Kohler Engine Troubleshooting no Spark

What’s wrong with my engine?
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Kohler Engine Troubleshooting no Spark

If you are having troubles with your kohler engine not starting, you probably have a bad starter motor. This is usually caused by a worn out starter solenoid. To replace the starter solenoid, remove the spark plug wire from the top of the engine block. Remove the spark plug cap and pull the spark plug wires out of the spark plug hole. Disconnect the negative battery cable from the starter solenoid. Unscrew the two bolts holding the starter solenoid in place. Pull the starter solenoid out of the engine block. Replace the new starter solenoid and tighten the two bolts. Reinstall the spark plug wires into the spark plug holes. Connect the negative battery cable back to the starter solenoid and reattach the spark plug cap. Start the engine and test if it starts.

No sparking engine

If you are having problems with your kohler not starting, you probably need a new starter motor. This is because the starter motor is what turns the crankshaft when the engine is started. A worn out starter motor could be causing the problem. To replace the starter motor, remove the spark plug wires from the top of the cylinder head. Remove the spark plug caps and pull the spark plugs out of the spark plug holes. Disconnect the negative terminal from the starter motor. Unscrew the four bolts holding the starter motor in place. Pull the old starter motor out of the engine block and replace the new starter motor. Tighten the four bolts and reinstall the starter motor. Reconnect the negative terminal to the starter motor and reconnect the spark plug caps. Start the engine and check if it starts.

Oil level and flywheel rusting

1 Check the oil level. It should be full. If it is low, add more oil. 2 Clean the flywheel. Use a wire brush and clean off any dirt and grime. 3 Replace the oil filter. 4 Make sure the battery terminals are connected properly. 5 Check the spark plugs. 6 Check the air filter. 7 Check the fuel lines. 8 Check the carburetor float bowl. 9 Check the gas cap. 10 Check the ignition coil. 11 Check the distributor points. 12 Check the timing belt. 13 Check the camshaft position sensor. 14 Check the radiator fan blades. 15 Check the coolant system. 16 Check the transmission mounts. 17 Check the clutch slave cylinders. 18 Check the brake pads. 19 Check the brakes. 20 Check the tires. 21 Check the exhaust pipes. 22 Check the mufflers. 23 Check the lights. 24 Check the steering wheel. 25 Check the windshield wiper arms. 26 Check the windshield wipers.

Ignition coil

1. Check the oil level. 2. Clean the flywheel. 3. Replace the oil filter. 4. Make sure the battery terminals connected properly. 5. Check the spark plugs. 6. Check the air filter.

What are the resources for the Kohler Engine troubleshooting?

Kohler engine troubleshooting is very easy, if you know how to read the manual. If you are not familiar with the manual, you can refer to the following link: http://www.kohler.com/en_US/Support/Engine-Troubleshooting-Manuals/

The familiarity with the basic components

1 Remove the spark plug cap from the top of the engine. 2 Disconnect the negative battery cable.


3 Unscrew the air filter. 4 Remove the air cleaner assembly.


1 Dirty air filter. 2 Clogged air filter. 3 Improperly installed air filter. 4 Air cleaner assembly not properly tightened. 5 Improper installation of air cleaner assembly. 6 Improper tightening of air cleaner assembly. ## FAQs

Problems= Gets over-heated

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Problems= Over fuel combustion

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So, what are the systematic steps to tackle your problems?

1 Check whether the gas supply pipe is connected correctly. 2 Make sure the flame is turned off.

Troubleshooting the electrical circuitry

3 Check if the fuse box is properly installed. 4 Check if the circuit breaker is working properly.

How to start Kohler Engine troubleshooting?

Kohler engine troubleshooting is very important because it affects the performance of the equipment. It can affect the performance of the equipment and reduce the life span of the product. So, we need to know how to troubleshoot the kohler engine. 1. First check the fuses. 2. Second check the circuit breakers.

What if my ignition coil has power but no spark?

