Can You Put a Cast Iron Skillet in the Dishwasher

Cast iron pans are considered old kitchen utensils that provide undeniable cooking performance. These pans will last for a long time as long as they are properly maintained and used.

In fact, it is no surprise to find people who have used cast iron utensils by a long-lost relative. Despite the solid properties, if you clean the cast iron pan the wrong way, its performance will be ruined.

People make the mistake of washing pans and destroying them. In this article, I will explain why you should not put a cast iron pan in the dishwasher. I will also give you some tips on how to clean cast iron so that it does not get damaged.

Dishwasher results

Having a dishwasher is good for you, but that doesn’t mean you have to throw kitchen utensils in it. Everything in your kitchen is dishwasher safe.

Putting a cast iron skillet in the dishwasher will wash off the spices a little. If the taste of your pan is exhausted, it means it may be rusting.

By the way, putting it in the dishwasher will not remove the intense blackness from the outside. It is also necessary to manually lubricate the elbow in order to clean it.

How to wash a cast iron pan?

If you want your pan to serve you properly, you need to be prepared to get your hands dirty. By now, you should know that there are many dos and don’ts when it comes to cast iron.

If you want your pan to be stainless and well prepared, follow the manufacturer’s instructions. The first thing to know is that steel wool, soap and dishwasher are enemies of cast iron.

If you want to achieve good cleaning results, clean the pan immediately after use. Of course, you have to wait for it to cool down, otherwise it will fall apart.

Clean the pan with a stiff brush, lukewarm water and a sponge. If that’s not enough, you can add some mozzarella to loosen up any leftover food.

When the pan is clean, towel dry it and rub the vegetables in a thin layer inside and dry with a paper towel. Remember to keep the pan in a dry place.

What if you accidentally wash it in the dishwasher?

I strongly believe some of you may have accidentally cleaned a cast iron pan in the dishwasher. Does this mean that your frying pan is no longer usable?

This will be even more effective until you harvest the herbs. Spices prevent food from sticking. The oil should be spread in a thin layer in a pan and put in the oven for about 40-60 minutes.

Make sure you do this over low heat. After the mold is ready, take it out of the oven and let it cool down. Make sure the remaining oil is dry and you can go.