How to Bypass Start Relay on Refrigerator

If you know anything about how a refrigerator works, you understand that the compressor is not working all the time.

Instead, the compressor works from time to time, which means it turns on and off during the cooling cycle, keeping your refrigerator at the optimal temperature.

Now the refrigerator’s compressor cannot run continuously, it must be running; The relay for the refrigerator has a spare.

The starter relay is an electrical switch that amplifies the compressor in the refrigerator. Tells the compressor when to turn on / off the refrigerator according to the cold air requirement.

Now, if the relay fails or burns out, the compressor will not work, which means that the inside of the cabinet will not freeze.

Since the compressor is an important part of the refrigeration system; To operate the refrigerator, you must have a working refrigerator start relay.

So how do you ignore the refrigerator’s relay system? But before that, what are the signs of a broken relay system?

Symptoms of a failed starter relay system

As we have seen The compressor is not working As always, only during the cooling cycle. It needs to be heated at each start of the refrigeration cycle, and this is the role of the refrigerator compressor relay. Now, if your relay system is down, it’s easy to spot signs of a faulty system. These signs include:

1. The refrigerator is not cooling down

The most obvious sign of a faulty relay system is that there is no cooling as the compressor will not start. If the temperature of the new food container and freezer starts to rise, there is a high probability that the relay is not working properly.

2. Click Sound

A clicking noise will normally be heard each time the starter relay is actuated. This always happens, whether the compressor starts or not.

If the compressor does not start now, the relay will reset after a while. A repeated click is a signal that the starter relay has failed and must be replaced.

How to ignore a relay?

Before attempting to put the refrigerator into bypass mode, first disconnect the refrigerator and turn off the power at the circuit breaker.

If possible, ask another adult to help you remove the refrigerator from the wall. While refrigerators are generally not heavy, they pose a trip hazard.

Passing a relay is an easy process, but be sure to follow the wiring diagram for your refrigerator starter relay in your owner’s manual. Overall, though, here are some general tips to follow when avoiding the refrigerator: Relay;

Necessary tools

  • Ordinary screwdriver
  • Flat screwdriver
  • Pliers
  • Electric tape

Steps to repair the refrigerator relay

  1. Locate the cover on the back of the refrigerator that protects the relay circuit and remove it with a screwdriver
  2. After frying, turn off or move the container to the right – this way you should see the relay circuit of the refrigerator.
  3. Use a flat screwdriver to press down the space between the relay and the housing. Press in the relay before removing it.
  4. Remove the metal connectors attached to the relay system.
  5. Use a pair of pliers to remove the length of wire from both sides;
  6. Using electrical tape, reconnect both ends of the wire to the relay box to avoid bypassing the relay when closing circuits at the same time.
  7. Replace the cover of the relay system box and place the cover on the back of the refrigerator
  8. Restore the power and reconnect the refrigerator

Decision on how to bypass the starter relay in the refrigerator

It is not recommended to keep the refrigerator in bypass mode for a long time. It’s a quick and temporary solution; You should contact a professional technician to help repair the relay.