If the engine does not start immediately after turning the ignition switch to the “on” position, check the following items : 1 Is the battery fully discharged? 2 Is the starter solenoid engaged? 3 Is the starter motor engaged? 4 Is the fuel filter clog? 5 Is the spark plug installed properly? 6 Has the spark plug wire been connected correctly? 7 Has the timing belt been changed? 8 Is the cam shaft adjustment correct? 9 Is there any obstruction in the carburetor? 10 Is the air filter clean? 11 Is the carburetor level correct? 12 Is the choke working? 13 Is the gas cap tight? 14 Is the exhaust system clear? 15 Is the mufflers connected? 16 Is the cooling fan running? 17 Is the radiator hose disconnected from the engine? 18 Is the transmission in neutral gear? 19 Is the clutch depressed? 20 Is the transmission in park? 21 Is the transmission in drive

Why is my Kohler engine not firing?

Kohler engines are designed to fire when the key is turned to the "start" position. If the engine does not fire immediately, check the following items: 1 Is the battery fully charged? 2 Is the starter motor engaged? 3 Is the fuel filter clogged? 4 Are spark plugs installed properly? 5 Have the spark plug wires been connected correctly? 6 Has the timing belt been replaced? 7 Is the timing chain tensioner adjusted? 8 Is the camshaft adjustment correct? 9 Is the carburetor float level correct? 10 Is the air cleaner clean? 11 Is the throttle cable attached to the accelerator pedal? 12 Does the choke work? 13 Is the gas tank full? 14 Is the exhaust pipe free of obstructions? 15 Is the muffler connected? 16 Is the radiator hose disconnected? 17 Is the coolant level low? 18 Is the transmission fluid level low? 19 Is the transmission in neutral? 20 Is the clutch depressed?

How do you test a Kohler ignition coil?

To test a kohler ignition coil, turn the key to the start position and hold it there until the engine turns over. Then release the key and let the engine run for about 30 seconds. If the engine doesn’t start right away, wait another 10 minutes and repeat the process. If the engine still won’t start after waiting 20 minutes, replace the ignition coil. What is the difference between a distributor and a distributorless ignition system? Answer: Distributorless ignition systems DIS are used mainly in heavy duty vehicles such as trucks and buses. In these applications, DISs eliminate the mechanical distributor and replace it with electronic components. This eliminates the possibility of sparking from the distributor cap and allows the engine to operate at higher RPMs.

How do you diagnose a car with no spark?

A bad ground could cause no spark. A good ground is essential for the proper operation of the ignition system. How do I know if my ignition coils are worn out? Answer: To determine if your ignition coils are worn out, try starting your engine and listen for a clicking sound. If you hear a clicking sound, then your ignition coils probably aren’t worn out. If you don’t see any clicking sound, then it’s possible that your ignition coils are worn down.

Will a bad ground cause no spark?

Distributor caps are used to distribute the current from the battery to the spark plugs. Rotors are used to transfer the energy from the distributor cap to the spark plug. To check if your ignition coils are working properly, turn off the ignition switch, remove the key, and press the starter button. If you hear a click, then your ignition coils are working fine. If you don’t hear any clicking sound, then you’ll need to replace your ignition coils.

How do I test my ignition coil without spark?

A car with no spark is usually caused by a malfunctioning ignition system. A good way to test whether your ignition system is working correctly is to remove the key from the ignition switch and press down on the starter button. If the engine cranks over, then the ignition system is OK. If the engine won’t start, then you’ll need a new ignition module. What is the difference between a distributor cap and a rotor?

Why is my Kohler engine not getting spark?

If your ignition coil has power but not spark, then you probably have a bad ignition module. This could be caused by a faulty coil, a loose connection, or a broken wire. To check if your ignition module is working properly, try disconnecting the battery from the vehicle and see if the engine turns over. If it does, then your ignition module is fine. If it doesn’t turn over, then you’ll need to replace the ignition module.

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