How to Measure a Kitchen Sink Easily When Replacement or Fitting

The kitchen sink is the one that is very important and useful inside every kitchen. You won’t find a kitchen without a sink. Here you can wash the used utensils and also clean your hands and face.

The kitchen sink is not only for washing and cleaning purposes. A kitchen sink can also be a point of attraction, they are capable of adding beauty to your kitchen. There are many different and beautiful kitchen sink available in the market that you can go for. However, there is still one thing that is very necessary to know.

Buying a kitchen sink is the second thing the first one and the most important one is to measure it. You cannot just randomly go and buy a sink of your choice because the sink that you buy should fit in the place and it cannot be an inch bigger or smaller.

Measuring a kitchen sink plays a very important role. There are several times when you will be required to measure your kitchen sink and for that, you will need to know the right tools to be used. You might need to measure the sink while it’s installed. You may also need to measure a sink when you are installing a new countertop.

Replacement for old sinks with new ones also asks for accurate measurements and in any of these situations you will need the perfect measurements and this can be done easily if you’ve got the right tools with you and know how to measure a kitchen sink accurately.

In this article, we are going to look at the perfect ways in which one can measure a kitchen sink for different purposes. No matter what task you’ve taken in your hand you will be able to measure the sink correctly if you read this article properly.

Measuring an Old Sink

Measuring an old sink is necessary for many purposes like replacing it with a new one or Installation of a new countertop. No matter what the task is, you will be able to carry it out with grace just keep reading.

You will have to start by taking a measure of the depth of the sink. You can make use of a straightedge and tape measure for this. Now take the straightedge and lay it along the top. You need to also place the tape measure at the bottom. You have to measure the distance up to the straightedge. This step is crucial because there are some latest sinks that come with deeper basins. If such is the case then it will go down much lower and the drainage won’t be appropriate because of this.

Now take a tape and measure from the bottom left edge of the sink. Here you need to measure the length. If you don’t know where to measure then let me tell you that you have to measure from the point that is a little higher than the start of the basin curve.

After the left side has been completed, you need to measure the same on the bottom right side of the sink. You will also have to measure the width of the sink and this needs to be measured from front to the back. Now place the tape measure at the bottom back edge of the sink and you need to see if it’s exactly above the curve.

Now you have to also measure the sink from the front edge bottom. Here also make sure that you are just above the curve.

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Extra tips you should keep in mind

  • One more thing that you might have to calculate is the lip width in some cases. Mostly this will be for top-mounted sinks and drop-in sinks. These lips tend to extend from the basin to the countertop.
  • If you want to measure this then you will have to flip the sink and make use of a ruler and measure tape and put it against the basin. Now get the measurements of the edge of the lip. Keep these measurements in mind while calculating things later.
  • You also have to keep in mind the width of the cabinet as well. Inside the cabinet there is a cut-out, you need to measure the size of the cut-out. The main thing here is that you will have to go under the sink to do this. You will have to start measuring from the top left corner from the underside of the sink. Now measure from the top left corner of the cabinet to the top on the opposite side.
  • Obviously, if the new sink you buy is wider than these measurements, it won’t fit in and therefore you need to carry eerie measurements accurately.

How to measure the Countertop Hole?

It is recommended that one should always ask for help while removing the old sink as they can be very heavy and you diligently do not want to damage it. It is better to ask for help to get into awkward situations and face losses and injuries.

One should always work from under the sink while the other one should be working from above and this will be better than working alone. Now you need to measure the hole left in the countertop. You need to make use of the tape measure and measure the length from the right side edge that opens to the left and similarly, you need to measure the width of the hole from back to front or from front to back.

You need to note these measurements and take them with you when you are getting a new sink for your kitchen. On the packaging of the sink, the sizes of new sinks are listed so you can easily select the perfect one for your kitchen according to your measurements. If you aren’t getting the right fit, you can always ask an employee to help you get the sink that matches your measurements.

Things to keep in mind

  • You need to keep in mind that top-mounted sinks come with a lip so the basin measure can be a little bit smaller on a new sink compared to the hole that you measured.
  • If you are looking for an Undermount kitchen sink, it can directly fit into the hole you measured, so you will have to look for the perfect fit.

How to measure a sink for a new countertop installation?

Many sinks come with a template that can be helpful and you can use them. These templates can sit on the counter that you can use a pencil to trace.

If your sink comes with one of those templates then do not throw them away because you don’t know how useful they can be and how much of the measuring work they can reduce for you. If there is no template with your sink then you will have to make it on your own. For making a template you will have to place the sink on the counter in an upside-down position.

You need to keep in mind that you will have to leave a gap of 1.5 inches between the back of the sink and the backsplash when you are drawing your template. When you are tracing the sink you can make use of a marker or a pencil and after it’s done you can simply and safely move it out of the way.

One thing to remember when you have a top-mounted sink is that you will have to measure the lip. When the sink is placed on the counter in an upside-down position you will have to measure the edges of the lip in front of the sink basin. You should add this lip measurement to the template that you are making so that you get an accurate drawing. You also need to remember that you have to subtract 0.125 inches from the width of the lip.

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There are many different types of kitchen sinks available in the market, all of them with different measurements that fit differently. Buying a kitchen sink is not a very easy thing to do and there are steps you will have to follow.

The first and foremost one is to take the measurements. Measuring the sink is very important if you want to install a new sink or replace an old one. Many people have no idea how to measure kitchen sinks. If you do not measure the sink before making a purchase then you will be in a problem and waste your time and money. I have mentioned how one can measure a kitchen sink in different situations and for different purposes. You should follow these steps attentively and make sure that all the measurements you take are proper and are noted.

I hope this article helped you in measuring your kitchen sinks and now you will be able to get a new one for your kitchen.