Plastic Wrap Or Wet Towel: What’s Best For Covering Dough?

There is nothing better than the smell of freshly selected pastry at the door knocking. In addition to the first bite of your homemade flour cake.

But to get perfect flour You have to create perfect flour.

So what is the best powder coating: a plastic wrap or a wet towel? Plastic wrap is best coated powder. This is the best way to retain moisture. and if you smite it with a cloud of oil, it will not be known. However, if you avoid plastic due to environmental concerns, a damp, lint-free towel is good.

Why do you need to cover the dough?

Several recipes with certification, you have to cover the dough while the dough rises.

This is important for two reasons:

  • to keep the dough from drying out and cracking on top The crust will block the rise of the flour will affect the final baking.
  • to prevent talcum powder and small insects

What makes a good coating for the flour?

Before we talk about whether plastic or wet cloth is better to cover the powder? First of all we should note the merits of good flour.

Where it is used must be able to retain moisture. If the lid allows moisture to escape the dough will dry out quickly.

But the cover should not be completely airtight. When the dough rises, it releases CO2 if the gas has no way of finally escaping. Too much pressure will build up in the bowl and the lid will be off.

when the shell breaks It is not able to maintain moisture properly. and can dry out the flour

The opening for gas can be as small as a pin. It does not have to be large.

During the first batch, the dough will have enough space, and you do not need to worry about it hitting the lids. But once you have molded the dough and you are ready for the second rise. Sticking will become a problem. You want a powder-free blanket.

Treat the powder thoroughly:

  • moisture trap
  • excess gas Tu
  • no starch

Is wet cloth or plastic bag better?

Here are two general blanket tips.

I recommend using plastic wrap covered with a damp cloth. Plastic wrap absorbs moisture better, more easily and does not stick powder. You can also make holes or small holes. to allow excess gas to flow out easily

The plastic wrap improves moisture.

Wet towels are what people use to cover the dough before wrapping the plastic. Yet it is a family affair. Traditions and customs have always been chosen by generations.

This is due to the wet cloth. celebrities who grew up watching their sisters use damp towels. Confirm that their flour is picked according to that custom. And now recommend it to other newcomers.

And there is nothing wrong with that. Cold towels will work well. They are permeable to air. And as long as it is still wet They absorb moisture and maintain well.

However, if you live somewhere it is dry. You may find towels dry quickly and need to be wet again. Dry towels are bad because they absorb more moisture from the starch than you would like.

with plastic You do not have to worry about moving it. After you have covered the dough You do not need to check until you think the test is over.

Also, the wet towels are pretty sticky. If you do not use a towel without lint You may have a thick piece of flour. A lint-free towel removes the ligaments stuck in the toes. But the surface of the towel can also attach to the powder. This damages the starch and means you have to wash the towel.

flour bag It is a good option, without lint. The powder is thin and light and makes you breathe. but also retain moisture They have other benefits as well. There are many other things in the kitchen, for example, you can use as a baking sheet for things like grease.

Wet towels are a traditional way of covering the dough and are usually found in older recipes.

There is an area where the plastic end has fallen off. That is the environment

Using a new piece of plastic wrap every time you want to cover the powder can be a waste. If this is your problem damp towels may be the best option. Or you can invest in recycled plastic made from NS wax. Large size of bee’s wrap. Will easily cover bowl mix.

If you want to use a towel Always use a linen towel and use the same one. Linen is more breathable than cotton. and over time the powder used to prevent adhesion will flow into the towel. when this happens beating will not be much of a problem.

Optional cover for dough

Plastic and wet towels are not the only options for powder coating. Other suggestions include:

  • Put the batter in a large pan and close the lid. If you have a matching lid in the mixing bowl You do not have to worry about placing the dough in the pot.
  • Cover your bowl with a plate. or anything else you can find to cover the tube! Large cutting board And baking pan all a good idea.
  • Cover your dough with the turning pot. This makes it difficult to see when the flour doubles in size.
  • Put the dough in the microwave with a cup of water. (or in the oven with a tray) This is a good option if you want to keep the dough cool.
  • Put the bowl with flour in a food grade plastic bag and tie up.
  • Use a bath cap. Bath hats look like plastic. but it can also be used effectively to the environment

Your options are more limited for a second rise as your toes will shape. This is where the plastic comes in handy. But you can also use an oven, microwave, or damp cloth.

How to prevent starch from sticking to the lid

when the dough rises There is always a chance that the powder will stick to what is being applied. Fortunately, there are techniques. There are several things you can try to avoid happening.

Many recipes will suggest that you use flour before the first batter. The benefits of this are twofold. It helps prevent growing crust And this means that the powder will not stick to your covers if touched.

Supported by this You can measure some of the oil on the lid to prevent the dough from sticking. This method is easier if you use plastic wrap. Spray oil on one side of the plastic.

If you use a towel This will be more difficult. Flour is a good option. The light shine of the towel has the same effect on the oil and prevents it from sticking. Rice flour is the best flour for this.

It is another idea Remove the cover during the last half hour of the climb.. This will make the flour thinner and drier. Thin dough will not hinder the erection. It is also useful because it makes it easier to cut recipes on the dough.

How to clean towels with Stars?

Powder-coated towels can be difficult to clean. and if you use the wrong method You can make the problem worse.

To clean towels with stars, do not use hot water. Hot water will darken the gluten in the dough and make it more sticky. Let it soak in cold water for 10 minutes or let the flour dry and roll with your hands.