant Pat Duo of all time …
  • Healthy and always tasty: Duo Nova is …
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It is the most popular instant bot model on the market. The Dio 7 has various functions. This includes yogurt, hot foods, pressure cooking, slow cooking, baking, roasting and a rice cooker.

Duo 3 is available in a variety of sizes, namely 3 quarters, 6 quarters, and 8 quarters. If you want a daily multicooker for everyday use in the kitchen, the 6 liter is the best choice as it is the right size to prepare most family meals.

You may find that the instant pot is more effective, you like the other, so you can use one for your main course and the other for side dishes.

In that case, since the sides are usually small, you’ll want to get 3 quarts of IP Duo. If you have 2 Instant Casseroles, preparing your food will be much faster as you won’t have to wait until you finish cooking the rest of your food.

If you are having a good time or have a very large family, 8 Quarters is your best bet. Apart from the size, one of the differences between the 3 is that it comes with an 8 quart power cord, while the 3 and 6 quarts come with detachable cords.

Therefore, it is important that the power cables in small tanks are securely connected at both ends.

A common problem with new Instant Bot users is online pretending that their Instant Bot has been inserted but is not working.

In addition to its 7 functions, Instant Pot Dio has many programs or presets including rice, beans / chili, chicken, meat / stew, multi grain, porridge, soup / broth, steaming, manual or pressure cooking.

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2. Instant Pot Lux 6 in 1

Instant Pod Lux ​​6 in 1 Electric …

  • Cook quickly and save time: Instant Pot Dio Multi-Coooker 6 …
  • Always tasty: 12 smart programs make ribs, …
  • Easy to clean: fingerprint-resistant stainless steel lid and parts and …

The Instant Pot Lux models don’t come with instant capsules and very affordable yoghurt features. Like the Duo, the Lux is available in 3 qt, 6 qt and 8 qt versions.

Lux V3 introduced cake and egg programs that were not available in previous editions. Lux V3 can cook quickly for 4 hours and reheat food for up to 10 hours.

However, Lux is not a low pressure option. Shield brackets visible in both are not included.

It can perform all the other functions of the Dio except making yogurt. Lux has 7 different functions such as hot cooking, pressure cooking, slow cooking, steaming, cooking and a rice cooker.

It comes with programs such as rice, meat / stew, multi-grain, soup / broth, steaming, manual or pressure cooking, porridge, cake and egg. Cookbook included. It comes from an instant pot.

If you want the best cooking tips, you will also get great online cooking tips from regular Instant Processor users.

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3.1 Instant Pat Ultra 10

Instant Pot Ultra 60 Ultra 6 Qt 10-in-1 …

  • Ultra Electric Instant Pot Next Generation Pressure …
  • New functions: height adjustment, cooking indicator and steam outlet …
  • Replacement of 10 typical kitchen appliances: pressure cooker, slow cooker, …

With a completely different look to the Lux and Duo models, the Ultra Instant IP bottle made some important changes, including the ability to cook food under pressure of 6 or more in 2 hours, an improvement of 2 hours. For the other 2 models.

Instead of buttons on other models, the IP Ultra 10 has a large display panel and a control button.

Like the other 2 models, it is available in 3 qt, 6 qt and 8 qt sizes to suit different needs. One of the great features of the IP 10 Ultra is its temperature control down to degrees.

The temperature range is 104 to 208 degrees Fahrenheit. You have the option of choosing the cooking time, pressure level and delay time.

It includes the following programs: rice, beans / chili, meat / stew, cereals, porridge, soup / broth, cake, sterilization, steam, eggs, cooking by hand or pressure and very quiet.

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4. Instant WiFi Smart bot

Instant Bot Smart WiFi 6 Quart Multitasking …

  • Save time by cooking quickly: Instant Pot Smart WiFi connects 8 kitchens …
  • Be Delicious: 13 Intelligent 1-Touch Programs Cooking ribs, soups, …
  • Connected for Ease of Use: Compatible with Alexa and Wi-Fi — Your …

The instant bot has not been left out in this area as everything has become technological these days. The first and only multicooker company to introduce a cooking pot that works via Bluetooth.

Then they ditched this model and introduced the WiFi version now. Currently, it is the only oven that can be connected and monitored remotely using the app.

If you are a technology enthusiast, this is for you and fits in your smart home. IP integrates smart WiFi with mobile applications that allow you to monitor the stove remotely and customize cooking tips.

Unfortunately, this is only available in the 6ft option. Smart WiFi IP programs include rice, beans / chili, meat / stew, cereals, porridge, soup / broth, cakes, steaming, eggs, and a manual or pressure cooker..

What’s the best Instant Bot for you in 2021?

Which instant pool is right for you? This is due to many factors, and this is what we will talk about now. The first solution will be the entire process.

What do you use Instant Pot for every day?

IP Duo is very popular, but you don’t need a yogurt function, which is the main difference between Duo and Cheap Lux.

You get a nice lid holder that isn’t available on the Lux for extra convenience. Another resolution should be how many people you like.

If you are alone or in a couple, a size of 3 quarters will suffice. The exception to this rule is cooking whole chickens, turkeys or other large portions.

The 3rd quarter version may not be suitable for this. For a family of 3 to 6 people, the 6 Quarter Edition is the best choice.

This is one of the main reasons why the 6 liter format is so popular on all their models. As mentioned earlier in this article, it’s a good idea to purchase a combination of the 3-quart and 6-quart versions of the Instant Pot.

This makes it more convenient as you can run both at once, cook one dish, finish it, clean the pan and not have to wait to prepare the next one.

If you have a family of more than 6 people or cook frequently for large groups, you are looking for an 8 liter instant pot.

It is very useful for cooking whole chicken, turkey, ribs and other large dishes. If you need extra features and extra control, you’ll definitely need them at your next birthday or Thanksgiving party.

The 10 in 1 Ultra gives you that, if you are a technology enthusiast or want to show off to your friends by controlling the stove in another room or office, choose Instant Bot Smart WiFi. .

Final words on the best instant pot in 2021

Hope this article was helpful enough to help you make the best decision for your immediate pot needs.

Please leave your comments below, along with any questions we would like to answer. Instant flower pot.