Air Fryer vs Microwave

The hot air fryer and microwave oven are undoubtedly indispensable devices in every kitchen. It makes sense to cook food with the right gadget. For example, you cannot cook in a deep fryer or prepare crispy chicken in a microwave oven; See where I’m going with all this?

Which plane or microwave oven is better?

Many questions arise about which of the two gadgets is worth the money. To help you make an informed choice, I have considered all aspects of these devices. Read more.

Airbrush and microwave technology

The hot air fryer uses Rapid Air technology to prepare food. They have a heating element or coil that is placed near the food to ensure good heating. Moisture is quickly removed from the power supply due to the rapid air circulation of the gadget. The result is crispy, evenly cooked food.

A microwave oven, on the other hand, uses radiation for cooking. A microwave oven cooks food faster because the particles in the food absorb direct heat energy with the help of radiation.

Electricity and magnetism go up and down at very high speeds. For this reason, microwave liquid dishes are preferred.

Convection microwave is a type of microwave oven that is designed to heat food from the outside using an additional heating element and a fan to circulate hot air. These are the best microwaves for food with low humidity. The result is usually crunchy, well-fried food.

Energy consumption

The cell takes some time to reach the desired cooking temperature. Efficient heating in the air fryer takes less time, which saves a lot of energy. The average power consumption of a cell is from 1250 to 1500 watts.

The microwave oven uses approximately 12,000 watts in half an hour and another 6 watts in standby mode. In terms of energy consumption, it is obvious that the hot air fryer saves a significant amount of energy as it does not consume any energy in standby mode.

The most important features

There is a big difference in the characteristics of both devices. The microwave oven has a rotating plate that ensures even cooking of the food.

In addition, they are equipped with lighting that allows the user to easily see the food being cooked through the glass door.

The hot air fryer has a basket and requires less oil to cook the meal. Air fryers generate more heat than microwaves, which helps to cook food properly.


Air conditioners have a non-stick basket that is easy to clean. Microwave cleaning will not be easy, especially if you are dealing with leaks. Stain removal can be very difficult.

Safety functions

A convection fryer can be compared to a traditional convection oven as it distributes hot air around the surface of the food to dry the food for a crispy appearance.

Using an air fryer hot air circulation Food cooking instruction, which is one of the safest cooking gadgets. Food is prepared in less time than in a microwave oven.

This means that the food is cooked evenly while maintaining its nutritional value. Additionally, thanks to pre-planned cycles, you don’t have to worry about overcooking your food.

Microwave Use electromagnetic radiation As mentioned earlier, this puts your diet at risk.


The main factor to consider when choosing between a hot air fryer or a microwave is size. You can put these gadgets on the countertop, but their size will vary.

An air fryer is smaller than a microwave oven. You can cook larger amounts of food in a microwave oven than in air fryers. Before you choose one of the two gadgets, you need to know how much you want to cook.

Frequently asked questions about Airfryer and microwave oven

Can a hot air fryer replace a microwave oven?

The hot air fryer cannot completely change the functions of the microwave oven. You may have noticed that some functions are similar, but a microwave oven lacks the speed and comfort of a hot air fryer. A hot air fryer is the best option if you don’t want to heat liquids or food.

Should I buy a fryer or a microwave and why?

Cooking in an air fryer ensures a healthy and nutritious meal. In addition, the gadget has an easy cleaning function, which makes it an indispensable device. For healthy eating, you should opt for an air fryer. However, the microwave oven is your choice if performance is your number one priority.

What are the advantages of an air fryer?

Is it worth buying an air fryer? There are several advantages to using a hot air fryer in the kitchen. Here are some of the advantages of the gadget:

  • They consume 90% less oil, thus ensuring a healthier diet.
  • This is not possible in a microwave oven.
  • The food in the deep fryer is delicious.
  • The food is evenly heated in the appliance.

Final thoughts

It’s here! Hopefully now it will be easy to choose the right gadget that matches your favorite cooking styles. In short, if you are looking for a healthy diet, we recommend that you use AirPrior. A microwave oven is a good choice if you like the classics.