Why are Vitamix so Expensive? [The 7 Real Reason]

Vitamix is ​​undoubtedly a great device, but why is Vitamix so expensive? I will answer that and many other things in this article, so if you are wondering why you should be spending so much money on Vitamix, I will help you figure it out and more.

Vitamix is ​​a great kitchen tool that has replaced almost all standard kitchen gadgets, and in some cases has replaced them.

It’s not enough to classify it as a food processor or blender, as it is both and much more.

Like any great engineering, it is a quality product and price for quality. We’ll talk about it again as we progress.

Think of it as buying a European or American luxury car. You can pay a lot beforehand, but the driving experience, luxury and shared features are well worth the investment.

1. Excellent engineering for almost 100 years

Vitamix was founded in 1921 and has almost 100 years of history and research and development. They have a reputation for producing quality products that can go a long way.

In fact, grandparents gave their grandchildren the vitamin machines they had owned for decades. A friend of mine sold her Vitamix for almost the same price she had in 10 years.

If someone is willing to pay that much for used kitchen appliances, that says a lot about their reputation.

2. Quality of the final product

There are many experiences comparing Vitomix to other similar devices through continuous operation on the Internet. Vitamix is ​​generally above the head and shoulders above the competition.

3. Multifunctional

Vitamix is ​​a multifunctional device that can mix and process food, prepare hot soups, grind meat, grind coffee, knead dough and much more.

The Vitamix line of appliances was originally designed by the founder as a way to promote healthy eating habits.

The term Vita in Vitamix refers to life and emphasizes the founder’s intentions to create a product that promotes life. Starting with the blender, as already mentioned, it has many functions and there are not many sets of vitamins that perform different functions.

You can find it not only at home, but also in many restaurants and places like Starbucks. Since maybe so many now, many kitchen appliances have become redundant.

Instead of seeing it as an expensive machine, look at how much money and space you will save in your kitchen by purchasing one instead of eight.

4. High-quality materials and coatings

The ingredients used to make Vitamix components are of high quality and designed to last for decades. As we all know, quality comes at a price and you will surely appreciate it when you see how durable and versatile it is.

5. Technology

Vitamix offers 3 different series depending on the use and taste. If you are passionate about technology, the Smart Series is for you.

It has all the bells and whistles you want. It has a touch screen control and a timer. It comes equipped with intelligent applications that combine digital scaling and size to provide accurate measurements for specific recipes.

6. Long warranty

Depending on the model you purchased, you get a 6-10 year warranty. If you make a mistake this time, Vitamix will repair your device for you and you will receive free return shipping. Some brands may miss this offer from Vitamix, which shows how confident they are in the quality of their product.

7. Powerful engine

The lower tier Vitamix 2 is equipped with a horsepower motor which means better mixing power. The remaining medium and higher series are equipped with a 2.2 HP engine, which makes it ideal for professional use and large dimensions.

How is Vitamix Affordable?

Although Vitamix is ​​very expensive to buy, you can get it for a relatively cheap price. You can get an updated Vitamix for half the price of a brand new one.

As we mentioned in this article, Vitamix can last for decades and is a worthwhile investment. Buying an updated Vitamix is ​​basically the same as buying a new one, as Vitamix restores itself.

Decide Why Vitamix Blends Are Expensive

In conclusion, I would like to share a short story that I heard from the speaker. He divided the difference between cost and price and so on.

He said, imagine if your friend buys a bicycle for his kid, he pays $ 300 for a standard model. You decide to buy one for your child, but find a good “deal”.

For $ 150, you get a bike that looks like the one your friend bought. A month later you come home and see your baby cry because the steering wheel is broken.

You take the cure for $ 50 and the whole world is fine again. The tires should be replaced after 2 months as the tires supplied with the bike were of cheap quality and are now worn out.

You’re still spending $ 50 to change that. Another 2 months later, the bike poses another problem for which you spend $ 60.

In 2 years, you will spend $ 350 more on the bike. One day during lunch you talk to your friend and you complain that the bikes they are making today are not what they used to be and you tell your friend how much money you should spend on the bike you bought for your son.