How Long Does it Take for an Oven to Cool Down?

The oven is designed to maintain a constant temperature. The thermostat measures the temperature and accordingly turns the heater on or off, thus maintaining the set temperature of the stove. It also affects the time needed to cool the oven.

How long does it take to cool down the oven?

It takes an average of 45 minutes to cool the oven down, which can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 90 minutes depending on many factors such as the heat when the oven is turned off and the amount of air inside the oven. To bake.

Factors determining the cooling time of the oven

Outside temperature:

As the temperature outside is lower, it will take less time to cool the oven down. Even if the stove appears to be off, do not assume it has completely cooled down. The temperature in the oven will be very close to the set temperature, so even if the oven feels cold, it will feel a little warm inside.

Bottom slope:

If you press the cancel button on the oven after it is turned off for the first time, the heat will dissipate quickly because it is not hot.


The more you mix, the more air you add to the mix. The less air there is in your chilled mix, the faster it cools down.


If you open the oven door while the pan is cooling down, the heat from above will be equal to the heat from the oven. This means that the second time you open the oven, it will be very hot. If you keep it open for a long time, don’t expect it to cool down. The higher the humidity in the house, the less heat there is in the oven and the longer it takes for the stove to cool down.


When you preheat the oven, you raise the oven temperature to around 40 F. If you keep the oven cool after cooling, it will be hotter than usual next time.

Heating temperature:

If your stove is too hot, the temperature may not drop as fast as it should. Oven temperature drops to 50-100 F every 30 minutes after cooling.

Oven type:

Convection ovens and toasters are more efficient than standard temperature ovens, so they take less time to cool down.

Usage time:

If you use the oven for a long time, it will take longer to cool down. The longer you use the pan, the higher the temperature will be, so it will slowly cool down.

How to quickly cool without turning off the stove?

This is a great thing that I learned from a friend who helped me with my cooking lessons. Leave the door open and let the oven cool. The furnaces are designed to maintain a constant temperature. It is controlled by the oven thermostat. If you open the door, the heat will escape evenly. This will reduce your time from 45 minutes to 25 minutes depending on the temperature in your home at that time.

The most important thing is not to put anything inside or outside while the oven is still hot as it will take up space in the oven and thus prevent it from cooling properly.

Final thoughts

So, to answer the question of how long does it take to cool the oven down, the average time is around 45 minutes. However, it depends on how long you have your stove on and other factors that can affect the temperature.

Here’s a little trick I want to use: I turn off the hob and open the door for just over 3 minutes. This way, the heat escapes evenly and does not condense, so I can make sure the oven is completely cool before putting it away later.